In The Family (Part 5)_(1)

In The Family (Part 5)_(1)

"Do you want some company?" Cam popped her head in the shower. I looked at her through squinted eyes as I pulled back my wet hair from my eyes.

"Sleeping beauty is finally up." I teased. She let out a small laugh and opened the glass door.

"You need to loose the towel you know." I said, eyeing the towel she was clutching so tightly to her body. She stepped inside and threw her towel on the floor outside. It was all steamy inside the shower so I couldn't really see her clearly, but I could see her.

"Mom and dad are still not up?"

"I don't think so." She said and picked up a shampoo bottle. "Why aren't you taking a bath?"

"Because I felt like taking a shower." I said, and pulled her close to me by her waist.

"Can you shampoo my hair?"

"Sure." I said and she turned around, her back facing me. I am a few inches taller than her so it was easy to shampoo her hair. I squirted some shampoo on my hand and started applying it on her hair. After a few minutes I was massaging her head softly.

She was standing with her head thrown back, just missing the shower stream. I looked down at her body. My dick was slightly in contact with her ass but it was nothing sexual. Yet.

I pulled her back a little to rinse the shampoo off her hair, which brought her whole body in contact with mine. She let out a low gasp when I bit her earlobe teasingly. I let my hands roam down her shoulders, then her hands. It was like I was washing her, just without the soap. I let my hands roam on her back and then I cupped her breasts from behind. Her nipples were erect and I pulled them with my forefinger and thumb.

I was sucking on her neck, when I felt her hands on my waist. She tried reaching out for my dick but I took both her hands and planted them on the wall. She leaned down on the wall a bit, her ass was now pressing against my dick. I started the shower nuzzles, two of them shot water right at her nipples and she let out a low moan. One was shooting water on her stomach. A few were behind me, shooting water on my back and shoulders. I let my hands roam down her back and slipped my right hand between her pussy lips, massaging them and her inner thighs simultaneously. She started moving along with my hand.

I kept massaging her pussy kips, teasing her. "Mike please." She moaned and moved her hips against my stomach. I realised that she was standing kind of on her toes, otherwise my now hardening dick and her pussy would be in direct contact. I ignored her pleas and kept massaging her pussy lips and inner thighs.

"Mike. Please." She let out. It was more of a command now. I still ignored her.

"Mike, dammit! Stop teasing me." She let out angrily. She put her hand on mine and put my finger on her clit.

I chuckled and kissed her shoulders, and started working on her clit. She was so wet that I slipped two fingers inside her easily. I started moving my fingers inside her and when she started moaning I knew I had hit her spot. I kept moving my fingers and rubbing on her clit, maintaining a rythm, moving slowly.

I didn't increase my pace this time, taking it slow. She started moving her hips.

"Mike." She looked back at me. I leaned forward and kissed her on her lips. She turned around, pulling her leg up and crossing my arm so I wouldn't have to take my fingers out of her and then pulled me in violently, her breasts crushing on my chest. I felt her tongue move in my mouth and her hands pulled at my hair.

"Are you going to make me cum or what?" She said and bit my lip.

"Wow. From shy to demanding, I like it." I grinned while she gave me a very serious look.

"Mike. Please." She pouted and pulled me closer if that was possible.

"Hey, what! No emotional tochur, sis!" I said and she pulled her puppy face. I gulped.

Fuck. I'm hooked. I'm fucking hooked. "Damn you." I whispered before I started kissing her. I slipped my fingers out of her and she looked at me confused.

I pulled her up by the waist, pushing her against the glass wall, and thrust into her. She gasped and I felt her legs close around my waist. I was fully inside her and I waited for one second before pulling out almost completely and thrusting again inside her.

This position allowed me to hit her spot every time. We were as close as we could be. Her mouth opened and she sucked in air every time I thrust inside her. I close my mouth over hers and kiss her. Tongues and all.

"Ugh, ugh, ughn Mike..ugh" she started to moan louder when I increased my pace. "Oh god Mike I'm going to..ahh!" I hit harder and she shut her eyes close.

"I'm going to cum too!" Soon I fel hot liquid pouring down my dick and then I started to cum too. I put my weight on my hands, pressing them on the glass. I feelt Cam's leg slide down my butt and she stood up holding me. We stayed like that for a few minutes, standing under the pouring water.

The water started turning cold and I stepped back a little. Cam looked at me, her cheeks pink. I turned off the shower and offered Cam a towel, picking up one for me as well. She put the towel on her shoulder and picked up the shower head, directing it straight to her pussy. I look down to see that her inner thighs were dripping with cum.

I keep staring at her pussy, watching her wash off the cum. I don't know what happened, I just couldn't take my eyes off.

"Stop staring!" She pointed the shower head straight at my face and splashed it with water.

"Aah!! Sorry sorry!" I stepped out of the shower laughing.

"You're such a jerk!" She said and came out, wrapping herself in the towel.

"The jerk you like to fuck." I said with a sly grin and she rolled her eyes, but I didn't miss her smile. She brushed past me and went into the room. Our bags were still kept in the corner of the room, unpacked. She bent down to open her bag and took out some clothes, and I did the same.

She was facing away from me when she dropped her towel and slipped in her panty. But I did get that spectacular view of her ass. Next she bent sideways to pick up her bra from the bed and I got the slight view of her breast. I kept looking at her while she hooked her bra and then she suddenly turned around.

I immediately looked at the shirt in my hand, embarrassed. "Oh God Mike you're such a jerk!" She said, and threw her shirt at me. "Hey! I like looking at you." I smiled. She shook her head and let out a chuckle. Slipping on some yoga pants that did everything to enhance her long beautiful legs and her ass, she walked towards me, but just to pick up her shirt.

"Do you think mom and dad are up? " she asked and I quickly got into my clothes, starting to feel a little cold.

"I don't know. What time is it?"

"Three. Wow, we slept a lot." She walked towards the door and unlocked it, opening it wide open.

"Their door is still locked." She said and plopped on the couch.

"Hey, get up!" I said and pulled her hand.

"What?" She gave me a confused look.

"Let's do something. God you people are so boring. Mom and dad are still sleeping and you are so boring."

"I'm not boring! We have a whole week here, what are we going to do? Isn't it kind of stupid? I mean, why the whole week?" She said and scrunched up her nose. Well, it was kind of stupid to stay here in a lake house for a week. But I guess everyone needed to relax, and this place is perfect. It's far from the city, so it might seem a little boring.

"We have a game room! And you have me, sooo.." I stretched the word and shrugged. She rolled her eyes. "And you're so boring." She said.

"Oh really?" I said, leaning in towards her, pressing both my hands on either side of her, my face now just inches away from hers. She bit her bottom lip and gulped. I moved in closer and brushed her lips with mine.

Just then there was the sound of a lock clicking and I quickly moved away. The door of the other room opened and mom stepped out, now dressed in a white robe. I felt my heart miss a beat when I saw that the robe was practically half open above her waist, giving me a good view of her cleavage. On seeing us she quickly pulled her robe together, and I looked away, embarrassed that she caught me or something.

But I wasn't staring, it was just a one second thing. "I didn't think you guys would be up." She said.

"Oh, up and showered. And hungry." I said. She moved towards the kitchen. "Yeah, I was going to make something to eat. Let's see what we have here." She said opening the fridge and peering in. She started taking out some stuff and seemed pretty normal, so I guess the half breast thingy wasn't anything to worry about. I turned to look at Cam.

"That was close." She whispered and got up.

"I know." I sighed.

"So, uh, do you wanna play?" She asked.

"The pac man game." I smiled. I stepped one step back, slowly. "Whoever reaches first." As soon as I said that we both ran towards the game room. It was at the other end of the house, and the house is quite big. I reached first and sat on the chair in front of the machine, Cam lost just by two seconds.

"Better luck next time." I said and started the game.

"You cheated." She huffed.

"I never cheat." I grinned.

"That's what cheaters say."

I stuck out my tongue at her and started playing. I am really good at pac man so she'd have to do a lot of waiting for her turn. Soon I was engrossed in the game and I think I had been playing just for five minutes when Cam started whining for her turn.

It was actually cute, I mean she's always cute.

"Oh come on!" She said and stomped her feet. "Mike, let me play now."

"Oh no little sis, you gotta wait." I smirked not taking my eyes off the screen, not because I was trying to concentrate on the game, but because I was trying to avoid looking at her when she would make her puppy face. And I know she would make it.

I could sense her pouting from here but I continued playing, ignoring the strong urge to look at her and do something about her pout.

"Mike." Her voice was low and pleading. "Na aa aa." I said and shook my head, closing my eyes.

I just didn't have to look at her, no looking. Before I could open my eyes I felt her hand on my shoulder and then she pulled me. Then I felt the soft yet strong crush of her lips against mine. Her hands pulled me to her by my neck, her lips moving on mine. I felt her tongue on my lower lip, and then it entered my mouth. I groaned and let go of the controls. My hands moved to her back and then she pulled me again, making me stand up.

I had to bend my head to kiss her now, and she twisted, but I didn't notice that. I had to lower a great deal to continue kissing her. She bit my lip and tugged it, then let go of me and smiled. A sly one.

I realized that she was now sitting on the chair and in no time she started playing.

"That's not fair!" I said.

"It is." She grinned.

"You know I could just pull you off the chair?" I stated the obvious. "You might be almost as strong as me when we wrestle but you weigh as light as a feather." I said and shrugged. She ignored me and kept playing.

"Cam." I said slowly and wiggled my fingers, slowly moving them towards her.

"If you touch me I'll kill you." She said with a glance at me. I sighed and went to stand behind her.

"Just one level." I said.





"Fuck you."

"Okay." I pulled her by her waist so quick that she didn't have the time to react, and my lips were pressed against hers. It was kind of an awkward position, her back was still pressed to my chest and I was leaning in to kiss her. If I moved in front she would probably fall.

"Damn you." She whispered between the kisses, and turned around in her chair to face me.

"But I'm..not get..getting up." She said while I kept on kissing her with an increasing hunger. Just then we heard mom.

"Kids! Lunch!"

We quickly moved apart and looked at the door, no one was there.

"Holy shit." Cam whispered.

"We've got to be careful." I said and looked at her. Her face was flushed and her lips were a little swollen. She moved her fingers through her hair and breathed a few times before asking me, "Do I look okay?"

"Um, except your extremely flushed face and swollen lips? Everything's great." I said.

"You go first." She said and I agreed.

I walked up to the kitchen, but mom told me to go wake up dad so I went to her room. The first thing that I noticed when I entered their room was a discarded bra, lying on the sofa. A pair of panties fallen right next to the foot of the sofa, and then a few other clothes scattered here and there. I looked around the room, and there were no sign of any clothes anywhere else. All the clothes on the sofa seemed to be log to mom, so I hoped that dad was not sleeping naked.

The sheets covered his body below his abdomen, so I just decided to poke his shoulder once. "Dad. Wake up."

Okay, awkward. I can't remember waking up dad before. Poking him again, I called out louder this time. "Dad."

His eyes fluttered open and he likes at me with his squinted eyes. "Huh?"

"Mom has prepared lunch."

"Oh..yeah okay " he muttered, and I nodded and went out. Not before glancing at mom's discard lace undies for one last time.


The Hales had a very good, and an extensive collection of movies.

Needless to say, me and Cammi were busy watching Insidious, after about half an hour of discussion over which movie to watch.

We watch horror flicks all the time, and we remember Insidious by heart. Never gets old, though.

It was almost one in the night, and my head started to throb a bit. We had been playing video games all day, and then we had been watching movies.

I was just about to tell Cammi that we should stop watching movies and go to bed, when the doorbell rang.

Cammi and I stated at each other in utter confusion, glancing at the door at the same time.

Living somewhere which isn't even our pace, we weren't expecting anyone. And surely not at one at night. I was about to go and knock on mom's door when she emerged from her room on her own, walking over the main door.

"Kids, you're still awake." She glanced at us.

"Mom, who's there?" I asked her.

She went towards the door with all the ease in the world, as if opening the door for a stranger at a strange place in the middle of the night was completely normal and safe.

"Mom?" My voice half died when she unlocked the door and flung it open, only to reveal a very familiar and unexpected face.

"Ashley!" Lucas, my mom's brother exclaimed and pulled her in for a hug.
"Ah, finally!" My moms voice was muffled by Lucas's chest, as he almost pulled her off the ground, still hugging her.

While my mom seemed completely happy, embracing her brother like he was going to die the next second, me and Cammi shared a mutual look of worry at the arrival of this unexpected guest.

Soo, it's been long, eh? Well, what do you think about Lucas? And, positive and critical comments appreciated!

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