Reluctant Shower

Reluctant Shower

Veronica had had a long day at work. Her meeting had run long, and, as usual, last minute projects were falling into her responsibility. If she didn't enjoy the power so much, she would've quit the job a long time ago, but no one can deny the perks of her employment.

She unlocks her penthouse apartment, complete with original wooden floors, floor to ceiling windows, and a view that is well worth the real estate price. It has very little furniture, more of a modern, clean interior design that reflects her no-nonsense - almost anal - mentality. Closing the door behind her, Veronica begins to walk across her living room, the heels of her red 5 inch stilettos clicking on the wooden floor. She drops her Coach purse, and she takes off her jacket, a partner to the pinstripe pencil skirt that is hugging her sensuous curves. The top two buttons of her red silk blouse come undone with the movement, as if the fasteners are just as tired as the shirt's wearer.

Unbeknownst to her, she's being watched. Dante, a rival company's equivalent to Veronica, raises his binoculars from inside his own luxurious apartment. He knows her well, as far as the privileges of rivalry and voyeurism would allow. Despite his vigilance, he has never caught her undressed, imperfect. It is if she assumes the world is constantly watching her.

His binoculars are powerful enough to detect the open buttons baring the tempting cleavage beneath the red silk. This simple accident is enough to make his cock begin to twitch, aching for that cleavage to be completely bare. Dante's hand makes its way down into his pants, and he begins to slowly stroke his hardening dick. As if she senses and enjoys being watched, Veronica opens the rest of her shirt, revealing a bra of black lace beneath the red silk fabric. The show is too much for Dante, who immediately puts down the binoculars, and makes his way to the elevator and across the street.

He has to have her, and he has to have her now.

Having unknowingly giving Dante inspiration to visit her apartment, Veronica walks into her bedroom suite, a room of obvious care and intention. The walls are dark red, almost the color of her shirt, with a four poster sleigh bed in the center of the room. Wine colored silk sheets adorn the bed, the place where Veronica is looking to quickly retire to after preparing for sleep. She walks to a bar located on the left side of the room, quickly making herself a Caribbean Champagne dessert drink: rum, champagne, and a touch of creme de banana to ease the tension of the day away and lull her away.

Holding onto her cocktail, she walks across the room to her closet. Veronica takes a sip of her drink, and she begins to shuffle through her lingerie and nightgowns for something to wear to bed. As she plays with the silk and lace, Dante opens her front door, letting himself into her apartment. Thanks to his 'connections' at his job, nothing is off-limits, including quasi-illegal skills such as lock picking.

Dante suspects she's in the bedroom, so he quietly and quickly makes his way into the room. Her plush carpet softens his footsteps as he enters, able to move comfortably despite wearing a dark blue, button down shirt and dark grey suit pants.

She finally makes her selection and exits the closet, placing her drink on the nightstand. He hides on the other side of the bed, heart pounding, as she enters the bathroom. Dante walks over to the nightstand, and he finishes her drink for some liquid courage. As he is setting the glass down, he hears her heels click on the tile as she turns to exit the bathroom. He leaps over the bed, back into his hiding spot, nearly caught.

Having placed the creme silk nightgown in the bathroom, Veronica returns to retrieve her drink. She is surprised to find it empty, and she ignores the gut instinct that she did not finish her drink that quickly. Instead, she turns around and unzips her pencil skirt. Dante's heart is now in his throat as she reveals a pair of black mesh and lace boyshorts, contrasting beautifully with the red silk shirt, which she removes next. She then walks into the bathroom, the light shining down onto her dark hair and tan skin and removes her bra, her bare back covered in her long dark brown hair and barely covered ass the only thing Dante can see.

The bulge in Dante's pants has begun to throb impatiently, ready to take the unknowing temptress. He notices a silk cord, holding back the curtains on her bed. Taking the cord, he moves to stand by the doorway as she bends over to remove her panties. Dante nearly cums as he stares at her completely smooth, pink pussy. She then turns the shower on, practically a large granite closet with glass doors, and finally kicks off her heels.

When Veronica enters the shower, Dante makes his move. She's facing away from him, unaware of her admirer. He watches as she slowly begins to wash her body, caressing her breasts, abs, and even her ass. She stands under the water, allowing it to wash the stress and tension away as he quickly disrobes and enters the shower with the silk cord from her bed.

Thanks to the water, Veronica is caught completely unawares. Dante slips the cord, surprisingly gently around her neck and pushes his body into hers and the cold granite wall in front of her. She gasps, feeling his hard dick press into her ass cheeks, knowing he's going to take whatever he wants. Using the cord as if it were reins on a wild horse, Dante slides his cock between her ass cheeks, loving the smooth skin surrounding his hard-on. Her fingernails try to bite into the granite as Veronica tries to ignore the pleasure building in her body. Instead, her body betrays her, and she leans forward slightly, allowing the head of his dick to slid along her pussy lips.

Dante slides his shaft back and forth between her legs, teasing Veronica's dripping cunt. Using the cord, he pulls her to the floor on her knees, his dick as level with her red lips.

"Suck me," he demands.

Veronica hesitates, earning a pull on the makeshift leash. She teases his dickhead, gently kissing it, only allowing the tip of her tongue to touch his aching cock. He gets impatient and pushes her mouth onto his dick. She nearly gags, only encouraging him to push harder, trying to fuck her face. She should be disgusted, but instead she begins to play with herself, enjoying the rough treatment. Her resulting moans vibrate his dick, sending him near the edge. Her hard nipples are brushing against his legs as her lips and tongue suck him towards orgasm. She pulls away for a moment, only to lick and suck each ball gently before he thrusts his hard cock back into the warm depths of her mouth. He can no longer resist her talent, and he finally cums, spilling his load deep into her throat. She swallows and then tries to pull away, as if his orgasm made her realize what is happening.

Dante pulls her to her feet, tying her hands to the shower head. As the water beats down onto his head, he sucks her hard nipples, as if to punish them for helping push him towards his orgasm. She moans, unable to resist what he's doing to her body. Veronica's moans get louder and more desperate as Dante makes his way down her body, planting wet kisses on her moist skin, licking and nipping a path towards her pussy.

She spreads her legs, eager for his tongue to find her cunt; he teases her, only kissing the crease between her inner thigh and her pussy, licking and blowing cool air to earn a whimper that single handedly revived his dick. His tongue slowly makes its way from the bottom to the top of her slit, earning Dante a deep groan from Veronica.

He does it again, this time even slower. She's struggling against the silk cord, thrusting her hips forward in hopes she will better reach his tongue. He slips his tongue into her pussy, a scream of pleasure ringing in his ears. She begins to beg - his tongue simply staying in her pussy - for him to tongue fuck her. He slowly pulls out, and Veronica wraps her legs around his neck to keep him close. He decides he's tortured her enough, so he begins to lick her pussy lips, each one from bottom to top, then a nice slow lick up the middle of her slit. She's panting, unable to even form words to encourage him. He finds her pussy hole again, and begins to slowly tongue fuck her. She arches her back, desperate to cum. He begins to lick and suck her clit, while fingering her juicy cunt. It's too much for Veronica. She cums hard, her toes and fingers curling as her juice coats his lips and tongue.

He picks up her legs, keeping her tied to the showerhead and thrusts into her pussy. She's tight, far tighter than he imagined, and he has to wait a moment to avoid cumming quickly. She wraps her legs around his waist, as he supports her weight by grabbing her beautiful ass. He fucks her hard and fast, smacking their bodies into the granite. Her sensitive clit betrays her, and she cums again, the contractions of her pussy pulsing around his dick.

He turns her around and enters her again, fucking her from behind. She moans louder, obviously enjoying the new position. He can barely hold back his cum as she moans, whimpering and clawing at her bonds.

On one thrust, he pulls out a little to far. She lets out a moan of protest, and he gets an idea. He sticks two fingers into her cunt, much to her pleasure, and fingers her quickly to coat them. Dante then begins to run them around her puckered asshole. He feels Veronica's body tense, knowing she doesn't want him to do what he's thinking about. It only fuels him more, and he pushes his fingers into her. She screams, pulling at her bonds, trying to get away from him. She begs him not to, so he kisses her neck, realizing she's not going to give in easily.

To appease her, he begins to fuck her pussy again, while working her ass gently with his fingers. She begins to loosen up, moaning in rhythm to his fingers. He begins to pump harder, his dick and fingers moving in unison. Veronica's panting, whimpering, begging him to go faster. He obliges, his dick loving the pressure of her tight cunt. As she nears cumming, he pulls out and pushes one time into her tight ass. Veronica screams, but Dante covers her mouth with his left hand, his right now focused on fingering her clit and cunt. He thrusts quickly, the idea of her tight ass gripping his dick fueling his frenzied fucking. She begins to cum, moaning and screaming against his palm as her pussy muscles clench his fingers. He cums as well, filling her as he thrusts his final time.

The pleasure is too much for Veronica, and she passes out, her arms pulled tight on the silken cord. Dante gently unties her, and he pulls her from the shower. Drying her body, he then places her in bed. He returns to the bathroom to retrieve his clothes and the silk cord.

He then borrows a pen and a piece of paper, and he quickly writes a note. He then leaves her penthouse, completely satiated.

Veronica wakes up the next morning, slightly sore thanks to her thorough fucking, but completely turned on at the thought of doing it again.

Dante's note only serves to turn her on more, ready for another day:

"Hope you enjoyed the experience despite the surprises. Took the cord home with me. I think I'll return soon to use it again. -D"

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