Hawaiian Sunset

Hawaiian Sunset

Intro: This story has very little sex in it. It is more of a romance story. So if that thought dismays you it would be best to close and go on to another story. I have written a number of stories typical for this site and wanted to write something a bit different.

Chapter 1

I glanced out the window towards the beach. The green grass sloped away from the house for a hundred feet or so, to be taken over by the sandy beach. It was a calm day and the waves gently ran up the sand before sliding back into the ocean only to be pushed back up again by the next wave. The sun was still above the horizon. It was almost time, she would be coming by soon.

I filled a glass with ice water and walked out onto the patio. It was very warm tonight and the sky was clear with just a few clouds in the distant sky. I had put two chairs out in the middle of the yard overlooking the beach earlier in the day and that was where I was heading now. The first time I had noticed her was four days ago. Each evening she would jog by on the beach and then a half an hour or so later she would walk back by stopping every few feet to watch the sunset. I had hoped she would look my way and perhaps stop and talk for a while, but so far her attention was all for the sunsets.

I sat in the chair and took a sip of the cool water. I was wearing just a pair of shorts and sandals. A light breeze was coming off the ocean; just barely noticeable on my skin. I had just got comfortable when she appeared on my left, jogging on the beach. She was Asian, Chinese I thought, though I wasn’t sure from this distance. Her dark hair was tied up in a ponytail while she ran and I watched as it bounced from side to side as she ran. When she came back I knew it would be let down to fall to her shoulders.

I watched as her steady stride was quickly taking her past me. My hand was restless on the arm of my chair; waiting for her to glance my way so I could wave to her. Her figure was slender but very fit. I was close enough to see how beautiful she was. It took just a few seconds for her to pass me and move out of sight; never looking my way.

I took another sip of water and waited. She would be back; the sun would be setting soon. As I waited I wondered where she had come from. I had lived here for almost ten years and had never seen her before. Was she a tourist? Was she visiting a friend here on the beach? Was the friend a male? Was she already taken before I even had a chance to meet her? She had been here for at least four days. Would she be leaving soon? Was it already too late?

The sun dropped lower and another beautiful Hawaiian sunset was in the making. I watched as the sun dipped low enough to turn the bottom of the few clouds in the sky a beautiful purple with shades of orange and red as it began to drop into the ocean.

I had been watching the sunset for several minutes and had not noticed she had returned. Just as the sun disappeared into the ocean I saw her out of the corner of my eye. A slight movement of her head gave me the impression she had been watching me but as I raised my hand to wave she was clearly looking at the ocean and gave no indication she saw me. I lowered my hand to my side; disappointed I didn’t get her attention.

I watched her as she stood there watching the waves wash onto the beach. Her legs looked trim in her white shorts; trim from the jogging. She had a small tight butt and from the slight angle she stood at to me I had a good look at her profile. Her breasts were small but they looked perfect for her figure and stature; she looked to be about five foot two or three.

I had screwed up my courage and was about to call out to her when she took a step and one again began jogging away from me. She had only taken a few steps when she fell to the sand clutching at her calf. She was stretching, trying to grab her foot when I realized she had a cramp. I jumped out of my chair and rushed down to help her. I knelt down on the sand and took her foot in my hands and pushed on the bottom of her feet and toes to get the foot back at the angle it belonged and stretch the calf muscle to relieve the cramp.

Once her foot was okay I began lightly working on her calf muscle trying to relieve the pain; running my hands from her heel up to her knee and then back down. I looked up to see her leaning back on her elbows, watching me; her face giving me no clue as to what she was thinking. This was the first time I had seen her close. I was right; she was beautiful. Her eyes had a humorous look in them; a sparkle that I liked. She wasn’t laughing at me or even smiling, but it seemed like she was amused by the situation.

Her skin felt so nice beneath my fingers. I didn’t want the moment to pass. She still hadn’t said anything so I finally asked, “Are you okay”? She started to open her mouth but then closed it and didn’t say anything, just cocked her head a bit to the side. Did she speak English? “My name is Paul. What’s your name”? She just looked at me and did not reply.

Deciding to be brave, I made a quick decision. I lowered her leg to the sand and moved around to her side and got down on one knee. I slipped one arm under her knees and the other around her back and stood up. She felt so light in my arms. As I stood she put her arms around my neck. She didn’t say anything but I could see a question on her face.

I turned with her in my arms and kind of pointed with my chin towards my beach house and the two chairs out on the lawn. “I’m just going to take you over there so you can sit down for a few minutes until you feel better”. She still didn’t say anything so I began walking through the sand towards the chairs.

As I walked across the grass I wondered how I could communicate with her. I wanted to know her better. But short of hiring an interpreter how could I even ask her to dinner? As I carried her she continued looking at me and not talking. I felt myself getting lost looking into her eyes. I was so taken with her I almost walked right past the chairs.

I carefully lowered her into one of the chairs. She took the ice water I offered and took a sip. I turned the other chair slightly towards her so I could see her and sat down. We both sat there as it slowly darkened, watching the waves, and sipping the ice water. When I thought she wasn’t looking I would turn to look at her. I don’t know if I had ever been this close to someone so beautiful. Was she married? There was no ring on her finger but that didn’t necessarily mean anything. Was there a boyfriend back in the house she came from or back in China, or where ever she is from?

She finally turned to look at the house. The side facing the ocean was all glass. Each panel was a sliding glass section that could be opened to let the ocean breezes in. On one side of the house was an indoor swimming pool. Redundant with the ocean right there but it was nice to sometimes swim without the saltwater. It was also nice to sit in the Jacuzzi and watch the sunsets. Just thinking about that led me to think of sitting in the water with her by my side.

Then she pointed at the house but did not say anything. Why bother I thought. I wouldn’t understand what she said anyway. I looked back at the house. I pointed at the house and then at myself. I said, “It’s my house”. After I said it I realized how loud I was talking. Softer, I repeated myself; “It’s my house”.

That wasn’t it though. She pointed at the chair she was sitting in and then pointed back at the house. Oh, I finally got it. “No, there is no one else. I live alone; Just me”. How do I get this across? I kind of shook my finger at the second chair and pointed at myself, my chair and then at the house again. I thought she might have understood. She nodded her head and then looked back at the ocean.

Much sooner than I was prepared for, she stood up, gave me a little nod to me and then began easily jogging across the grass. She certainly was a fast healer. She was onto the sand before I remembered, “What is your name”? Seconds later without answering, she had moved around the rocks at the far end of the beach and was gone.

Chapter 2

The next day I drove all around my neighborhood trying for a glimpse of her; hoping I could find what house she was staying at but without success. Then I puttered around all day waiting for evening to arrive. About an hour before the time she would usually jog by, the rain started. Usually when it rains this time of year we get a quick shower for a few minutes but this time it got harder and rained steadily long into the evening. I waited by the window, hoping, but she did not appear.

The next day I drove around again with the same results. As the evening approached I was getting antsy. There were more than the usual few clouds in the sky but it did not seem like it would rain again. About thirty minutes before she usually went by I filled a pitcher with ice water, grabbed two glasses and went out and sat in one of the chairs so I would be ready.

The beach was pretty private, only the occasional property owner usually used it and most of my neighbors were older couples. I would see them walk by in the mornings and evenings, we would wave at each other and that was about it. I sat there watching the waves crashing in on the beach. The waves were higher than normal today, probably the result of the passing storm we had yesterday. I liked watching the water but my eyes kept moving to the left, to the rocks that I knew she would jog around if she were coming today.

Then finally, there she was. She was wearing the same outfit; white shorts and white t-shirt. The contrast of her skin and the white outfit was striking. As she jogged towards my part of the beach I raised my hand and waved but her head did not turn. In a minute she had passed me and had moved on out of sight. I felt crushed. But then that was silly. We don’t even know each other. All I did was just help her with a cramp. I sat down in the chair to watch the coming sunset. I still had hope.

As I watched the waves crash on the beach, every minute or so I’d look over to the right where she should be returning soon. It seemed early when I caught sight of her in the distance. She was walking on the sand right at the edge of the water. Waves would break and roll up the beach and across her feet. I could see she was laughing and kicking the water with her feet. Her laugh was so delightful. She looked and sounded just like a kid having the time of her life.

It was still several minutes away from sunset. She would probably continue walking along the beach and stop somewhere else when the sun dropped into the ocean. I stood and shielded my eyes from the sun so that I could see her better. Looking at her legs, I could still feel the touch of her skin on my fingers; the silky smoothness, the strength underneath.

She walked slowly along the beach, still kicking her feet in the surf, laughing as she walked. When she was abreast of me she stopped and looked towards the sun. There were still another twenty or thirty minutes before the sunset would begin. She would be far from here when she would finally stop walking to watch it. My heart began to sink.

She turned to look towards me and I quickly raised my hand to wave at her. She looked back at the water and then to me again for a moment before she began slowly walking towards me. When she got up to me I said, “I know you don’t understand what I’m saying but would you like to sit with me and watch the sunset”. I pointed at the chairs and then handed her a glass. She stood while I poured her drink for her and then sat down.

We sat there for the next hour, not talking, sipping the ice water and watching the sun slowly set; another beautiful day in paradise. Every few minutes I would turn my head just enough so that I could look at her face, the exotic slant of her eyes, the dark hair cascading on her shoulders, the leg I had touched just the day before. Our chairs were just inches apart; our arms almost touching, resting on the chair arms.

I had turned my attention back to the sea when I felt a light brush on my forearm. I turned to see her fingertips touching barely resting on my arm. I looked up to see her standing. When I started to stand she moved her hand to my shoulder to stop me. I sat there as she turned and began jogging away from me. I sat there for another hour after she had disappeared, thinking of her, and the touch of her fingers on my arm.

Chapter 3

By early evening the next day I felt like an eight-grader. Did she like me? Would she come by today? Would she stop? If I had someone I could pass a note to ask about her I would.

I made some lemonade and took it outside with me. When I reached the chairs I placed the lemonade on the table and took the chair she had sat in and moved it closer to mine. A few minutes later I got up, looked at the chairs and then moved hers back where it had originally been. Then, a few minutes later I reached over and pulled her chair closer again.

I was still sitting there when she appeared. When she reached the closest point to me she looked my way. I lifted my arm and waved to her. She nodded her head towards me and then continued jogging down the beach. I sipped at the lemonade and waited for her return.

It took much longer this time. The sun was already sinking and she had not yet returned. She had never taken this long before. I was beginning to think she had taken a different route and was not returning by way of the beach when there she was; walking slowly on the beach instead of jogging. Usually when she walked by all her attention was on the sunset. This time she was walking towards me and was paying no attention to the sunset behind her; her attention was on me.

While she continued walking towards me I poured her a glass of lemonade and sat it on the table in front of me close to her chair. As she came closer, our eyes were in contact but neither of us said anything. She came up, took the lemonade and sat next to me and took a sip. Our arms on the arms of our chairs; so close it made the skin on my arm tingle as I remembered her touch the night before.

In the next few minutes the sunset ended but she did not leave. We continued sitting there with just the sound of the waves running up the beach to keep us company, both of us occasionally taking a sip of our drink.

I saw him first; a surfer off to our right. He was just sitting on his board, waiting for a wave. I moved my hand over by hers to get her attention and point him out to her. She must have misunderstood what I was doing. She turned her hand over and grasped my hand; our fingers intertwining. As she turned her head to look at me I forgot about the surfer. All I could see was her smile.

I’m not sure how long we sat holding hands; my forearm lying on hers, our fingers occasionally moving around, fingertips exploring each other. Her hand felt right in mine. I liked the strength in it; how she held my hand back. She didn’t just let her fingers lie there in mine.

It had gotten fairly dark and the moon was out when I heard her sigh and turned to look at her. Her eyes were closed; her head resting against the back of the chair. While I looked at her face she brought her other hand over and laid it on top of my hand holding hers. The night had cooled just a bit and her hand was warm on mine. I wondered what her body would feel like pressed against mine; my arms wrapped around her.

Then without a word, she let go of my hand and stood up. I didn’t want the evening to end so soon. What could I do to get her to stay longer? I looked up at the house and had an idea. I made a swimming motion with my hands. “Would you like to take a dip in the pool”?

She watched my hands for a moment and then looked up to me and shook her head. She pointed towards left side of the beach where she disappeared each night. She raised a hand and put it behind my neck and pulled my head down so she could kiss me on the cheek. Before I could recover from my surprise she had turned and was moving quickly across the grass to the beach. I watched her in the moonlight until I could see her no longer.

Chapter 4

It took hours to fall asleep that night. I lay there in bed thinking of the feel of her hand in mine, her fingers, and the touch of her lips on my cheek. Was this all for naught? Would she suddenly vanish as quickly as she arrived? Where did she come from? Why was she here? All these questions and more, swirling through my mind, none answered, as I tried to fall asleep.

The next day progressed like the day before Christmas to a ten year-old. I thought the evening would never come. I was out in my chair with a pitcher of lemonade an hour before the time she usually arrived. I didn’t want to run the risk she might go by early.

But her time came and past with no sign of her. Could she have passed by before I came out? I began watching each direction, a minute at a time; my head swiveling back and forth. Maybe she decided not to run today. Maybe her boyfriend showed up.

The sun was about ten minutes from setting when she appeared on my left; walking, not jogging, across the sand towards me. I stood, waiting for her. She was wearing her usual outfit but was also carrying a small white plastic bag in her hand; the kind you usually get in clothing stores. She walked right up to within inches of me and looked up into my face. Her lips glistened in the light and I had the sudden urge to kiss her. She looked around me and pointed towards the house. I wasn’t sure what she wanted and the question must have shown on my face. She opened the bag and held it up for me to see inside. It looked like there was a swimming suit inside; a bikini.

I nodded and smiled at her and was rewarded with a beautiful smile back. I took her hand in mine and we walked up to the house. I showed her where she could change and busied myself opening the sliding doors so the ocean breeze could come in and so we could hear the waves. I looked at the Jacuzzi and the pool. Which would she want? I decided the pool and jumped in to wait for her.

When she walked out I was struck again by how beautiful she was. She saw me in the pool she walked over with a smile that just lit up her face. I felt warm all over knowing that smile was for me. Her bikini looked great on her. It was black, an unusual color but it looked nice on her, almost erotic, like black underwear. The bottoms were very tight; form fitting on her but the top was a bit too big.

I was at the deep end of the pool; the water came up to about my chin. She looked at me and then began moving to the far end of the pool; the shallower end. I motioned for her to join me but she made a swimming motion with her hands and shook her head. I was surprised; she does not know how to swim.

I moved a few feet into the shallower water to get to the pool ladder. Now the water just came up midpoint on my chest. I motioned for her to come to me. “I know you don’t understand, but come over here and I’ll help you”. She looked at me and halfheartedly shook her head again but she did not move any closer to the far end of the pool. I motioned again with my hands for her to come closer.

Finally she moved over to the ladder and I moved to the bottom of it and held my hands out to show her I would hold her when she came down. She turned around and carefully started down the ladder. When she was about halfway down I put my hands on her hips to let her know I had her. As she inched down I had time to look at her; her trim waist, her backbone, the string tie of her bikini a bit too loose across her back.

When she was about waist deep in the water she turned with one hand still grasping the ladder and kind of jumped to me; her arms grabbing me around the neck and her legs circling my waist. She wasn’t kidding. She did not know how to swim.

I smiled and tried not to laugh; I did not want her to think I was making fun of her fear. But then with her arms and legs wrapped around me it was hard not to smile. “You are safe. I’ve got you. I won’t let you go”. I tried to keep my voice calm and soothing. She might not understand but I wanted to sound reassuring. Her head had been pressed against mine but now she leaned back a bit to look at me and loosened her grip around my neck just a bit. Her smile was infectious. I couldn’t help smiling too.

I took a few small steps into the middle of the pool. When she was what I was doing she tightened her grip and the smile slipped just a bit. “It’s okay. I won’t let you go”. Over the next several minutes I worked to get her unwound from me and tried to explain what I wanted her to do by showing her the best I could with my hands. I was trying to get her to learn to float in the water. It would give her some confidence. Teaching her to swim would take a lot more but it would help to take a small step.

I was finally able to get my hands under her thighs and back so that I could get her to stretch out flat on the water. As she tried once more my eyes kept drifting to the top of her suit. The top was too big and I could occasionally see her breasts. It was so disconcerting. She was laughing and enjoying herself. I didn’t want her to catch me looking and think I was some kind of letch. But her breasts looked so nice. While they were small I felt the desire to hold them in my hands, caressing her. I could feel myself stir just thinking about it. I had to concentrate on helping her to make it go away.

She finally got the knack of it and was floating on the water. She closed her eyes and let her head recline back in the water; her long hair fanning out away from her. I gradually eased my hands away from supporting her and let her float there. She must have floated there in the water by herself for a minute or so before she finally realized I was not supporting her. She let out a little shriek of delight and promptly folded at the waist and sank beneath the water. I immediately grabbed her and lifted her up. I was afraid all our progress would be ruined but when I pulled her up she was laughing. I had lifted her high to get her out of the water; her waist was up even with my chest. When I looked up at her I realized the dunk or my sudden lift of her had caused her bikini top to move up exposing both of her breasts. She looked down at me but made no move to adjust her top.

I started to lower her so that her breasts would not be in my face. I had barely begun when she let out an ‘ooh’ and pointed over my shoulder behind me. I turned with her still in my arms to look. The sunset was in progress and it was a beautiful one tonight. I maneuvered her around so that her back was to me and I had my arms around her waist, holding her tight to me so she would not sink in the water and took several steps towards the shallow end so she could stand on her own. I let go of her that she could stand but she did not move away and in fact leaned back against me. With that encouragement I put my arms back around her waist. We stood there watching the colors change as the sun slowly dropped.

When the sunset was finally over neither of us moved. Her hands were clasped over mine. I did not want the moment to end. I was willing to stand there with her in my arms as long as she was willing to let me. I could feel her fingers moving idly over mine; her fingers tracing the length of my fingers from the top of my palms to my fingertips.

I finally felt her stir and I pulled my arms from her waist as she turned around to face me. Her bikini top was now back in place. She moved up close to face me; her body almost touching mine; a bare inch separated us. We stood there for a moment with her looking up into my face. When her lips slightly parted I could not help myself and I leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. They were cool against mine. Before I could move back to see how she would react she put her arms around my neck and kissed me back. Her lips were soft and warm now. We continued for several minutes. A long kiss followed by staring into each other’s eyes, and then hungrily kissing again.

At some point, I wasn’t sure when, I had moved my arms up from her waist and had lifted her up off her feet, pulling her tight to me. As we continued kissing I felt her tongue brush against my upper lip. I opened my mouth and we began gently touching our tongues against each other’s.

Finally she removed her arms from my neck and turned her head to look outside. It was completely dark now. I don’t know how long we had been standing there in the pool holding each other and kissing. She looked back to me and then pointed at herself and then towards the beach, saying “Go”. I hated for the evening to end, but at least the one word of English she knew wasn’t “No”.

Carrying her once again, I walked over to the pool ladder and then watched as she climbed out. I stayed where I was and watched her as she gathered the few clothes she came with and put them on over her bikini. Then she very slowly waved goodbye to me and was gone. I quickly got out of the pool but I could not see her walking away in the dark. I still stood there; thinking of her. Thinking of the feel of her body pressed against mine, the shape of her breasts, and the touch of her lips on mine. She had large nipples that I ached to touch to see how she would react; would her back arch in pleasure I wondered. Once again it was hours before I finally fell asleep.

Chapter 5

The next day seemed to go on forever. I did some paperwork and checked the clock. I tidied up the house and checked the clock. I tried reading a book but kept losing my place as I glanced at the clock and my mind wandered. I swam laps for a while in an effort to lessen the tension and gradually the hours slipped by.

When the evening finally approached I was outside with my pitcher of lemonade two hours early; I just could not wait in the house any longer. Besides, she might come by early for another swimming lesson.

I sat there sipping lemonade trying to calm my growing nervousness as she did not appear. I had to continually remind myself that I was early; that she had never come by until much later. The ice in the pitcher eventually melted and I had to go back in the house and make another pitcher while keeping an eye out the window for her.

About an hour before the sunset she appeared, early for her, walking calmly around the rocks and across the beach. She wasn’t dressed as she usually was, in shorts and a t-shirt. She had on a simple peach colored sundress, which hung straight and loose on her; held up by spaghetti straps on her shoulders and wearing sandals on her feet. Her hair was tied up on her head leaving her shoulders and neck bare. She was not carrying a bag this time so it looked like there would not be a second swimming lesson.

She walked up to where I was sitting and sat down next to me like she had been doing it all our lives. I poured a glass of lemonade and handed it to her. She took the glass with one hand and then reached for my hand with her other. We sat there quietly waiting for the sunset, sipping our drinks, holding hands, our fingers sometimes exploring each others with never a word being spoken. Occasionally I would look over at her and watch her until she turned to see me and smiled.

And once again I wondered how we would move from here without being able to talk to each other. But it was something I did not want to face yet so I pushed it to the back of my mind.

The sunset finally came and then passed much too quickly. It grew darker as we sat there holding hands. I think neither of us wanted the evening to end but she was the first to move. She let go of my hand and stood up. I quickly stood and faced her. When she did not move away I leaned down and gently kissed her lips once and then straightened back up. She stood there without moving for the longest time, just looking up into my eyes. Then without a word she took my hand in hers and began walking towards the house.

We walked through the patio and through the open section of the wall to the pool. I thought she must have her bikini on under the dress. She is going to stay for a while and I can try to teach her to swim some more. But then she surprised my by walking right past the pool and into the living room. She stopped for a moment and looked around the room before walking towards a hallway with me still in tow. Now I was confused; she must need to use the bathroom and I began to point it out but she walked right past it and went through the open door at the end of the hall into my bedroom. A lamp beside the bed was on, illuminating the room. I was suddenly glad I had cleaned the house.

I thought I knew what was going to happen but I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I liked her, really liked her, maybe more, but we had not even had a conversation yet. I wanted this but I also wanted more than this. Would this help or hurt?

In the moment these thoughts went through my head she had turned, pulled a long pin from her hair letting it fall to her shoulders, and moved into my arms. We stood there kissing; softly at first, exploring each other’s lips and face, then slowly growing fiercer, hungrier. She was on her tiptoes, her arms wrapped round my neck. I pulled her tightly against me, my hands moving from the small of her back up to her shoulders and back down again; feeling her ribs under my fingers, her shoulder blades. I leaned down and kissed her shoulders and worked my way up her neck. I kissed her ear and felt her shiver in my arms.

When we finally stopped for air she pulled her hands from around my neck and took a step back from me. We stood there looking into each other’s eyes for several seconds. Then she reached over with one hand and pulled the spaghetti strap off her shoulder and let it drop down her arm. She continued watching my face while she reached over and pulled the other strap and let it drop. She gave her body a little shake and the sundress dropped to her feet. The only thing she was wearing was a pair of peach colored panties.

I looked down at her; she was perfect. Her pert breasts sticking out towards me, her large nipples fully erect, the flair of her hips, her flat stomach, the panties disappearing in the space between her legs.

I started to reach out to her, to touch her, but she put out a hand to stop me. Oh, right. I reached up to unbutton my shirt but she quickly pulled my hand away and pushed it down by my side. While I watched, she stepped closer and slowly unbuttoned my shirt and then pulled it off my arms and tossed in aside on the floor beside her dress. When she reached for my shorts to pull them down I grew nervous. I knew I was already hard and wondered what she would think when she saw it. But she did not react when I was suddenly freed from my shorts; hard and sticking out, touching her stomach as she stood close to me. She tossed my shorts aside and then took my hand.

We walked over and moved into the middle of the bed and lay on our sides facing each other. At first we just looked into each other’s eyes. I put a hand on her hip and slowly moved it up her side and then gently touched the bottom of one of her breasts. It felt soft and smooth and firm all at the same time. I let my hand run over the top of it and then continued moving up to caress her neck before pulling her head to me so I could kiss her.

We had kissed for just a moment when I felt her hand tug at mine, pulling it back down to her breast. I caressed it softly but then felt her hand push down on mine. She wanted me to use a firmer touch. I squeezed her breast firmly and felt her lean into me and sigh. As I moved to the other breast I felt one of her hands move between us to take me in her grip. Her fingers moved slowly up and down my shaft, squeezing and stroking me; grabbing me tight at the base and pulling my erection against her.

I pulled my lips from hers and moved my head down to kiss to bottom of her breasts, between them, to the sides, but not the nipples. I kept repeating this until finally she took my head in both of her hands and tugged on me until my mouth was against one of her nipples. I open my lips and let the nipple slide into my mouth and began running my tongue around and over it. And then I moved over to the other nipple to do the same.

As her breathing became heavier I slowly began kissing my way down her stomach. I slid down off the bottom of the bed and then came back up between her legs kissing the inside of her thighs, first one side and then the other, slowly getting higher. When I got to the crease at the top of her thigh I felt her thighs tighten against my shoulders. I looked up at her. She had a look of excitement, surprise, even concern on her face as she looked down at me.

I watched her face as I kissed the bottom of her mound and then slowly moved lower until I could gently tug with my lips on one of hers. I watched as the look of surprise and concern became softer and her eyes partially closed. I ran my tongue over the right side and then the left; feeling the texture of her, tasting her. As I slid my tongue between her lips I felt her hips lift up off the bed. I moved an inch higher and let my tongue move along each side of her clitoris without actually touching it. Over and over I repeated that until finally I let my tongue glance against her clitoris, circling it and then move away. I moved back and let my tongue work around it again and then just a little tease of a touch. As I started to move away again she groaned and took my head in her hands and pulled me back. I began slowly, using the broad sweep of my tongue over her clitoris followed by little flicks across it. Her thighs began squeezing against my shoulders then opening wider; her knees up in the air. I moved my arms under her legs and up to her chest; first cupping her breasts in my hands and then running my fingers over her nipples.

It was barely a minute later when I heard her let out a little cry. I kept my tongue on her clitoris and looked up into her face. She was looking down at me with a surprised look on her face, her mouth open. Then suddenly her hips began bucking up against me as her orgasm began. Her thighs squeezed tightly against my shoulders. I could feel her lips move beneath mine as the spasms began deep inside of her.

When she was finished she spread her legs wider once again and reached down to my head and tugged on me to get me to come up to her. I was more than ready. As I moved up on my hands and knees until I could kiss her I felt her arms move down to my waist pulling me against her. I could feel my erection pushing into her stomach. I pulled away from our kiss as I felt her hand move between us to grab me. I looked down between our bodies as she pushed me down between her legs.

As she pulled her hand away I lowered myself onto her. I carefully thrust my hips forward. She was so wet I slipped right inside her. Not knowing if this was her first time or not I stopped just with the head inside of her. I held there just for a moment and then felt her hands on my butt pulling at me, trying to get me deeper in her. It was all the encouragement I needed. I thrust forward. She was so wet I slid into her until our bodies were flush in one stroke. It felt so good in her I couldn’t control myself; I pulled back a bit and thrust hard into her again. With each push into her I could feel her excitement build, her breathing become more ragged. I slipped my hands beneath her hips to pull her tighter to me; thrusting harder and faster into her. I could feel her push up against me as I thrust into her; pulling back until I would almost fall out of her and then push back as deep as I could get in her.

I wanted to slow down, make it last longer but I couldn’t; I was to close. The excitement of our two bodies rubbing against each other was just too much. With one last push into her I felt the tingle begin in me; spreading down to my toes and up to the top of my head. Then a moment later I was cumming in her, filling her; each spurt from me given with a push against her, trying to be as deep in her as I could.

We lay there for a moment, me still on top of her; beads of sweat dripping from our bodies onto the bed, our breathing slowly trying to return to normal. I shifted some of my weight onto my knees and arms. I slipped an arm under her back and then rolled off of her onto my side, pulling her with me. She lay there in my arms, her head on my shoulder, neither of us speaking, both of us still breathing a bit hard.

After several minutes I heard her breathing gradually get slower and steadier. I lay there as she fell asleep on my shoulder, our arms wrapped around each other. At first her body would twitch against me every minute or so as she fell deeper into sleep. I lay there holding her to me, amazed at the evening, but so happy she was lying here in my arms.

I don’t know when I fell asleep. I was trying to stay awake. I wanted to keep holding her; feel her against me. But at some point the strenuous activity took its toll and I drifted off.

It was still in the middle of the night when I woke to find her lying on top of me; her head on my chest. I thought she was asleep but she felt my movement and looked up at me. When she saw I was awake she kissed my chest, then my neck and finally my lips. They were soft kisses, not the frantic, urgent kisses of earlier in the night. I didn’t realize I was already hard until she pushed back against me and I slid into her again.

I lay there while she slowly raised and lowered her hips against me; letting me come almost completely out of her and then pushing herself back against me to get me deep into her again. We did that for several minutes before she put her hands on my chest and rose up into a sitting position on me. She sat there, impaled on me, the two of us not moving, just looking at each other. And then I felt her squeeze me. It felt so good it made me move up against her. She smiled and squeezed me again, and then again.

I reached up and moved my hands across her breasts, cupping them, rubbing her nipples. She stopped squeezing me and began slowly rocking her hips on me, back and forth, never taking her eyes off my face. On one sweep with my hands I rubbed across her stomach and she moaned and pushed down hard against me. I found a spot she likes.

I began alternating, rubbing her breasts and then her stomach. She began rocking harder on me. In just minutes her face tightened, a look of almost pain crossed her face and then she jerked her hips on me, I felt her nails sink into my chest. Her vagina went into spasm around me. It felt so tight, like she had me in her fist. I watched her as she closed her eyes tight and moan, only to open them for a moment, look at me, and then close them again. After about thirty seconds she collapsed on my chest gasping for air.

When she had recovered sufficiently she began moving back against me. I had been on the edge watching her and it took me just a few minutes before I came again. When I had finished we lay there, her head on my chest, my arms wrapped around her.

I don’t know who fell asleep first this time. I only know that when I woke there was light coming in through the window and I was alone in bed. I turned on my side and saw her across the room. She had her panties on and was pulling the sundress down over her head. With a little shake of her hips she had it on and in place. Her hair was a bit disheveled and she began to comb it with her fingers. She was beautiful even in the morning.

She slipped her sandals on her feet and then walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. I reached out to take her hand in mine. What could I say to her that she would understand? How could I tell her I thought I was in love with her? Did she love me or was this just a lark? She reached out with her other hand and brushed my hair back out of my eyes. We sat there for a moment just looking at each other; her other hand against my cheek.

I knew she wouldn’t understand but I needed to tell her anyway. I looked up into her eyes and said, “I love you”.

She looked at me for several seconds and then a big smile appeared on her face. She said, “I love you too. I have to go now but I’ll be back at sunset”.

My mouth fell open. I was speechless. She spoke perfect English. Not even a trace of an accent. Before I could say anything else she got up and was out the door. I flung the sheet aside, got up and quickly put on a pair of shorts. By the time I got to the patio she was halfway across the grass. I watched her walking quickly away just for a moment before I was able to get out a weak sounding “What, how”?

At the edge of the grass she stopped and turned to look back at me. She waved and called back to me, “My name is Sara”. She smiled, turned, and hurried away. I could hear her laugh, the same as the one when she was kicking her feet in the surf, as she walked across the sand.

Once she was out of sight I returned to the house to take a shower and get ready for tonight’s sunset.


As Sara walked across the sand she thought of the things she still needed to accomplish in the next couple of hours. A final cleanup of the house was in order. It was really nice of her friends to loan her their rental house for the week. She still needed to get a couple of presents for her children but she could do that on the way to the airport. And she still needed to get packed.

She followed the path as it turned to the left away from the beach and went up a slight rise to the house where she was staying. She paused and looked back. From here she could just see over the rise and watched as Paul walked back into his house. She wished her husband were more like Don; a bit leaner, a bit taller, a few years younger and better in bed. What a coincidence, their having the same first name. She smiled and went on into the house and closed the door behind her.

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