The Adventures of Grace and Anna Erotic Classic Ch-1 part 8

The Adventures of Grace and Anna Erotic Classic Ch-1 part 8

Rare Lascivious English Classic. this is a book written by an English gentleman of considerable wit, command of the language, and imagination of Rabelaisian order. Erotic as are the tales, they are far from being filthy, while a plot of thrilling interest runs throughout the work, binding all the stories together..The book 'The Adventures of Grace and Anna' has been subtitled 'The thrilling experiences of two girls looking for love and lust.' Two fun-loving girls of the 1910s discover love and lust among the idle rich and the well-proportioned poor in this insightful excursion into the erotic mores and morals of an earlier era. Enjoy..

In part 1 to 7 of Chapter 1 you have read that the author meets a girl named Anna and he Invites her in his car for a ride. In-car he kissed her and boldly squeezed and manipulated her breasts and erect nipples. Then he molded and caressed her bare and electric thighs and felt the bare lips of her sex and the crinkly pubic hair and have sex in Car. and then he meets her again next time and takes her to an apartment that was maintained for just such incidents. Anna proposes to introduce him to her friend Grace.

Now Further.



She evidently knew what was transpiring in my mind for she allowed me to draw her down gently on to the cushions beside me, and once she was in my arms, I pressed hot kisses on her lovely lips and allowed my hands to run riot all over her girlish perfection.

I found, however, that she was quite matter-of-fact in regard to terms, for drawing gently back from me, she arranged her dress, and looking about to see that we were alone she said in a low voice, ‘I understand, Mr. Anderson, that Anna and you have been quite close together-in fact that you know one another quite intimately-that you have possessed her — and when Anna told me that you wished to meet me and to have a party with me, you must understand, Mr. Anderson, that one of the main reasons that I accepted is that you had her understand that I was to receive something in return-that you are to pay me. This, of course, is a rather abrupt way of putting it, but you must understand that I am an engaged girl and am shortly to be married, and I do not accord these favours even to my own intended husband, and if we intend to proceed I wish that clearly understood between us. Is not that right?’

‘Oh, yes,’ I said, relieved to find that she was so materialistic. ‘I told Anna exactly that, and you may be sure that I meant exactly what I said, and now that I have seen you I have no reason indeed to regret my bargain and assure you that I will do exactly as she outlined to you.’ And I made as if to gather the beautiful girl to me and smother her with my caresses.

She, however, held me back again, and pulling her short skirt over her knees, held up her finger at me and continued, ‘Anna also told me that the man that drives your car, that he also is to take part in the bargain, and I wish to know if that is all, because I would not, for any consideration, stand any more, not that I am not able and perhaps willing, but an engaged girl has standards to maintain, and were it not for the money involved, I would never think of starting in the first place.’

‘You have been stayed with?’ I asked curiously, puzzled at this girl’s strange conversation, so different was she from the exuberant Anna.

‘Oh yes,’ she admitted, ‘I have been with men quite often, and although I deny myself to others and even to my intended, you may be sure that it is not for any dislike for the act, but the consequences attending it, such as pregnancy, etc., which fill my heart with fear. I am eager for a home and children, and in my marriage with Charlie I am sure that I would realise all of my fondest dreams. This, to me, is merely a means to an end, and I do not consider it wrong at all, but now that we have understood one another, let’s get set and get going or I shall have an argument to contend with should I not return in a short space of time.’

‘But,’ I persisted, ‘supposing-supposing pregnancy should result from this-this occasion? Does that not enter your fears at all? Do you not fear that you would be in a delicate state in a few months should you submit to Joseph and myself?’

‘I marry in three weeks,’ she said simply, ‘and although Charlie has never possessed me, you may be sure that by that time he will be my husband, and any consequences, as you put them, will be well taken care of, so you may rest easy as to that.’

At this instant I thought it best to bring this matter-of-fact discussion to a close, and pressing a bill of rather large denomination into her hand, I pressed her close to me and abandoned myself to the delightful pleasure of the contact of her fresh, youthful form.

She lay in my arms, allowing me to do my will, and pressing the front of her dress I moulded and caressed her firm young breasts, bare to my fingertips except for the thinness of her silk dress, and passing my hand over her silken-covered legs I allowed one of them to mount to the top of her stocking and revelled in the feel of her bare thighs.

My prick by this time was straining at its bonds, and tearing open the fly of my pants I allowed it to spring forth to be in an instant encompassed by her tiny hand and she submitted it to a delightful and tingling compression that made me feel as if I would shoot right into her palm and over her bare wrist and forearm.

‘Oh, you are lovely,’ I murmured, and dividing her thighs, I allowed my hand to run up on her belly and then to slip down and play riot with her pubic curls and to squeeze and compress the lips of her sexual slit, till I was almost mad with lust and desire. I sucked her mouth into mine, and passing my arm about her neck drew her to me in a stifling embrace and sought as if to ravish her on the very spot.

‘My dress, my dress!’ she said, ‘do not get it wet, I beg you! You may go off and spot me, and I would have to…’

‘Then off with it,’ I said, somewhat brutally, I think, and suiting the action to the word, I began to drag it over her head. She drew away and arose, and squirming out of it allowed me to see all of her form, and loosing her panties at the waist she let them fall from her and stood naked before me.

I seized her by the hand and drew her down beside me and covered all of her lovely nakedness with kisses of fire, and my cock now in a state of pulsing hardness, I pushed her flat on her back and bestrode her, almost mad with pleasurable desire.

She opened her thighs wide and allowed me to lie within them, and presenting the head of my priapus at the entrance of her slit I thrust away at her, but was agreeably surprised to find that I could not even make the head of it enter; push as I might the natural dryness of my prong, together with the tightness of her orifice, made connection impossible.

‘You-will-never-never-do-it!’ she gasped, the breath driven out of her tender young body at the assaults I made upon her. ‘I-know it-I am too tight. It is a long time-a long time since I had it before!’

I determined that she was right in her surmise, and leaping to my feet I pulled the bell cord for Joseph and stood surveying her as she lay naked on the floor.

To be Continued


1. During my visit to London for studies where we had an Old Ancestral Home, I stumbled on a family treasure. Apart from other things I also found a hump of books, diaries, and notes in the treasure which contained classic, Age-old, Erotic books, Novels, and Magazines probably collected by my Ancestors. They are all timeless and precious. They are a must-read for all erotica lovers.

2. The Original Authors of these Stories/Letters or Articles are long dead or Anonymous.

3. Out of the aforesaid collection, presenting an amazing account which was first published in 1910 , titled 'The Adventures of Grace and Anna' by anonymous.

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