Varying circumstances part 2

Varying circumstances part 2

Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokemon, any characters and Pokemon there-in. You know, just to cover my ass in case. Better safe than sorry.

Author’s Note: Thanks to all the people that read the first chapter.

This chapter was a lot longer than I expected it would be. Enjoy!


‘Dear Nicholas,

It’s your sister, Julian! I sent this letter by Taillow because it was quicker, and to congratulate you on passing the Pokemon Academy! Dad says that you did horrible on the exams…’

“I didn’t do THAT bad. At least I passed..” Nicholas grumbles, continuing to read the letter that had been dropped to him almost as soon as he broke out into the sunlight from Viridian Forest, Aisha close on his heels.

‘Dad also told me that he gave you that Absol he had bred. Nice. I hear Absol are great for traveling Pokemon trainers because of their ability to sense natural disasters. I suggest keeping your Absol out of her Pokeball unless it’s a dire emergency, especially when crossing through caves and stuff! Well, write me back when you get the opportunity!

Love, Julian.

P.S. Tomorrow night is a full moon. I suggest you search out a Clefairy on Mt. Moon, since you’re probably close to that area. I know how you love rare Pokemon. Good luck!’

Nicholas’ older sister Julian was easily four years his senior, and was well into her journey. Having conquered both Kanto and Johto in only four short years, it was no surprise that she was in the upper echelon of Pokemon trainers vying for championship status in Hoenn now. Well, barring the Elite Four and current Champions, Julian was probably in the top fifty. She was certainly quite the contender.

She’d always been competitive, Nicholas recalled. Always wore her brown hair long and straight, letting it flow down her backside. She loved her hair, and would probably have let it grown down to her feet if their father hadn’t suggested she keep her hair at waist length. Much like Nicholas, Julian also shared the hazel eyes passed down through the family for many generations.

Taking a pen out from his backpack, Nicholas jots down a quick note on the back of the letter:

‘Thanks for the tip, Julian. I’ll be heading to Mt. Moon after hitting Pewter Gym, will definitely try to pick up a Clefairy while I’m in the area. How goes your journey?’

Once tying the letter back to the Taillow, Nicholas releases it, letting it soar back through the skies in the direction it came from. It was then that he realized that was Julian’s Taillow, and he glances down at Aisha with a shrug. “Guess she hasn’t had the time to evolve it yet.”


Pewter City was alive with the hustle and bustle of people going about their daily routines. The Museum, having been only recently re-opened in the past few months after renovations, is occupied by a few visitors, though many of them just travelers. The Gym and the Museum are the few buildings that stand relatively unvisited, and construction can be heard in the distance.

“Apartment buildings and things. Pewter City has begun to expand rapidly, and we get people settling down here faster than we can build.” An engineer speaks to a couple, who Nicholas can only assume intends to settle down here in Pewter City. Eavesdropping is bad, but at least it saves him the trouble of asking. “It’ll be a while yet before we’re done.”

But the real attraction for Nicholas comes from the Pewter City Gym, left unlocked for any trainers confident enough to challenge its sole occupant. That’s where he heads first, flinging the doors open and stepping inside, Aisha following closely, glancing left and right curiously. The arena, unlike the rest of the building, is made almost specifically of rock. It looks more like they built the arena around a large square patch of rock than actually built it.

“Only here a day after arriving in Viridian? Your dad wasn’t lying when he said you’d be here so soon.” Echoes a voice from across the arena. The spiky brown haired Brock steps his way up onto the area, folding his arms across his chest. “Think you’ve got enough experience with your Pokemon to beat me?”

“Well, only one way to find out.” Nicholas smirks, plucking a normal Pokeball from his waist.

“Fine then. I accept your challenge. Two Pokemon each, last Pokemon standing is the winner. Geodude, go!” Brock calls out his first Pokemon, the floating, armed rock appearing in a blaze of red light from the Pokeball, floating over the ground, defying conventional physics.

“Weedle, let’s go!” Nicholas calls forth his first Pokemon, his own, far smaller Bug-type appearing in a similar blaze of red light. The Weedle glances this way, that way, then looks across the arena towards its adversary. Then, it turns and makes its way back towards its trainer.

Nicholas rubs the back of his neck. “C’mon, Weedle. We’ve had some practice out in the forest already, so at least give it a try, okay?”

With a look of apprehension, the Weedle turns back around and heads back. “Alright, Weedle. Let’s start things out first. Poison Sting!”

A burst of purple stingers fires from the one large stinger atop the Weedle’s head, though the Geodude hardly flinches. “Let’s finish his first Pokemon off quickly. Tackle!” Brock commands, the Geodude moving at surprising speed for a rock.

“Crawl between the cracks in the rock and avoid it!” Nicholas commands, the Weedle preferring this course of action as it doesn’t hesitate to do so, squeezing in through the cracks in the rock and disappearing. The Geodude slams into the ground where the Weedle once was, rolls, and pushes itself back up to a float, looking around the arena.

“Crawl under the Geodude and pin him down to the floor with String Shot! If we can’t beat him by force, we’ll beat him by stopping him in his tracks!”

A burst of silky web-like material bursts from the cracks in the rocky floor, causing the Geodude to startle, but that moment of hesitation forces the Geodude to the floor. At first, the Geodude has no trouble ripping through the webbing, but more of it comes, faster than the Pokemon can rip out of it. Soon, the Geodude is little but a ball of webbing on the floor, moving slightly about.

“Impressive! You really do your dad proud by defeating my Geodude with just a Weedle. You win the first round by technicality.” Brock calls, returning his Geodude. The ball’s read light pierces the webbing, and recalls the Geodude, forcing the webbing to fall in on itself when its occupant is no longer there. Realizing this, the Weedle peeks its head out from the rocks, and crawls back towards Nicholas.

“Nice job. You’re stronger than you look, Weedle. Return!” In a blaze of red light, the Weedle disappears into the Pokeball. “Aisha. Go and meet his next Pokemon.” He smiles, the Absol wasting no time leaping out onto the arena, ready for her first major battle.

“Onix! Go!”

The behemoth rock snake appears in a large blaze of red light, staring down at its smaller adversary, though it seems that Aisha isn’t too put off by the size difference. “Strike first, Aisha! Faint Attack!”

Aisha disappears, only to move in closer, releasing a burst of darkness as she moves in for a fierce strike, surprisingly strong for one so much smaller. Even the Onix seems to have trouble believing the fierce strike as it tumbles to the ground, eyes wide open. “You’ve taken hits harder than this, Onix. Earthquake, now!”

“Don’t let him! Use Me First, Absol!”

Those little tricks bred into Aisha turn out to be beneficial, as the Absol leaps into the air, only to land and release shockwaves from such a gentle landing. The ground seems to ripple, and the stone around the Onix juts up, forcing the impossibly heavy Onix high into the air, only to come right back down, swirls in its eyes.

Even Nicholas has a hard time staying standing.


“Guess your dad was right not to underestimate you, but don’t think that you’ll have an easier time with Misty. I suggest you spend a lot of time training in Mt. Moon.” Brock offers, watching Nicholas put away his very first badge into the carrier designed to keep the badges safe.

“I was intending to stick around there for a few days, anyway.” Nicholas nods. “Take care.”

With first badge in hand, the next stop was the resident Pokemon Center. Leaving the Gym, Nicholas takes a moment to look down at Aisha, who gives him a content look. “You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you?” He inquires, smirking as he rubs the Absol’s head. The Pokemon Center is only moderately occupied, Pokemon trainers just beginning their journeys talking about their dreams, their expectations. Many starting Pokemon were on display, from Piplups to Bulbasaurs and Cyndaquil, many trainers from many different regions seem to come to Kanto to begin their journey.

Which kind of annoys Nicholas. He knew there were a lot of people that graduated the Academy, but it’s easy to forget that many more graduate the many schools across the world, and more still choose not to stay on their respective islands. Heading to the counter, he recalls Aisha into her Pokeball, before handing them over to the nurse.

“So, what license level do you have?” A voice inquires.

Nicholas glances over at the sound of the voice. A red-haired, green-eyed female stares right back at him. “Are you talking to me?”

“No, the guy behind you. Yes, you! I’m curious. You seem different from the younger trainers here.” And, after a short pause.. “Oh, I didn’t mean to be rude. I’m Kristina. With a K.”

“Nice to meet you, I guess. I have a bronze level license.” Nicholas offers. “Got low scores on my final exams, so I took what I could get. Academy is overrat-“

“You went to an Academy?” Kristina’s eyes widen, staring at him. “You must be really smart! Do you have your Boulder Badge yet?”


“Amazing! I’m still on my third try. My Torchic has such a tough time getting past Brock’s Onix, I just don’t know what to do..” She sighs, looking somewhat disappointed. “And you beat him on your..?”

“First try.” Nicholas is almost afraid to mention it.

“… Teach me.”


“Teach me. I want to know your secrets!” Kristina insists, moving closer to him.

“You make it sound like I’m some kind of master trainer. I just started my journey.” Nicholas murmurs. “Besides, it’s not like my education puts me ahead or anythi-“


Nicholas shakes his head, turning when he hears movement nearby, only to discover the nurse with both of his Pokeballs in tow. “I don’t have anything to teach you. You’ve got a bad match up in the first place, anyway. What else do you have?”

“Just Torchic..”

“Why not go fish yourself up a Water-type? Should be plenty of Magikarp or Goldeen in these waters..” Nicholas advises, setting one Pokeball on his belt and releasing Aisha from the other. The Absol stretches, much happier outside the Pokeball than in, looking up curiously at Kristina.

Kristina’s eyes go wide once more at the sight of the Absol. “Now I know you’re something special. You have an Absol! Those are so… rare!”

“Come on, Aisha.” Nicholas beckons to the Absol, stepping out the door. Kristina looks up only as the pair leaves, and she sighs. “My luck has to turn around soon..”


With Mt. Moon looming in the distance, it seemed that his most recent destination is only a short ways away. With the sun going down rapidly, Nicholas works at a swift pace to get his tent up before it gets too dark to see. Aisha lays in the grass at the side of the route leading into the mountains, watching her master with some amusement and curiosity, especially with how frantic he seems to be.

The tent secure to the ground and ready just in time, Nicholas tugs out his flashlight and flicks it on, double checking the tent to insure it’s been set up correctly, but just as he puts the light out, a heavy form tackles him to the ground. “Oof..! Little early for this, don’t you think, Aisha..?” He inquires, knowing its her simply by the licking at his neck and face.

Knowing it’s best not to argue with the far stronger Pokemon, Nicholas gently pushes her off of him and tugs his shirt off. A light passing breeze gives him a smell he’s familiar with by this point, his Absol’s heat. Though he can only barely make Aisha out in the moonlight, he works his pants off, anyway. “We’re out in the middle of a route, Aisha, so let’s try to make this qui-ahh..!”

Aisha seems to waste no time. If it worked on her master once before, it’s not likely to fail a second time. That slightly rough tongue laps at the steadily hardening shaft and, once hard enough, takes it into her mouth. He shivers, closing his eyes and slowly working his way to a sit, leaning back on his hands. He lets his Absol work her magic, panting softly. “I still can’t believe that we even did it the first time, and I have four more nights of this..”

Yet, this night was only just beginning.

When that warm, wet mouth stops suckling, Nicholas knows that she’s ready to be taken. The smell, normally overwhelming, is only a bit stronger as the breeze carries it away. He moves to his knees, and Aisha slowly moves her rump into the air, offering everything to her master. When he doesn’t hesitate to slide deep into her, Aisha cries in pleasure. “Absooll..!”


“Oh, it’s so dark. Why didn’t I bring a flashlight?” Kristina inquires only to her Torchic, who barely produces enough flame to let her see her immediate surroundings, and even then only for short periods of time. Though, as the breeze passes through, she can smell something different about it. She can’t quite put her finger on it, but it smells akin to watered down honey.

Kristina’s Torchic seems to take a sudden liking to it, turning off from their straight walk and towards the direction of the smell. Kristina blinks and, lowly, she speaks to her Torchic. "What are you.." She can see the tent in the distance, and as she catches up to her Torchic, she picks it up into her arms, though it struggles slightly. The moonlight makes things a little easier to see, but she can only make out two shapes moving near the tent.

Then.. “Absooll..!”

Suddenly, Kristina understands. That trainer she’d met earlier that day, the one that never bothered to give her his name, the one with the Absol… they were mating. That explains the odd smell, Torchic’s strange behavior, and the calls akin to pleasure. Turning her back to the sight, she returns Torchic to its Pokeball, and slowly moves into the trees lining the edge of the route. It would be a perfect place to get a vantage point and see what exactly was happening.


Feeling the tight, wet walls of Aisha’s cunt gripping his cock so tightly, Nicholas has to pull out of her when she cums to avoid doing so himself. He slowly moves to his knees again, but it’s only a matter of time before Aisha recovers, turning around to lick and suckle the very juices she’d used to lubricate the stiff intruder with. Nicholas groans softly at the feeling of the rough tongue again, but Aisha soon turns and offers herself to him again.

“You’re… insatiable, you know that?” Nicholas pants, to which Aisha replies with a soft, almost seductive, “Absoolll..”

Nicholas moves forward again and pulls her close, plunging his cock deep inside her once again.


Getting such a close view of the action, Kristina finds herself less disgusted by the act, and more aroused. The idea of Nicholas mating his Absol so blatantly made her wet, and she adjusted herself to sit down, but still be able to see them at least. Pushing her skirt up, she works her panties aside, and just gets right to the point. Long fingers begin to stroke her folds, running them up to that sensitive little pearl, rubbing her fingers in circles along it, just the way she loved to do it.

She couldn’t help but feel a little jealous, seeing the older trainer pound away at his Absol, trying his hardest not to moan too loudly. Each moan that escapes him causes her pussy to twitch, sending a jolt of pleasure through her body the likes of which she never thought possible. She knew that if she kept this up, she’d hit an orgasm of insane magnitudes. No matter what, though, her eyes were peeled on either Nicholas, or where Absol and trainer were joined with one another.

‘I wish it were me he were fucking…’


Both Pokemon and trainer oblivious to the female masturbating to their forbidden act, Nicholas pulls out of Aisha a second time, moving back to a sit. With a grunt of disappointment, Aisha stands and moves her rump back. Knowing she wouldn’t give up until he came, Nicholas just gave in to his Pokemon, grabbing the base of his shaft long enough for her to impale herself on him. Leaning back on his hands once more, he lets Aisha thrust down against him at an angle that seems to make her tremble with lust, releasing uncontrollable cries of pleasure.

“Oh, God..” Nicholas cries in pleasure, releasing burst after burst of thick, hot seed deep into Aisha’s womb. She cries out her name once more in pleasure, before collapsing, keeping her master buried deep inside of her at all costs. Not one to complain, Nicholas slowly lays on his back, closing his eyes and trying to catch his breath, cock twitching deep inside her as her slick walls milk him instinctively for every drop of cum he has to offer.


Hearing Nicholas cum like that sets off a fire inside Kristina, and she has to bite her bottom lip not to cry in pleasure as she cums, releasing juices into the grass, body trembling as she continues to rub herself, launching herself into multiple orgasm, which has her panting heavily. She nearly collapses when it’s all over, though, shakily making her way to a stand and moving away from the area before his Absol awakens, who would likely sniff her out and alert Nicholas to her presence.

Better safe than sorry.

Heading back the way she came, Kristina adjusts her panties and skirt, heading back to Pewter City. “I’ll just… ahh… find a Pokemon to catch in Viridian Forest..”


“Shit.” Nicholas growls, having passed out in the grass. The sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon, and his natural clock had awoken him before things got embarrassing. Unfortunately, it was all for naught, building his tent, but at least he wasn’t cold. Aisha had curled up next him all night, keeping him warm. “At least it didn’t rain. Guess I would’ve woken up if it had.” He reasons, standing up and moving to work his clothing on. “Tomorrow, I /really/ need to wash these clothes before I run out of spares..”

Aisha perks when she realizes her master has awoken, but doesn’t move until he’s gotten packed and ready to leave. Leave? Well, of course not. Rumbling stomachs demand food, and so, food was procured: normal Pokemon food for Aisha, and a sandwich he’d been stockpiling since lunch in Pewter City the previous day.

It was a brand new day, and they weren’t in a rush, Nicholas remembering the letter Julian had sent him yesterday. Full moon means lots of Clefairy, so it was time to capture one. Hopefully..

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