The Last White Hope(Chapter 1)

The Last White Hope(Chapter 1)

This a fictional story about becoming President of our country. It sort of parallels our history and time line.

Chapter one is about developing the main character

Some background information on me before I get too far into the story.

My name is Stewart Thomas Whitteman. I go by my middle name, and everyone calls me Tom. I hate the name Stewart. It was my mother’s favorite uncle’s name. I was born on May 5, 1955. I am 6' 2" tall, weight 210 pounds, have brown hair and eyes. I work out regularly, keeping myself in good shape. I lived in Kalamazoo Michigan. I went to school there, and onto college at Western Michigan, which is in Kalamazoo. I got a degree in Business Management. Our family has a small general contracting company. We do a lot of work at the college, working for the larger general contractors, doing work on remodeling building interiors. I plan on working for the company. I would make me the third generation to be involved with the business.

Not a whole lot of excitement happened in my life. It was quite routine and boring. I married my high school sweetheart, and we had one daughter. Got divorced within a couple of years, and in a year or so after the divorce she was killed in a car crash. I then got custody of my daughter. A few years after my first wife died, I married Joyce, she was six years older than I. She had three children and we had one together, giving us a total of five children. Our youngest was a boy called Thomas Stewart Whitteman. I was living the life of an average middle class American citizen.

It was Thursday, the last day of March. The year was 2005. I would be turning 50 in a couple of months. Our financial year ends today, and I was sitting in my office chatting with dad about how the year went, when a man walks into the office dressed in a suit and tie.

“I am here to see Stewart Thomas Whitteman.” He stated.

“I am Stewart, but please call me Tom, won’t you have a seat.” I replied to him, as I introduced my dad to him, as dad was getting up to leave.

“Why don’t you stay Mr. Whitteman, and listen to what I have to say, so I won’t have to repeat myself twice?” He said to dad.

“I am Jordan Johnson, of the law firm of Johnson, Meyers, and Johnson.” He introduced himself, as he handed both dad and me his business card.

“It seemed back in the depression. Your grandfather lent a considerable sum of money to a young man to help him keep his business going in Florida. That man died and his son took over. The son has just recently passed away, and leaves no immediate heirs to the estate. You Stewart are mentioned in the will. The reading of the will is Monday, April 4. “ he said, as he finished with his story.

Shit I was wondering if this was some kind of an April fool’s joke, being played on me.

“Where is the will being read, and what time?” I asked him.

“At our law office, in Miami Florida, at 10:00 a.m.” He replied to my question.

“Why don’t you check my story out? I have some things to do today, and I am staying at the Holiday Inn Hotel. Give me a call on my cell phone, it is on my business card, before I leave tomorrow late morning.” He said to both of us.

After he left, dad and I discussed what he said in length. I decided to call the company attorney, and have him checked out this story.

“Ya Rich, this is Tom, do you have a few minutes?” I asked him. I explained what had happen, and faxed over the business card of Mr. Johnson.

“I will check this out right away for you, and let you know just what I find out.” He replied to me.

A few hours later Rich calls me back.

“Everything appears as what it is, Mr. Johnson law firm is top notch, and so is he, they do have that client he referred to. If I were you, I would go down for the reading. What do you have to lose?” He said to me. We talked alittle more about it, and said our goodbyes.

I called the airlines and made a reservation for Sunday afternoon. I will take the puddle jumper to O”hare, and United to Miami. The same for coming back on Tuesday afternoon.

I called Mr. Johnson on his cell. “Hi Mr. Johnson, this is Tom Whitteman. I have made flight arrangements to fly to Miami Sunday afternoon.” I told him.

“Good Good, I will get you a hotel room. I will have someone meet you at the airport, and take you to your room. We will have that same person pick you up Monday morning, and take you to our law office.” He said. We talked alittle bit longer, and said our goodbyes.

The flights were good and on time, I got into Miami around 5:00 p.m. There was a very pretty young lady there to meet me. “Hi my name is Lynn, and I work for Mr. Johnson at the law firm.” She said to me. By the time we got out of the airport, and to the hotel is was close to 6:00 p.m.

She dropped me off at my hotel. “I will meet you here in front of the hotel at 9:30 a.m. Monday morning.” She said to me with a very dazzling smile.

“Thanks for the ride. I could use some company for dinner if you are interested?” I asked her with a grin on my face.

“Thanks, but I need to get home, I have some things that I need to take care of.” She replied back to me.

“Ok then I will see you in the morning, and again thanks for the ride.” I said back to her.

I went up to my room and took a shower to wash the trip off me. While in the shower, I jacked off to thoughts of Lynn sucking my cock. I changed clothes and took the elevator down to the lobby. I walked into the bar to get a drink and maybe a sandwich. I was looking around the bar, and then up to the TV to see what was on, when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned and looked right into the smiling face of Lynn, the girl who drove me here.

“Mind if I join you for a drink?” She asked me with that same dazzling smile, which seem to light up the bar.

I leaped up and grabbed a chair holding it for her and just nodded to it. I tried to speak, but my tongue was stuck in my throat. Let me try and explain just how beautiful she looks. She had on a navy color woman’s business suit. The jacket was open exposing a white blouse, with the top two buttons were undone, showing some of her cleavage. She had bright blue eyes, and honey blonde hair. She is about 5'3", maybe 100-110 pounds, with a nice figure, probably 34C-24-34. All that was missing were her angel wings.

The waitress came, and we gave her our orders. Lynn order a glass of wine, a house salad, and a club sandwich. I ordered a beer, to go with the house special hamburger, and fries. The drinks came and we toasted each other, and took a drink. We talked about our lives, while we waited for our food to arrive.

She told me about herself. She was 25, and just out of college. She works at the law firm, as a clerk/legal assistant. She is not in any serious relationship right now, because she wants to concentrate on getting her law degree. I told her about my job and family, showed her some pictures of the kids. We chatted some more, and soon our food arrived, and we dug in with gusto. She had two glasses of wine to my one bottle of beer. She was giggling a lot more, and it seems like a third button was undone on her blouse, when she came back from the bathroom.

Although I have never cheated on my wife, I have had sex with other women, as my wife is bisexual, and likes to have a third woman join us from time to time. Usually she sets this up at a hotel with different friends. Then tells me to show up at a certain time, making sure that I have a key to the room.

As I helped Lynn up from her chair, she suggested we go up to my room. All I could see were two-thirds of her tits, and my mind was in a fog. We got into the elevator. We kissed, and I played with her tits as elevator went up to my floor. When we got to my floor, I had her tits hanging out of her bra. She covered up with her jacket, as we walked to my room.

As soon as I had the door closed and locked, clothes were flying everywhere. We ripped the covers off the bed and climbed aboard, with our lips locked together. She was a wild one, who loves pain with her sex. For a professional woman, she is a nasty talker during sex.

I was not sure, but she had her tongue so deep in my mouth, I think that she may have hit my Adam’s apple. While we were in a deep and passionate kiss, my hands were massaging her boobs. I gently pinched her nipples. She has the nicest tits, her areolas were the perfect size, and her nipples stood out proud and plump.

“Do that fucking harder.” She cooed into my ear.

I squeezed her tits so hard, you could see my finger tips marks on her breast. I twisted her nipples so severe. I was sure she was going to cry out in pain.

“OOOOhhhh shit, that feels so fucking good.” She moaned into my mouth as she kissed me again.

I moved my head down to her tits, and feasted on those delicious nipples. My hand move straight to her pussy, and I inserted a finger into her dripping wet cunt.

“Oh yessss rub right there, do it harder, suck on my tits, suck the milk right the fuck out of them, bite them, rub harder, make me fucking cum.” She shrieked at me.

I gave her love bites over both of her breast, and a few hickie marks. I licked her nipples and the bumps on her areolas, I bit her nipple so hard, I though for a second I bit it right off. I had her screaming and wailing in pain and pleasure.

I spun her around and I kneeled on the floor by the edge of the bed and I stuck my face right into her dripping wet pussy, and started to eat her out.

“Yes lick my hot pussy, lick it right there, making me cum you fucking bastard.” She shouted at me, as her body starting to shake from an orgasm.

I popped up and flipped her over. “Are you ready for my cock now you bitch?” I asked her with a growl in my voice.

“OHHH yea fuck my pussy, with your big fucking cock.” She groaned at me.

I slammed my cock deep into her soaking wet cunt. I savagely pounded away at her fuck hole. I fucked her fast and hard for a few minutes, as her love juices flowed all over my shaft.

“How about it bitch, you want to feel this cock up your ass?” I barked at her.

She just grunted back at me.

I took my cock out of her pussy and rubbed it over her star hole, to lube it up with her cum juices. Slowly I started to shove my cock into her anal hole. She fought me for a little bit, but soon she just relaxed, and I slide right into her up to my nuts.

I paused for a moment, to let her get used to the invasion of my cock into her ass hole. Then I started to fuck her ass. As I slammed my cock deep into her ass, I would give her ass cheeks a couple of good slaps. You could see my hand prints on her cheeks from the hard slaps that I gave her.

I had her wailing and swearing into the pillow.

“Fuck my ass, slap my cheeks, O goddam I going to cum, shit fuck me harder you son of a bitch.” She screamed at me.

I could feel her whole body tighten up and she began to shake as a massive orgasm wracked through her, as I filled her ass hole with a load of my white hot cum juice. She collapsed in a heap on the bed. As my cock slides out of her ass, she laid their quivering with my cum leaking out of her anal hole. I grabbed her and hauled up into bed with me.

“You rotten mother fucker my tits hurt from where you bit them, and my pussy is fucking sore from the pounding, and my raped ass hole hurts a whole fucking bunch, you are one goddam mean fucking bastard. My god I have never cumed so hard in my life. What a good fucking lover you are.” She said shrilly to me, as she curled up in my arms and fell right to sleep.

I dreamed of her all night long, and in the morning I dreamed that she was giving me a blow job.
I opened my eyes and realized it was not a dream, she was down at the end of the bed, sucking me off. I laid back and enjoyed the blow job, as she had me buried deep into her throat. I could feel my nuts start to boil and my cum was shooting up my volcano shaft into her waiting mouth. She sucked me dry. Then she crawled up to me, and gave me a kiss, sharing some of my cum with me.

She rolled off me and got dressed while I laid there watching her. Wow how erotic it is to watch, as a naked woman gets dressed.

“Thank you I needed that, you are a good fuck, and you have a nice cock(it is 7" long, 2 ½" thick).” She said to me as she finished dressing.

“I am going to go home to shower and change, I will be back here at 9:30 a.m. to pick you up for the reading of the will.” She said to me, as she gave me a quick kiss and flew out the door.

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