Vampire Erotica

Vampire Erotica

I am alone and helpless, on my way home from softball practice late one night. I hear foot steps following me, but when I turn there is nothing there. Scared I start moving faster. Still hearing footsteps I take a shortcut, going down a side street. This side street has no street lights, it is very dark. I can hear the footsteps get closer. I am so scared. I start running.
I feel as though there is someone following me. I feel as though they are becoming closer to me. I am so scared, and with it being so dark I trip over a tree root. On the ground, I feel someone near me. I feel their hand grave mine, and I can feel them help me up. Within the moon light, I can only see the outline of this man’s frame. I am still frightened, not knowing who this man is, thinking he is the one that has been following me.
After helping me up, he grabs me and holds me tight. One arm wrapped around my waist, the other hand held tight against my mouth. I try to escape his grip, but the more I struggle, the tighter his grip becomes on me. I can feel his breath upon my neck, as I try to scream and can’t. I close my eyes, as I feel him bite down hard upon my neck. Felling all the pain, I pass out in his grip.
…. I do not know how much time has past, or where I am. All I know is I am naked, cold, and chained to a wall. My hands chained together above my head, my legs chained spread out, just inches above the ground. I feel the need for blood, a need I had never felt before.
The room is so dark, dark like the street was, but yet I can see fine. I can make out every little detail in the room. I can tell I am trapped away in a dungeon, lit only by candles. For now I am alone. Looking around, I see so many devices. More chains, gallows, handcuffs, erotic outfits, collars, leashes, spikes, leather restraints, and a bed off to the side of the room that has a canopy closed. Maybe I am not alone, but I can hear every noise and yet I can not hear a heart beat.
I watch the flame of a candle flicker across the room. Lost with in the flame, I do not even notice the man who walks up to me. He moves his hand from my neck, to my breast, to my navel, to my cunt, to my thighs. I smile at his touch. He looks into my eyes, seeing thirst, and grins.
He undoes the chains on my ankles, and then unlatches me from the wall, keeping my hands chained together. He carries me to the bed and lays me down gently. He attaches my hands to the top of the bed. He walks away for a moment, but I can see his shadow undressing in the candle light. When he comes back, he is naked. In his hand I see a glass, and what looks like blood in it. I want it, I want to drink it. He places the glass on a table beside the bed. I stare at it.
He looks at me; I feel his thoughts in my mind. The blood is an award, if and only if I let him use me and he likes it.
I lay still on the bed, as he pushes my legs apart. He takes my ankles and ties them to the post of the bed. His hand moves up my thigh, I love the touch. He looks into my eyes, and I know not to make a noise.
His hands move up into my cunt. I love the feeling of his hand there. He rubs my clit until I am wet. Once I am wet he inserts his cock in to my cunt. I bite my lip as to not moan out. He starts thrusting into me as I bite my lip harder.
His hands along side my hips, move on to my breast. He begins fondling my breast pushing harder into me. As this happens my breathing heavy’s. Bond, helpless, and being used, I am filled with happiness.
He continues pushing into me, pushing harder. I look at him, and I see his fangs glisten in the candle light. My breathing heavies more. I want to be able to moan, to express my fulfillment as he pushes into me harder and faster.
Pushing harder and faster into me, I can feel that he is to cum. That he is enjoying the torture of me. Not even letting me moan, feel pleasure from him. He pushes harder; there is no more that he can push as I feel that his balls slap against my cunt.
I feel it, him cumming into me. It feels so great. He cums, and yet he still pushes into me. Looking me in the eyes, I know that he enjoys my torture, as he enjoys the look of my face as I can not moan, I can not cum, I want the blood. He continues pushing me, and I am becoming weaker. Even though I could see fine at first, everything is becoming darker. Soon everything has turned black and not long after that do I feel him pushing into me, though I know he is. I have passed out from his power.
Hours, or so I think later, he is sitting beside me, watching me. He sees my eyes open, and begins rubbing his hands along my body. My body quivers at his touch, as though my body wants to cum, but as I am at his control I do not. He gets on top of me, still pinned down to the bed. He brings his lips down, to my neck. He bites down hard upon my neck. He breaks skin, and I can feel him drinking my blood. He moves his lips down my body, and down to my left nipple. I feel him bite down, not hard enough to break skin. I can feel him sucking on my nipple. His other hand rubs, and pinches my right nipple. My breathing heavies, as I love his touch. I feel blood drip down my neck, it is warm and nice.
Time passes and I can feel his lips slide across my chest. He sucks on my right nipple and pinches my left nipple. I feel his other hand along my body, down to my cunt, as I feel his fingers playing with me. My body wants to cum, but I know not to, but unlike before he wants me to make noises as I start moaning. I love his touch, as I feel as though I am his. I am his to control and I am his to use.
He sees it in my eyes that I have submitted to him, submitted to him completely, and now it time for my final transformation. He bites down on my neck, taking in my blood. He unchains me from the bed keeping my wrist tattered together. I finally taste the blood upon my lips, it is so good.
He says no words to me, and I know what it is that he wants. I am helpless to him, as he has become my superior, my dominant, my Master. I am weak to him, weak to what it is that he wants, I feel the need to please him, to submit to him. He has made me his, his slave.
Master takes me and dresses me up in fine, elegant clothing. Master places a collar on me, and attaches a leash. Master tells me to kneel upon the ground, and I do as he tells me, as my knees bend and I fall to the ground before Master. Master dresses himself up in a fine tux, and pulls at my leash, pulling me up.
Master leads me outside, into the darkness of night. Master leads me into a car, sits me in, and straps me into the seat. Master ties off the leash, and I am restrained into the seat. Master then climbs into the driver seat, and says “Tonight you will feel as I feel, see as I see, and be as I am. You are mine. Your body, soul and mind, are all mine.”
From Master words I feel weak, as I know, I know I am his. I am Master’s slave and tonight begins the rest of my life…..

Once out on the town, Master takes me on my leash to watch him feed on young women. I am not allowed to look away; I am to watch with all of my attention. Master can see that I am hungry, and he gives me a live one. Master instructs me how I am to feed, how I am to relax the victim in my grasp, breath gently upon their neck, and then when I can hear their heart race so fast, I am to bite, and bite hard upon their neck. I am to drain the life from them, and take their life and power as my own, and take their power to help serve Master. Master watches with great amount of lust in his eyes, as I take in my first feed.
My hand along her sides, as I hold her pressed against me and the wall. I tell her “Relax, it is not so bad. Be calm, there is no reason to be scared.” I can hear her heart racing faster, and I like it. I breathe upon her neck as I can hear that her heart can not beat any faster. I bite down upon her neck; I bite hard upon her neck. I can feel her warm blood enter my mouth. Master jerks, my collar, pulling my lips from the young women’s neck.
Master than pulls me close to him, as the women falls to the floor. Master kisses me deeply, taking in the blood of her, into his mouth. Master pulls his lips form mine, and looks me in the eyes. I know that I was not to drink the blood. Tonight was just to learn.
Master took the young women and threw her into the car. Master placed me in the car, and we were off back home. Back to the dungeon in which I have grown to love and need.

Once home, Master stripped me of all clothing and chained me to the bed. My hands were tied together above my head and my legs tied, spread wide open. The young woman was tied off to the wall, she was still dressed, and some dry blood along her neck. Master undressed and got onto of me. Master looked at me, helpless and under his full control. Master smiled at me.
“My little one, you are to be used when I want, for what ever I want, and that woman is your blood source but she is only to be used as I say.”
Weakly I reply, “Yes my Master.”
Master proceeds in taking control of me, penetrating me. Master starts pushing harder into me, and having no blood, no power, feeling so weak, I pass out. Master, I know, continues riding me and hard. Laying there unconscious, I feel my body taken over by Master.
Finally I feel complete, as I have given all of myself over to Master. Master continues using me as he please, doing as he wishes to me, controlling me in every way. I am as Master wishes, I am as Master pleases, I am Master’s.

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