So this man asked me out Pt. 6

So this man asked me out Pt. 6

So this man asked me out

by Vanessa Evans

Part 6

We continued walking and came to the place where we’d got off the tour bus and waited for the next one. When it arrived John got on first and led me up the stairs. We’d been stood in front of some Japanese tourists and they followed us up the stairs. I couldn’t see what was stopping John from leaving the stairs but I was stood behind and below him for a few seconds and I was sure that I heard a camera shutter a few times and I wondered if the Japanese man behind me was taking photographs of my butt and pussy from behind and below me and I felt a little wet rush in my pussy as I waited for John to move.

The rest of the day was taken up getting off the bus to look at an attraction then getting on another tour bus to move on. I’m sure that some people must have seem my butt, pussy and tits as I moved around but I wasn’t paying any attention to other people, just John who kept holding my hand or putting his arm around me. I think the latter was a show of affection but it could just have been that he wanted to raise the hem of my dress a little.

When the tour bus got back to our starting point we got off and walked back to the hotel where John took my dress off me in the lift and I had to walk along the corridor to our room wondering is anyone would come out of their room and see me. They didn’t.

John told me that we had a couple of hours before we had to go out for the evening so he ordered some snacks and coffee from room service and I volunteered to let them in when they arrived. I was naked, not having bothered to put anything on when we got to the room. We were looking out of the window, John stood beside and behind me and holding one of my tits when the doorbell rang and the guy brought the tray in acting like I was fully dressed. John later told me that those guys must see naked girls all the time so seeing me was no big deal for him.

When it came time to get ready to go out I asked John which dress I should wear and he chose one of my ankle length ones.

“Going somewhere posh are we?” I asked.

“The theatre then to a restaurant.” John replied.

“I’ve never been to the theatre before.”

“Well I want to show you off to all the snobby theatre goers.”

“It’s not only snoots people that go to the theatre in London is it John?”

“No, but there will be a few and I want them to see you in that dress.”

I got ready then put the dress on and was instantly reminded that anyone who looked at me would be able to tell that I had nothing on under it. It’s backless and the front goes from spaghetti straps round my neck that taper out to triangles that barely cover my tits then they keep going down getting a little wider until they meet at the very narrow waistband. I wasn’t wearing a necklace but I was wearing my heavier nipples chain, it being visible between my tits and it being obvious to where it was attached.

The skirt part consists of two strips of material that go from my waist to my ankles. The rear panel is by far the widest going right round each side to just in front of my hips. The front panel is just wide enough to meet the rear panel at the waistband and has a huge split in the front going from my ankles to my pubis. When I stand sill I look just about covered but when I walk my legs are exposed right up to my pubis.

And as for the thickness and weight of the fabric I was amazed at the technology to make fabric so thin, light and sheer. I could clearly see both the shape and colour of my nipples, areolae, the piercings and the chain that joined my two nipples..

“This is going to be fun.” I said when I looked in the mirror.

I turned and saw that John was putting a suit and bow-tie on. He looked very smart.

As we were walking along the corridor I said,

“John, I feel like I’ve got nothing on.”

“Good, you look great Jade, you make me feel really proud.”

“And I love you too. Do you think that we’ll have a problem with me like this?”

“No, I don’t see why, it’s not like we’re going to be fucking in the theatre but there are some places in London where we could fuck on a stage, do you fancy going to one of those?”

“You mean you and me fucking on a stage with lots of people watching us?”

“Yeah. That would be really cool wouldn’t it?”

“I’m not so sure about that, it’s one thing people seeing all of me but seeing me fuck you, I’ll have to think about that.”

“We could start small with you masturbating with people watching.”

“I could do that.”

“I was hoping that you’d say that because I’ve got plans for you after you’ve had your remodelling done.”

“I’m trying not to think about that, I mean I want it doing but I don’t want all the pain.”

“Hey, you won’t feel a thing until the anaesthetic has worn off, then we’ll keep on top of it with paracetamol, you’ll be fine, trust me.”

“I do, that’s why I’m here.”

Walking out to the taxi really did make me feel naked, there was a slight breeze and the dress was blowing all over the place and in the taxi John’s hand played with my clit getting me to the point where I would have happily got out of the taxi totally naked.

In the theatre I saw quite a few people looking at me and John said that all the women looking were jealous of me and the men looking were wondering what it would be like to fuck my brains out.

I’ve never been a great fan of theatrical productions but this show was okay although it helped that John had his hand between my legs a lot of the time, me happy that I’d stuffed a few tissues between my pussy and the dress to absorb what I knew would be leaking out of me.

I felt good as we left the theatre and if the street lights had been much brighter I’m sure that anyone walking towards us would have been able to see my slit as the wisps of thin, light fabric floated behind me as we walked to another very nice looking restaurant.

A large doorman opened the door for us and we were met by the maître d' who I could see was looking at my chest. I wondered if the top of the dress had slid off one of my tits and I hadn’t noticed because the fabric was so light and thin but I didn’t look down. If a tit as showing then it was showing.

When we got to our table I did two things, firstly I asked the maître d' of another napkin not telling him that I wanted to put it under my leaking pussy, and secondly I checked my chest and saw neither tit had escaped but the cooler air outside had made my nipples very hard and the little tents were as big as I’d ever seen them.

The meal was just as good as the one the previous night except that I didn’t have a vibrator inside me for John to play with although I did see the wine waiter looking down at my bare pubis and the front of my slit when he was topping up my drink.

The taxi ride back to the hotel was uneventful but the hotel doorman must have seen my slit as I walked into the hotel with the dress floating behind me.

It was another night of unbridled passion with the curtains open and the lights on with me just wondering if anyone was watching us.


I made good use of Johns morning woody by riding him until he woke up and he easily made me promise to do that to him every time that I woke before he did. It was another room service breakfast with the naked me opening the door to the guy in. After a quick glance the guy ignored my nudity and as we ate John and I discussed the guys lack of interest in my naked body. We both came up with lots of suggestions including one where John suggested that there were hidden cameras in each room and that the staff were monitoring them all the time so they must have seen thousands of naked women. John cringed at the thought of seeing a naked eighty year old woman.

That conversation made me remember that John had said that we could make some home made porn movies for uploading onto porn sites. When I mentioned it to him he said that getting a good camera had now moved to the top of his list of things to do that day. Well not quite the top of the list, number two but as he’d already done number one, fucking me, it could be said that it was the top of the list.

I chose another semi-sheer, ultra short dress to wear that day. Apart from getting the camera there was nothing planned and it was to be a lazy day wandering around and just doing whatever came into our heads. Because John wanted a camera we decided to take a taxi to Oxford Street again. I knew that anyone behind me would be able to see my bare butt when I got into the taxi but I didn’t care. John again had his hand between my legs teasing my clit throughout the short journey and I again wondered if London taxis had cameras in the back.

It didn’t take long to find a camera shop and John spent ages looking at different cameras and discussing the pros and cons of each one with the salesman, he really sounded like he knew what he was talking about. A couple of times I saw him pointing a camera at me and each time that I did I stuck my tongue out at him doubting that there was a memory card in the camera.

When we finally left the shop John was happy with his new camera, telling me that he couldn’t wait to start photographing me. We wandered along lots of street just looking at everything. We both decided that we wouldn’t like to live in central London.

We came across a coffee shop and got one each, to go, and kept walking. When we got to the National Gallery we climbed the steps not intending to go in, just to have a better view out over the surrounding area. We sat near the top of the steps and were talking about what we could see when John said that he had an idea. He got out his new camera and went down to the bottom of the steps to take some photos of me as I sat with my feet on the step below me.

It was only after he’d taken a couple and he put his hands together then opened them into a ‘V’ shape that I realised that he was taking upskirt photos of me and when I looked down I realised that all of my pussy was on display from the right angle and even straight up the steps. He wanted me to open my legs some more so I decided to play a bit of a game on him, moving my feet to different positions and opening and closing my knees while he tried to get the best shot of my pussy.

I had been concentrating on teasing John and not paying any attention to the other people around when I realised that there was another man with a camera stood next to John and taking photos of me as well, and he was talking to John. I wondered if they were talking about me exposing myself. It had been accidental at first but once I realised it was actually quite a turn on.

Whilst still teasing John, and the other man, I looked at the other people sat on the steps and saw that a couple of young men were also looking up at my pussy. That imaginary itch close to my clit suddenly started so I just had to scratch it just to tease my voyeurs some more.

All in all I had a good five or so minutes before John came back and sat next to me, me leaving my knees and feet slightly apart to give that ‘accidental’, not knowing display for any more voyeurs. As we scrolled through the photos on the camera’s screen I could clearly see my lips. John was looking as well and when he saw the first shot that was showing my lips he zoomed in on them and said,

“Those will be gone by this time tomorrow, it’s a good job that I got the camera today so I can have the before and after images.”

“Yes,” I replied, “I wonder what I will look like.”

“Like you did when you were about ten years younger.” John replied.

“I think that I’ll like that, I never have got used to my flaps and I always thought that when my pussy got all meaty it was just fat and that I was eating too much.”

“Well, not that you need to loose any weight but you’re going to loose a bit tomorrow.”

“I hope that it heals up quickly I’ll be getting real withdrawal symptoms without your cock fucking me.”

“It won’t be for that long but I’ll still be able to fuck your face.”


We finished looking through the photos that John had taken, and our coffees then got to our feet and went down to the footpath. As I went down I looked at the people that I had seen looking up at my pussy. One was smiling and still looking at me and another actually blushed when we made eye contact. I smiled at him.

From there we wandered some more and came across the Hard Rock Cafe.

“I’ve always wondered what these places were like.” John said, let’s go and see and have some lunch.”

We did and although the food was good John wasn’t that impressed,

“Doesn’t live up to all the hype.” He said.

From there we went just down the road a little to Hyde Park to get away from all the noise for a short while. I didn’t realise that it was so big. We went for a ride on the SolarShuttle and in my ultra short dress with me not crossing my legs I was sure that the men sitting opposite me could see my slit and bald pubis but I didn’t care, I was enjoying the relatively quietness as we glided across the Serpentine Lake with John holding my hand. When we’d sat down I half expected him to put his arm round my shoulders and for his hand to reach down and hold one of my tits but for some reason he didn’t, maybe it was because of the kids that were on the boat.

After the boat trip John decided that it would be nice to lay on the grass and just enjoy the sun for a while. He picked a nice looking area of grass close to a busy path and I lay down with my feet pointing towards the path. At first John lay beside me and we just talked and enjoyed the sun. After a while John got up onto his elbows to look around and a minute later he said,

“Jade, you do realise that with your legs not crossed and in that dress people can see your pussy?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it but I guess that you’re right, do you think that many people walking by saw it?”

“I have no idea.”

“Shall I open my legs a bit more?”

“If you want, but not too far or else people will realise that you are doing it on purpose.”

“Hmm, yes, I guess that in a place like this I don’t want it to be anything other than an accident, although the sun does feel nice on my pussy.”

“As much as I would like you to be completely naked right now I’m sure that we wouldn’t get away with it for long. Some miserable person is bound to phone the police. But think, with you needing to take it easy for a week or two you can lay on a lounger out the back of the house and enjoy the sun there.”

“That’s if it doesn’t rain, you know what English weather is like.”

“I’ve ordered two week of glorious sunshine just for you Jade. Hey, do you fancy an ice cream? I’m sure that they sold them at that cafe back there.”

“That would be nice, then we could come back here and lay out again.”

“No, you stay there Jade, I’ll go and get them.”

As I lay there on my own I thought about how lucky I was, how my life had changed from having just a boring job, living on my own and masturbating every few days, to having a well paid job that so far has involved doing nothing, to living in an amazing house, to having a boyfriend that fucks me on average four times every day and to becoming an exhibitionist, nudist nymphomaniac who wants John’s cock inside me all the time. Life couldn’t get any better.

I heard what sounded like at least a couple of young men talking but I didn’t open my eyes to look. The voices got louder and I started to be able to understand what they were saying and they were talking about me. They were talking about my pussy and what they would like to do with it which was making my pussy get all wet, something that one of the young men commented on.

Then they went all quiet so after a few seconds I opened my eyes and got up onto my elbows and saw the three young men quickly walking away. Then I saw John approaching me from the other side. Just to tease him a little I opened my legs quite wide until he arrived right next to me.

“Touting for business you little tart.” John said, “how much do you charge?”

I looked up at him and replied.

“For just one ice cream YOU can do whatever you want to my body for the next one hundred years.”

“That’s a deal young lady, here’s your ice cream and when you’ve finished that I have a hotel room where I can take you and fuck your brains out.”

“That’s a good deal sir, I’ll have finished my ice cream in about five minutes then I’m all yours to do whatever you want with my body.”

John smiled and sat next to me.

“So did you enjoy those young men looking at your pussy Jade?”

“I didn’t know that they were at first. It was only when one of them told his mates to look at my wet pussy that I realised, then I got wetter.”

“It must be nice being a girl and having most of the opposite sex lusting after your body.”

“Well I’m certainly not complaining.”

“You know that you could use your charms and naked body to get whatever you want don’t you?”

“I do now but I’ve already got everything that I would ever want sat right next to me.”

“You know how to say the right things as well young lady, come on, let’s get back to the hotel for a bit of fun then let’s eat in the hotel restaurant tonight. Then it will be an early night, we have to be at the surgeon place at 9 a.m.

“Don’t remind me. I’m still nervous about it.”

“A week from now you will be looking at yourself in a mirror and loving what you see, I know that I will.”

We did just what John said and no one in the hotel restaurant batted an eyelid at my semi-see-through dress, nor the pink antenna sticking out below the hem. John teased me throughout the meal and I’m sure that the waiters must have thought that I was an escaped mental patient. But John was making me edge over and over. Even when he did take me over the top he started all over gain. I saw quite a few people come into the restaurant after us and leave before us.

Again my dress was off as soon as we got into the lift and I forgot all about the next day until after John had woken me with his cock sliding in and out of me and me cumming then relaxing.


The plan was to take a taxi to Harley Street, get the business done, then a taxi back to the hotel to get the car to drive home.

As we arrived so did two other women, one on her own and the other with a male partner and I wondered how many procedures the surgeon got through each day, how many pussies he changed the appearance of.

The receptionist was the first to make me relax by offering us a coffee and telling me that the surgeon had done thousands of similar procedures and he had never had one complaint. I had this stupid vision of a huge pile of cut off women’s labia minora and men fighting to get to play with them.

We were shown into a little waiting room then a couple of minutes later we were led into the surgeon’s consulting room. The surgeon was a really nice, friendly guy old enough to be my father. After a bit of friendly small talk he got down to business,

“Okay Ms Peterson, I’ve got you down for a Labiaplasty, a Hoodectomy and a Monsplasty procedure is that correct?”

John interrupted and saying,

“Would it also be possible to fit a Hormonal IUD as well?”

“That’s quite possible but I need to hear consent from Ms Peterson, I also need her to sign consent forms. Are those the procedure that you want me to perform Ms Peterson?”

“They might be if I knew what they are, could you explain each one in layman’s language please?”

“Of course, a Labiaplasty is surgery to reduce the size of the labia minora, I need to know how much of it you want removing.”

“All of it.” I replied.

“Okay, a Hoodectomy is clitoral hood reduction surgery, how much would you want removed?”

“I want my clit to be visible all the time.”

“That can be done but I have to warn you that having your clitoris exposed all the time can lead to you being constantly sexually aroused.”

“That is what I want.”

“Fair enough, Monsplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excessive fatty tissue and sagging skin from your mons pubis and labia majora, is that what you want?”

“Yes, I hate being able to grab hands full of fatty flab on my pubis and my lips, I want them back to where they were ten years ago.”

“This procedure doesn’t normally include the labia majora but there is no reason why it can’t be doe, if that is what you want?”

“It is.”

“Okay finally a Hormonal IUD is a little contraceptive device fitted in your uterus. Most women don’t feel it and often forget that it’s there. The type that I would recommend is an effective contraceptive for around ten years then it must be removed and if desired, another one fitted. There is however one probable side effect that you may or my not like. The majority of woman with one fitted stop getting periods, If that were to happen would that be a problem for you Jade?”

“Would they start again and would I still be able to get pregnant when it was removed?”

“Absolutely Jade.”

I looked over to John and said,

“No I’m not wanting to get pregnant, we’ll discuss it when the IUD needs replacing.”

John smiled.

“So Ms Peterson, are those the procedures that you require?”

“Yes they are.”

“Good, only one more thing to discuss and that is anesthesia, you have a choice of either local or general, most women opt for local, the advantage being that you are able to leave much quicker.”

I looked at John then said,

“Well if most women opt for local then I will as well.”

“Excellent, before we start I need to give you a full gynaecological examination to make sure that you are healthy and suitable for these procedures. Can I ask you to go behind the screen over there, remove all your clothes and put them in the basket, you can put on the medical gown if you want then come and climb on the examination table. Do you want your partner to leave now, we have a waiting room?”

“Can John stay with me please?”

“Sure, but not in the operating room.”

I did go behind the screen and removed my dress and shoes but I didn’t bother with the gown. I didn’t see the point because the man was going to see, and get his hands on, all the good parts of my body very soon and seconds later I was waiting to be examined. The surgeon gave me an examination very similar to when I went to my GP to ask to go on the pill except at the end of it the surgeon played with my clit making me have an orgasm. As he was doing that he said,

“I just need to make sure that everything is functioning normally before I start the procedures.”

I looked at John as my orgasm was receding and saw that he was smiling and I thought,

“John likes seeing other people making me cum doesn’t he?”

As I recovered from my high I said,

“So do I function normally?”

“Yes Ms Peterson you do. Your sensitivity is probably a little greater than the average woman but I’m sure that that will make life a little more enjoyable for you. Now, if you would like to go and wait in our waiting room you will be called when we are ready for you.”

I went and got the basket with my dress, shoes and the medical gown in it and John and I left the room. John took the basket off me so that I didn’t have to carry it. As we walked the short distance to the waiting room John said,

“And you didn’t even put the medical gown on Jade, you’ve become a true exhibitionist.”

I thought about that and I had to agree with him. As I followed John into the waiting room I saw three other women and two men. One of the women was wearing just a medical gown but everyone else was in street clothes. My recent orgasm and what John had said made me feel pleased that I hadn’t bothered with the gown and I felt my pussy start to tingle.

All of the five people in that room stared at me as I sat on one of the chairs, John sitting beside me. I didn’t cross my legs like most women do, in fact I sat with my knees apart without making any conscious effort to do so. After a few seconds John whispered,

“Those three women are wondering if they will have to wait in here naked as well.”

I laughed a little but didn’t say anything.”

It was a good ten minutes before I was called and in that time two more young women with men in tow walked in. It was starting to get a little crowded in there and I was the only one naked in there. Before I got called another young woman got called and she went leaving her male partner on his own but all the time before I got called the man was staring at me.

My nipples were rock hard and tingling, my pussy was leaking a bit and my clit was out and tingling. When I thought about my clit I thought,

“Well you aren’t going to be able to hide away for much longer, you’ll be out there for all to see all of the time.”

I wondered if there was some drug or something that would make it engorged and hard all the time, something like viagra for women? I made a mental note to talk to John about it as I was sure that he would like the idea.

“Ms Jade Peterson.” I heard the young receptionist girl say.

I was a bit startled as I was still thinking of ways to keep my clit engorged and hard all the time.

“Oh, yes, that’s me.” I said and stood up.

I turned to look at John and he mouthed the words,

“I love you.”

He squeezed my hand and I started walking towards the receptionist who acted like it was an every day occurrence for girls to walk around the place totally naked. I was led into a very white, sterile looking room with a medical table, similar to one that John bought for me, a few little tables with instruments on them, a collection of little machines with monitors attached to them and three people in there. I recognised the surgeon but not the other man nor the woman.

“Relax Ms Peterson, it will not hurt and before you know it you will be walking out of here. May I call you Jade? Ms Peterson sounds so formal, you can call me Donald.”

“Sure Donald.”

“Okay Jade. Climb up onto the table and Mary will attach a couple of things to you arms and give you a couple of injections around your vulva, they will just feel like little pricks. Can you lift your legs up into the stirrups for me please. Trevor’s job is an easy one, all he has to do is monitor your vitals which should remain constant or maybe show us that you are relaxing more as soon as you realise that you can’t feel a thing.”

I lifted my legs onto the stirrups and felt them spread so wide that I was sure that they would be able to see that I was wet after being aroused in the waiting room. I saw Mary go between my legs then I felt fingers on one of my labia lips then a little prick, then the same on the other labia lip then nothing. I smiled to myself as I though that they could have got fifty men to gang-bang me right then and I wouldn’t have felt a thing, Then I thought that I wouldn’t be able to cum so the gang-bang was pointless.

“So where to you come Jade?” Donald asked.

That was the start of a conversation that went on for what seemed like a couple of hours, and it was all pointless small talk. I quickly realised that it was all to distract me from what Donald was doing to me, none of which I could see, which was probably a good thing. I wouldn’t say that I’m squeamish but a girl watching her pussy being carved up is probably not a good idea, certainly not for me, I don’t know what I would have done if I could have seen. I rapidly got to the point where I was looking around the room for something to distract me but all there was was Mary and Trevor walking about doing goodness know what.

Then it was Donald saying,

“There you are Jade, all done, I suggest that you try to avoid looking at yourself for a few days because the whole are will be one big bruise and although the stitches are all my best work they might just alarm you a little. Don’t worry about the stitches, they will just dissolve and fall off in a few days.”

I saw Trevor leave the room and Mary detach the whatever that she had put on me then she said,

“I’ll go and get your clothes,” and she too disappeared.

“Right Jade, aftercare, when you have a bath or a shower no rubbing, soap or a towel, just gentle patting. The anaesthetic will start to wear off in about an hour, the receptionist will give you a few paracetamol to help with the pain, follow the instructions on the box then I suggest that your partner buys some more to last you for a few days. If after a week, for some unknown reason you think you aren’t healing as you would expect please telephone me. And don’t go horse riding or bike riding until you believe that you are one hundred percent healed, certainly not this afternoon or tomorrow.”

“Ha, you have nothing to worry about on that score.” I replied.

“I’m sure that you will be pleased with the results Jade, you looked ten years younger even spread out on the table.”

“Thank you Donald.” I just managed to say before Mary returned with my clothes.

Donald left and Mary handed me my dress which I slipped on, then she told me to let her put my shoes on saying,

“No sudden movements or stretching you legs, in any direction, just slow, gentle walking until things start to heal.”

“Yes Mary.”

With my shoes on Mary slowly guided me back to reception where John was waiting with a big smile on his face.

“Okay?” John asked.

“I think so, I’m still all numb down there.”

“Are you okay to stand there for a couple of minute while I settle up?”

“Sure, I feel fine, well until the anaesthetic wear off. Have you got the paracetamol?”

“They’re here.” The receptionist said as she handed the box and the bill to John.

A couple of minutes John was slowly walking me out of the front door and to a waiting taxi.

“So what was it like?” John asked.

“I don’t know, I never saw any of it and I haven’t had a look.”

“I’ll get you home then we’ll have a look.”

John held my hand for the short journey then he helped me out of the taxi, me not caring how high my dress rode up my butt as I got out. Once out I just stood there whilst John spoke to the doorman and a few minutes later John’s car appeared and the doorman was wheeling our suitcase to the back of the car.

John told me to keep my legs together and let him lower me into the car which I did and I thought,

“Well that’s a first, getting into John’s car and not letting him see my pussy, but maybe that’s a good thing at the moment, I bet that it’s not a pleasant sight.”

John lifted my legs into the car then shut the door as I fastened the seatbelt.

Minutes later we were in the queues of traffic heading for home. The lid was on the car and I think that the anticipation of the pain that I knew would be coming subdued my desire to be seen and I just wanted to be at home in bed with John cuddling me.

John had lowered the back of my seat and before we were out of London I was fast asleep, only waking up when I heard John’s car door shutting after he got out on his drive.

John reversed the process to get me out and as we slowly walked in I told him that I needed some of the paracetamol. Once through the front door John literally scooped me up and carried me upstairs to the bedroom where he took my dress off me and lifted me onto the bed before taking my shoes off.

As he pulled the duvet over me he said,

“You’re going to look good when you’ve healed Jade.”

“Can you get a mirror and let me look please?”

“No, you are staying there for a few days until some of the swelling and bruising goes.”

“That bad eh?” I replied.

“Nothing more that I would expect. You just stay there and relax. I’ll get the paracetamol and leave everything to me, I’ll be you personal servant for a few days getting you everything that you want, I’ll even carry you to the bathroom and wipe you butt for you.”

“I think that I’ll be able to manage that but thank you, but when will you spin me round on this bed so that my head is hanging off the side and you can fuck my throat?”

“Bloody hell Jade, every other woman that had gone through what you have just done wouldn’t even be thinking about sex. I knew I got the right girl, you’re a total nymphomaniac. No Jade, you’re staying exactly where you are for at least forty eight hours.”

“That’s your fault John, you got me started thinking about such things.”

“Are you complaining?”

“Absolutely …………………… NOT.”

“Right, paracetamol, bottle of water, your phone, the TV remote, They’ll all be here in a couple of minutes. Oh, and that TV can now get Netflix so you can watch those soppy, romantic films.”

“Can I invite my friends round?”

“In a couple of days. I’d stuff my cock into your mouth to stop you talking if you weren’t suffering, maybe I should put some handcuffs and a ball gag on you.”

“That sounds fun.”

“Shut up woman, your pain will be getting worse if I don’t get that paracetamol. I’m going.”

John went and came back a few minutes later with everything that he’d promised and I quickly took a couple of paracetamol then closed my eyes.

“Phone me if you need anything. I won’t be far away.”

I didn’t think that I was tired but I started watching a movie and the next thing that I knew was John sitting on the bed next to me and the movie had finished.

“How are you doing girl with a pussy that I don’t recognise.” John said.

“Have you been looking at my pussy while I was asleep?”

“Yes, but I’ve done that before.”

“You’ve fucked me while I was asleep before today and I loved it, when I woke up that is.”

“So did I Jade. Now, how are you, are you hungry, can I get you anything, do you want carrying to the bathroom?”

“Actually nurse, I need a pee and I’m a but hungry.”

“I hope that you’re not expecting me to put on a nurse’s uniform, I don’t think a short skirt would suit me and I haven’t got the boobs for the job.”

“I can just imagine you in a short skirt with your balls hanging below the hem John.”

“Not going to happen Jade, come on, I’ll carry you to the bathroom, do you want me to wipe you as well? Although it had better be just a gentle pat for a few days.”

I didn’t realise just how many and which muscles a girl uses when she sits on the toilet and pees but it was a little painful and I was glad that John was there to help me.

“Can you pass me that little mirror please John?” I said when I finally got to my feet.

“Nope, no mirrors until you start healing.”

“I’ve probably started healing already.”

“I hope so, but it’s still no, I’ll brush your hair for you.”

“Wow John, you really should have become a nurse.”

“It doesn’t pay enough for me. Come on, back to bed.”

John carried me back to bed and asked if pizza would be okay to eat.

“Yes, but don’t let Harry come up here, I don’t want him to see me like this.”

“There’s nothing wrong with the way you look Jade, you look great, but okay, I’ll keep you locked away for a couple of days.”

About forty five minutes later John was sat on the bed beside me as we ate the pizza then later he cuddled up to me with one of his hands on one of my tits as we went to sleep.


The next morning was the first one that I didn’t get fucked either just before or just after I’d woken up. What I did get put inside me was a couple of paracetamol then a drink of water that John had left on the bedside cabinet for me.

As I waited for the paracetamol to kick in I lay there. My legs had been spread ever since John had put me there the previous day and I got curious to know what my new pussy felt like so I gently explored with my fingers. My pubis felt different, not as padded, then my fingers went to my clit and I discovered that where it had been covered by the hood there was nothing covering it. When I touched the end of it I felt it swell and go hard.

“This is going to give me a lot of pleasure very easily.”

I thought as I let my fingers rub the end of it from side to side being careful not to touch my reduced size hood. In spite of the pain, or maybe because of it, it didn’t take long for me to have an orgasm.

“Well that still works just fine.” I thought as I came down from my high.

My fingers gently went lower. Where I had had meaty lips there hardly enough to put in a sandwich and I really wanted to look at them. A little later I gently felt for my flaps but couldn’t find any. Just then John walked into the bedroom carrying a tray.

“Good morning Jade, I heard you cumming, you be careful girl, we don’t want to have to go back to London to get you stitched up again. Pull yourself up and get some of this inside you.”

“Can I give you a blowjob please, you’re missing out at the moment and I don’t like that.”

“Don’t you worry about me Jade, I’m just fine, I can wait until you’re all healed.”

“But I don’t want to wait John, I want you inside me somewhere.”

“Eat your breakfast then we’ll see how much pain you’re in. Phone or text me when your done.”

I did and when John came back I’d put the tray to the side of the bed and shuffled myself round so that my head was hanging over the side of the bed and the duvet was pushed off me so that John could see my whole naked body.

“Jeez Jade, you really are a nymphomaniac.”

John said as he unfastened his trousers. Seconds later his cock was in my throat.

Some of John’s cum went down my throat and the rest of it went over my face and chest. Then he carried me to the shower and we shared the space as we showered, John carefully washing all around my pussy. Then after he dried me John carried me back to bed where I spent the rest of the day.

Thankfully, by the time John cuddled up to me that night I could feel the first signs that I was starting to heal.

The rest of the week followed a similar pattern except that by the Friday afternoon I was able to go to the bathroom on my own, and get a bit more adventurous with my clit. As we ate our delivered evening meal John suggested that I phone my friends and invite them over on the Saturday or the Sunday so I did and on the Sunday morning I put on a dress and slowly went downstairs to wait for Jenny and Rose.

When John opened the door to them he invited them in and led them into the lounge where I was waiting.

“Please forgive Jade for not getting up and coming to the door,” John said, “she’s had some surgery which I’m sure she will tell you all about. Can I get either of you a coffee or something stronger?”

John went off to the kitchen to make some coffee as Jenny said,

“You’ve got him well trained Jade. I half expecting you to be his slave.”

“Far from it Jenny, let me start at the beginning.”

I spent the next hour or so telling Jenny and Rose everything, even why I wasn’t jumping up and down with joy.

“You’ve had your pussy surgically altered?” Rose asked, “I thought that Female genital Mutilation was illegal.”

“It is, but cosmetic surgery isn’t and it’s a long way from FGM, this will enhance my pleasure whilst FGM is to deny girls their pleasure.”

“So can we see what you’ve had done Jade?” Jenny asked.

“Sure, I’m not the shy girl who’d never let even her friends see her naked before, I’ve been reborn. Can you help me get to my feet please, it still hurts when I strain my muscles.”

Both Jenny and Rose jumped to their feet and helped me up. As soon as I was on my feet my hands went to the hem of my dress and seconds later the dress was flying across the room to another chair.

“Wow Jade, you aren’t shy any more are you?”

“No, and you should see me when my personal trainer takes me jogging.”

“You go jogging naked?” Rose asked.

“No, I have my trainers on.”

“On the public roads?”

“Some of it is but it’s mainly through the woods.”

“Wow. I hope the police don’t catch you.” Rose said.

“So what do you think ladies?” I asked as I spread my legs.

“Well for starters your pussy looks sore.” Jenny said.

“It is, but it’s getting better.”

“It’s difficult to say, I never saw your pussy in any detail before and all these stitches don’t help but I would say that you look like you did ten or twelve years ago, except that I doubt that your clit was that big then.”

“I’m not sure that I knew what a clit was ten or twelve years ago but I haven’t had a real good look myself yet, John says that I should wait until it’s a lot better.”

“He’s probably right, I can see what it will look like but it’s not a real pretty sight at the moment.”

“My clit still works, I’ve been rubbing one out for John each day and I think that it’s more sensitive than it was, I don’t know how that is possible but it does.”

“Maybe it’s because it’s out and looking for some action all the time, got nowhere to hide.”

“Maybe, hey, while I’m up can I show you around the house?”

“Can you walk okay?”

“If I take it slow, yes.”

I slowly started walking towards the door and Rose said,

“Aren’t you going to put your dress back on Jade?”

“Not much point, I don’t normally put any clothes on. You guys are honoured that I put a dress on when I knew that you were coming.”

“Wow, who are you girl?” Jenny said, “and what have you done with our friend Jade?”

“Ha, very funny Jenny, I’m still me, and still your friend, I hope, it’s just that I come to realise who the real me is.”

“Well if I was a lezzy I’d be all over you like a rash Jade.” Rose said. “You look good naked Jade.”

“Thank you, I think.” I replied.

I led my friends to the games room first and when Rose saw the medical table and the straps she said,

“You two aren’t into this fifty shaded thing are you, you know, bondage and the likes?”

“We’ve dabbled, it makes me feel so empowered.”

“Empowered? Wow, you really have changed Jade.” Jenny said.

“Yes I have Jenny, but I still want to be friends with you and Rose.”

“And we still want to be friends with you Jade, even if you do leave your clothes in a pub car park.”

“About that, did one of you retrieve my skirt and top?”

“We did,” Jenny said, I took them home and washed them, I was going to bring them today but I forgot. I guess that you’re not in a rush to get them back either.”

“You’re right Jenny. Now this room is John’s personal gym that he lets me use. My trainer makes me work hard in there. Hey, have you ever ridden a bike with the seat too high and with no knickers on? I’d really recommend trying it.”

“Why?” Rose said, “That sounds like hard work.”

“Think about it Rose, your bare pussy on a saddle and having to slide from side to side.”

“Oh yes, maybe I should go and get my old bike from my parents house.”

“Okay ladies, the next room is a lot bigger.”

I opened the door to the swimming pool room.

“Bloody hell Jade, how rich is John?” Jenny said.

“I have no idea. Fancy going for a swim?”

“We didn’t bring our bikinis.” Rose said.

“I don’t have a swimsuit either but I still go for a swim.”

“You mean you go skinny dipping?”

“Yes, and you can too, John won’t mind.”

“But he might come and see us.” Rose said.

“So what, he sees me like this all the time, it’s not like he’s going to rape you or anything, and besides. It’s alright for a man to see a girl naked..”

“What do you think Rose? Jenny asked.

“I’m game if you are Jenny.” Rose replied, “but what about you Jade?”

“A dip might do me good just so long as I have a shower afterwards, get rid of the chlorine. Come girls, get ‘em off.”

I left them to strip as I slowly walked to the pool then literally fell into the water trying to keep my legs straight. I’ve never tried to swim just using my arms and it was slow progress so I turned onto my back and floated as I watched Jenny and Rose finish stripping then come and jump in.

We messed about and talked for about fifteen minutes before Rose screamed, ducked down in the water pointing towards the door. I looked as saw John coming in. He walked to the side of the pool and said,

“Make sure that you get rinsed off properly Jade, the chlorine might not be good on your wounds.”

“Can we use the shower in the main bedroom please John?” I asked.

“Of course you can, you don’t need to ask Jade.”

John turned and walked out and I turned to look at Jenny and Rose. Rose was up to her neck in the water but Jenny was standing up which meant that her tits were above the water line.

“Rose,” I said, “it’s okay for men to see you naked, you have a great body, you have no reason to be ashamed.”

“So you wouldn’t mind John seeing me naked Jade.” Rose replied.

“Not at all, it’s natural for men to see girls naked, it’s not like we’re threatening or anything.”

“Yeah,” Jenny added, “we haven’t got a big hard cock wanting to fuck girls all the time.”

“True,” I said, “but I wouldn’t mind if John wanted to fuck either if you, you’re both more beautiful than I am.”

“That’s just not true Jade, you are a gorgeous young woman and now that you have that really cute little pussy any man in his right mind would want to fuck you.”

“Well John does and I think that some of his friends want to fuck me as well.”

“And you’d let them Jade?” Rose asked.

“If John wants me to, yes, and I wouldn’t be mad if he fucked either, or both of you. It would be me who he came back to.”

“Wow Jade,” Jenny said, “an exhibitionist, a nymphomaniac and a swinger. You really have changed Jade.”

“It’s the real me that has just come out of the closet. I’m really happy now.”

“Good for you girl,” Rose said, “and you really wouldn’t mind if John saw us naked and fucked us?”

“No, not at all.”

“Well I wouldn’t mind if he wanted to fuck me.” Jenny said.

We messed about in the water for a bit more then Rose asked,

“Can we get out now please?”

“Sure, we can use the shower in the main bedroom, there’s plenty of space and plenty of towels in there.”

“How do we get there?” Rose asked.

“Just follow me.” I replied.

I couldn’t get out the way that I normally do, jump up at the side and swing a leg up onto the side so I had to go to the steps and slowly climb out although I found it easier than I expected, maybe I was getting better quicker than I expected. I led my two naked friends our of the pool area and up the stairs, all three of us dripping water. I was secretly hoping that John would come out of his room and see my two friend in all their glory but he didn’t and we made it to the bathroom without being seen.

We talked as we took it in turns in the shower then got dried. The Jenny said,

“Shit, we left our clothes by the pool.”

“We’ll just have to go and get them then,” I said, “but we’ll have to leave the towels in the hamper here.”

“Are you just trying to get us to walk through the house naked Jade?”

“Yes, are you complaining?”

“I guess not, he is sort of cute.” Jenny said.

I wasn’t at all worried that John would fancy Jenny, or Rose, he had committed himself way too much to me, but as we walked downstairs I thought,

“John has told me that he would like to see me being fucked by other men, so maybe it would be okay for him to fuck Jenny or Rose, or both, but I would like to watch.”

Anyway, we made it back to the pool area and Jenny and Rose got dressed then we went back to the lounge, After talking for a while Rose said that they should be leaving and I got up on my own and it didn’t hurt much.

“I’m getting better.” I thought as I led them to the front door.

As they passed me to get to Jenny’s car I stepped outside. As Rose turned to wave goodbye she shouted,

“Get inside you exhibitionist.”

I smiled, waved back and thought,

“Yes I am.”

I went upstairs, still slowly, and went into John’s work room. He was talking to someone, on his phone I presumed, and when I went up to him he motioned for me to sit on his lap. After a couple of minutes of him talking about something that I didn’t understand, John squeezed my thigh and said,

“Kyle, this is Jade, my new PA.”

“What?” I said.

“Hi there Jade, nice to meet you, you look great.”

“What?! You can see me Kyle? Oh, oh hi Kyle.”

“Yes I can see you Jade and John, you’ve got a real looker there, I’m jealous.”

As Kyle was saying that John clicked on a minimised window and up popped two windows on top of a mass of numbers, one window presumably of Kyle and the other one with the naked me sat on John’s lap. Kyle could see my little tits and me bare down to my thighs but because I saw sat, not my pussy.

“Jade has just had some cosmetic surgery on her pussy Kyle, it’s healing nicely, would you like to see it?”

John didn’t wait for an answer, he pushed with his feet and the chair wheeled back.

“Stand up and show Kyle Jade.”

I looked at John and felt my pussy get wet and tingle. Then I stood up, standing with my feet shoulder width apart.

“Zoom in on that mate. It’s still a bit bruised and sore but you’ll see what it’s going to be like.”

“I am John, I am, and I have to say that I’m impressed. Jade, you are gorgeous. John you are one lucky bastard. I hope that you don’t mind me taking a few screen grabs.”

“Not at all mate, but be quick, I’ve got another call waiting.”

“Turn around for Kyle Jade, let him see that cute little butt of yours.”

I did, and wondered if it was just screen grabs that Kyle was taking and not recording a video, not that I minded. After a minute or so John said,

“Got to go mate, talk soon.”

He clicked a couple of things on the PC then turned and pulled me back onto his lap.

“My friends have gone.”

“Did you tell them that they can come back anytime that they want?”

“Yes, and I told them that it was okay for them to be naked like me when you are around.”

“And what did they say to that?”

“They asked me if it was okay for you to fuck them. I said that it was.”

“Good girl, now more importantly, how’s your pussy, does it still hurt as much?”

“No, I’m down to one paracetamol and I can walk around much easier. Can I have a look at it now?”

“Let’s go to the bedroom and have a good look at it.”

We did, me spreading my legs quite wide and surprisingly not making my pussy hurt. John got down between my legs and had a good look then said,

“Coming along nicely, don’t move.”

John went and got his new camera then took a few photographs of my pussy with me like that, and up on my hands and knees with my knees quite wide apart. Then we went to the huge TV in the lounge where he plugged the camera’s memory card into a slot and up on the screen came my pussy, a good ten times the real life size.

We sat on the sofa and looked at every square millimetre of my pussy.

“Wow,” I said, “I’ve never seen my pussy like that before. Look, that little mark there, is that where a stitch has dissolved?”

“Yes, I’m sure that there was one there when I had a good look yesterday. All the swelling looks to have just about gone so that’s just about what it’s going to look like from now on, are you happy with the results?”

“I will be when you can start fucking me again.”

“Patience my love, it won’t be much longer.”

“I was touching it when I was in the pool earlier and it feels so different, like it did when I first realised that I could have some fun playing down there.”

“What about your clit? It looks bigger than it was but I don’t suppose that it is, it’s probably because it’s out there all the time now, whenever I look at your pussy now I’ve got two things that I see first, your hole and your clit, I don’t know which I like the most, your clit or your hole. The whole lot is so inviting.”

“And in a few days you can do whatever you want with it. I thought the same about my clit as well, it feels bigger but that’s probably for the reason you mentioned. I’m looking forward to having lots of accidental touches that make me cum when I’m not expecting it.”

John turned to look at me and gave me a long passionate kiss. One of his hands went to a tit and played with the nipple then drifted down to my pussy.

“I’ll be gentle.” he said as his fingers found my clit.

And he was, gently toying with my clit and leaving the rest of my pussy alone. He easily played long enough to make me cum and when I returned to normal I said.

“That was amazing, thank you John, I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms.”

“So was I.” John replied as I pushed him onto his back and unfastened his jeans.

“At least I can have you in my mouth.” I said as I gave him his second blowjob of the day, the first one being before we got out of bed.

As we cuddled in bed that night John said,

“Do you really want me to fuck Jenny and Rose Jade?”

“Why not, you’ve said that you want other men to fuck me.”

“Only if I’m watching, but don’t Jenny and Rose have boyfriends?”

“Yes, but what they don’t know about can’t harm them.”

“And they’d be okay with that?”

“Probably. I’d have to ask them again just to make sure but they certainly seemed keen on the idea this afternoon.”


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