Sara's Protective Dad part 9

Sara's Protective Dad part 9

Sara’s Protective Dad part 9

Early in the morning I wake just before dawn, the eastern sky hasn’t lost any of its darkness. I lie there surrounded by my four lovers, worrying what today will bring. In three more hours Sara has an appointment with a new doctor. One hour after that her new car will be delivered back home. I really wanted Sara to be out of the house, but this is not what I had in mind. My eyes have adjusted to what little light the city contributes and filters into the room. Sara and Little Bobby still cuddles to me, Jewels and Megan have scooted closer to Little Bobby in their sleep.

In her sleep Sara has taken hold of my engorged penis, she is giving me a hand job in a slow steady rhythm. I don’t know how long she’s been playing with her favorite new toy. Sara has me close to release; on a normal day I would remove my dick from her hand and could simply plunge it fully into one of these beautiful goddesses I sleep with, Sara most likely. This long slow pumping Sara is giving me holds me right on the edge. I groan. “Oh baby, quicker or let go please.” I can’t stand this anymore I need her to let me have my release one way or another. My groaning has awakened Little Bobby, but Sara must be dreaming she is talking in her sleep. “Yes Bobby I’ll be with you forever. Yes put your big cock where it belongs right in my pussy.” Little Bobby giggles at hearing Sara speaking in her sleep. “Damn Bobby, you got us all dreaming about you.” Just then Jewels moans in her sleep. “Oh god yes, Bobby right there I’m Cumming.” She shudders in her dream having an orgasm with only her mine giving pleasure unto her body. I noticed Little Bobby is breathing heavily as she stares at Sara’s hand slowly pumping, continually keeping me on the edge. Now Morgan, having her own sex dream is in orgasm with her legs, raised an out stretched bent at the knees, like she’s holding onto my body as I pump into her. She then cries out louder than anyone has so far. “OH GOD DADDY YES I’M CUMMING.” A large spurt is ejaculated from Morgan’s body arching to land near the foot of the bed. Seeing my daughter and hearing her calling my name is sending me into my own orgasm I feel the tingle in my balls as they go tight. Without warning Little Bobby wraps her lips around the head of my near ejaculating cock. If I hadn’t been over the edge already this would have took me there, her mouth as barely closed around my swollen head when the first rope explodes from it filling her mouth. Her eyes go wide in surprise not having ever given a blow job before. As a second and third rope fire from my cock, Little Bobby goes “Mmmm” enjoying the taste; she swallows it making room for my fifth and sixth as she sucks hard till I fire the ninth. I’ve gone rigid, and then relax as just a little more cum slowly is sucked from my now softening penis.

I must’ve shaking the bed, or Morgan’s blissful scream as awoken Sara. Seeing Little Bobby on my now softening cock feeling it losing its rigidity, she remarks. “What the hell just happened?”

Morgan and I are breathing too rapidly to answer. Little Bobby simply makes eye contact with Sara, Jewels sets up on her elbows looking down at Little Bobby with her head on my limp cock. “I thought you were to keep him from doing that.” Jewels playfully slaps her daughter’s ass to make her point. Little Bobby’s head pops up; out with the pop comes my cleaned cock.

Sara’s hand is resting over the top my right hip, looking angry at Little Bobby. Sara speaks her mind. “That was mine; I did all the work for it.” I had thought she was dreaming but she must have been fantasizing as she had given me a hand job.

Little Bobby explains herself. “I couldn’t let it go to waste. Your eyes were closed and he was ready to go. I couldn’t resist putting it in my mouth. Then he cumed. I couldn’t stop swallowing it. It tasted too good, after the first shot hit the roof of my mouth and coated my tongue I was lost, I just couldn’t stop myself.”

Jewels and Sara start laughing, and then her mother says “Roberta looks like you had your breakfast.”

Little Bobby says. “I think I found my new favorite food.” She says with a devilish grin.

“If you women keep waking me up like this, I may just have to keep you.” Sara and Little Bobby both punch me in the arm.

Morgan stretches as she wakes, then her eyes flash open as her foot moves through something warm and wet, her own cum. Jumps from the bed and hurriedly runs to the nearest bathroom.

“What was that about?” Jewels ask.

“Ever bathe someone’s hand in warm water as they slept?” I ask in order to explain. The eastern sky is beginning to glow with predawn light; it’s easier to make them out now. Slowly their heads shake no. “She ran her foot through her own cum still warm from her dream just before she woke you up. When you feel something wet and warm in your sleep you develop a very strong urge to pee.”

Jewels examines lower part of the bed finding Morgan’s ejaculate her eyes go wide. “Damn that girl squirted a lot.”

Little Bobby said smiling. ”She must take after Dad.”

Jewels giggling. “That’s quite a mouthful.”

“From where I set looked more like two.” Sara smiles at Little Bobby who only nods in return.

Morgan reenters the room. “Who made the mess at the foot of the bed?”

Four voices answer simultaneously. “You did.”

“Damn!” Morgan exclaims. “That strong of an orgasm and I don’t remember it.”

“It’s time to get cleaned up, and order some breakfast.”

We shower and dress in yesterday’s close having nothing other to wear. We order room service, each picking something different from the breakfast menu to eat. As we eat we speak of things we need to accomplish today.

Sara remarks “I want a bouquet at least for my wedding. A dress would be nice but I don’t think we can get one. As long as you are with me, I don’t care about the rest. Just make sure Bobby isn’t late.” Sara pulls the other three women into a group hug.

I think of Sara’s new car and decide to have it delivered at Home tomorrow. I decided not to pick up my SUV at the law firm; it’s unquestionably being watched. I think it’s time to get something maybe better appropriate for Colorado, A real four-wheel drive pickup crew cab. The office alcove has a computer in it; I’ll check what’s available in the local area. After ten minutes of searching, looks like I’ll be back same place I was yesterday, they will be happy see me again. Course I had two choices of colors white or red might as well take the white one everything else is exactly the same, including rear sound system.

Yes, I’ll pick it up during Sara’s doctor’s appointment.

Jewels pulls me aside. “Bobby can you use your influence, or money to get a wedding cake for Sara?”

“You know I did help someone start a bakery here locally and they make wedding cakes.” I really hope they can help us out.

“It’s time for you to call in some favors.” Jewels smiles.

“I’ll take care of a wedding dress, unless you backed a bridal shop too?”

I think for a second. “Sorry I haven't backed any bridal shops.”

“It’s okay, I have one in mind. I was formally employed there, when I was attending nursing school. I worked with the owner when she first was having gotten established. If anyone can acquire Sara the dress she wants it’s her.”

I ask. “Okay, that sounds great you want to proceed there after the doctor?” She nods.

Just so I know I'm not welcome at the bridal shop. “I know it is bad luck for the groom to see the wedding dress before the wedding.” Again Jewels nods.

Giving in I tell her. “I’ll acquire a tux while you’re undertaking the dress.” Smiling Jewels nods.

Jewels asks. “Do you know a florist that can handle at least a bridal bouquet?”

I reply. “Got one I can get some favors from, should be able to do most of what we need.”

Thinking for a moment, Jewels says. “Give me the number and call them, I will arrange for the flowers.”

It’s only 7:20 a.m. but Florist start early. Putting the number into Jewels cell phone under florist, I call from her phone then make the introductions to the owner. “Mark this is Bobby Winfield, I need your help this is Jewels please get her any help you can.” Handing the phone to Jewels for her to take over the call. She’s explaining what she needs and says when she needs it; I can almost hear Mark falling over on the other end of the line. Mark on the other line is nearly shouting but Jewels stays calm, she explains it’s for Sara, Mark is always been fond of Sara. At this point I realize just how much he likes her. Even from five feet away, I hear Mark exclaim. “For Sara we will do it!”

Now it’s my turn to make sure we can have use of the restaurant for the wedding. Calling my old friend Roberto, it takes a minute for him to get to the phone. I explained what it is that we need, he says there’s no one using the banquet hall today or tomorrow. “Is available for us begin setting up?” I ask we have chairs and tables available. Getting an estimate of persons in attendance from Jewels and those I wish to invite, a small affair 25 to 50 people. Will you and your wife come please?

“We would not miss it for the world.” Roberto says happily.

“Is your brother still in the bakery business?” We both know I helped start his business.

“Yes, thinks to you. And you’re going to need a cake.” Roberto says knowingly.

I say. “You read my mind. I really hope you can help us out.”

Roberto chuckles. “He better or I’ll never let him eat here free or otherwise. I will get him to make a beautiful cake.” Now I know why the profit margin is so low at his restaurant.

I am informing him. “The florist should be by shortly, its Mark’s Flowers.”

Roberto says. “I’ll make sure they do a good job, better yet I’ll call my wife she’ll make sure.” I feel the warmth and caring coming from my friend.

I chuckle. “If you could see my face there is a big smile, and you know how hard it is to make me smile.” I hear him chuckle warmly over the phone.

Roberto is still chuckling. “That’s funny since you and Sara gotten together you do nothing but smile.”

Think of it, he is absolutely right. I confess. “Okay you got me there. I want you to know I appreciate everything you’re doing.”

Roberto says. “We better get to doing so you can appreciate it.” Saying our goodbyes I hang up the phone and trust in him.

Now I have to go pick up my new pick up and tux. Tux isn’t that hard I have a friend with a men’s clothing store where I can pick up the tux and a couple pairs of jeans and shirts and anything else I need for the rest of our time in exile.

Jewels drops me off about four blocks away from the dealership, and then continues to the doctor’s office. I decide to walk instead of waiting on a Taxi. It doesn’t take me long to cover the distance a lot less time than waiting for the Taxi. On the way, I make two phone calls, first the Jaguar dealership to change the delivery of Sara’s car, and then call my bank; authorize a higher spending limit for today to cover any of my expenses.

As I walk on the lot most of the salesmen are ignoring me, I really don’t care. I’m looking for a certain truck; I have the VIN numbers on my smart phone for the two trucks they have that meet my needs. Finally a young salesman approaches me. I haven’t shaved my shirt is wrinkled and untucked, in the breeze has blown my hair, I’m a mess, and I’m sure the other salesmen sent him just to get me off the lot. It’s going to be his lucky day. As I’m looking at the sticker I finally found the truck I’m looking for. It is, but will need two things added by the dealer. Sidesteps and the bed liner both should take less than an hour to completely install.

He finally gets close enough to me for him to ask. “Sir is there anything I can help you with. My name is John.”

He seems to be nice enough, is polite. I look him in the eyes, he seems sincere. So I start a conversation, I asked him has he been working here long? He said no it’s his second week. Have you sold many cars yet? “No sir. I haven’t.” then I ask a question that throws him off his game. “So the other salesmen sent you here to get rid of me right?” he shuffles his feet looking down not wanting to make eye contact. “Yes Sir I’m sorry to say they asked me to see if I can get rid of you and under ten minutes. They said it would be good for me to learn how to deal with walk on no sell.”

“Thank you John for being so honest. I’ll take it. ” Pointing at the truck with sticker over $64,065 on it.

John looks me up and down and smiles. “You sure we have cheaper ones.”

“No, this one has everything on it but step rails and a bed liner that I want.”

John “Okay we can talk to my manager. Would you be trading anything in?”

“No, cash only.” I state flatly.

“I heard we had one deal like that yesterday. But I was off. Only a few salesmen ever see a deal like that.” John’s a little in disbelief but he still is polite enough, to take me to the sales manager.

As we walked by the other salesman one recognizes me. “Shit, guys we screwed up.” He comments.

John nearly stops hearing that comment. He looks over his shoulder at the salesman who made that comment, but we continue on into the show room. John is holding the door for me; we over here the other salesman question the first one. “Is that Robert Winfield, the one who paid cash yesterday?”

After were completely inside John turns to me. “Sir, are you sure you don’t want a more experienced salesman?”

“John right now you’re the only salesman I will buy anything here from.”

John chuckles. I look at my watch. And walk to the cashier’s window telling John where I’ll be.

In about 50 seconds the sales manager comes running with John following. When he slides to a stop beside me, he begins to apologize. “Mr. Winfield I am so sorry for the rude behavior of some of my salesmen.”

“John here has been a perfect gentleman, honest, and sincere. If he ever left your employment I would be happy to find him a job within any of my organizations.” John really doesn’t know who I am; still smiles a warm but confused thank you to me.

The sales manager says. “Let me get the VIN number of the vehicle you want.” I hand him my smart phone, showing him the number. He walks into the cashiers booth pulls it out and prints out a bill of sale. I step forward swipe my debit card, and the truck is mine.

“I turn to John, they go young man your first sale, cash under 4 minutes. Enjoy your commission.”

“Turning to the sales manager, I forgot to have you at a bed liner in the side steps.”

Sales manager before I can say anything else. “We will add them for free.” He’s almost shaking at this point, afraid I might be upset.

“Oh John get the keys, we still have two more minutes so you can when that other bet.” He’s often flash. In a few seconds later he’s back with keys, owner’s manual, and a hat.

The hands me one of the keys, everything else is contained in the hat. “I’m borrowing John for a test drive, any problem with that.” Sales manager shakes his head.

John follows me out. I start the truck with the remote. Unlocking the doors as I near it, John runs to the passenger side I jump into the drivers. “Buckle up, we’re going.” I tell John to call back to one of the salesman informing him that he accomplished their task. Plus have them talk to the sales manager about the fastest walk on sale ever.

After getting off the phone John explains. “Damn that felt good. They have been hounding me for the last two weeks.”

“What about?” I ask as were driving to Adam’s clothing shop.

John states his frustration. “They complain about everything. My suits not good enough, my shoes are not right, I’m too nice, and mostly I’m too honest.”

“John honesty is never a bad thing. If more people were honest this world would be a much better place. Did they ever tell you who I am?”

“No sir. But from the expression on my sales manager’s face you have to be someone very important.”

“Some people would say that, but I do not hold myself higher than anyone who works for me. I like to treat my employees the same as family. “

“That’s nice Sir but..”

I cut him off. “What does it has to do with you? You see John I own just enough of that dealership to not have to put my name on the door. In other words I’m the silent partner. That’s one of about 200 or so other businesses and corporations; in short you just met the richest person around here.”

I stop at a red light it affords me the opportunity to look at John. He is shaking like a leaf, like he just stepped accidentally into the grizzly bears cave. “Calm down John, you have shown me what type of person you are and I like you for that.” The light turns green and I resume heading to the shop. Once there I bring John in with me. “Adam this is John get him measured for five suits, expert pants for each, on me.”

“Bobby you bring me so much business, I’m going to have to hire more people again.” Adam states enthusiastically.

I give Adam a compliment. “Adam is the best tailor in the state. He makes fat people look good.”

Adam says, as he continues to measure John for his new suits. “No wonder I get so many heavy businessmen with compliments like that.” He continues shake his head at John’s over-the-counter cheap suit. “This young man definitely needed new suits.”

I asked. “John I want you to do me a favor and after Adam has finished take the pickup back. Have the bed liner a step rails install, and anything else they need to do for it. When it is ready, bring it back here please.”

Adam goes off. “Where did you buy those shoes? They must hurt your feet.”

I explained to John. “Forgive Adam he hates mass produced items.”

Adam enlightens. “I only hate mass-produced crap.”

Adam has finished getting all John’s measurements, but drags him over to the shoes. “Take your shoes off.” Adam orders. John looks to me, and I’m nod. He simply removes them at this point.

Adam measures his feet, picks up his old shoes and walks into the back. In a moment he returns with a pair of shoes for John. They may look similar to the pair Adam removed but as John tries them on the difference is evident on his face. Adam smiles “That is what a pair of good shoes should feel like.”

“Okay John, here’s the key. I’ll see you in a few hours.”

Adam looks serious and asks. “What brings you in?”

“Adam I need a tux and fast.” I nearly please for his help.

“You’re lucky it’s a slow day.” As he pulls me over to begin measuring me. “Why are you in such a hurry?”

“I’m getting married tomorrow.” Of course there is a large smile on my face. I find it hard not to let the world know about Sara and me.

Adam asks the obvious question. “Who’s the lucky girl?”

Adam has known Sara for about six years now. Shortly before her tenth birthday Sara wanted me to take her to some event requiring a suit and tie. That is the same day I met Adam working for a terrible woman, obviously more talented than his surroundings would permit him to achieve. Sara got me to help him. Since then he’s had a very warm feeling for her.

“Adam did I ever tell you about Sara’s mom?” he is confused by the question trying to remember if I had. He is shaking his head to indicate I haven’t.
“Sara’s mom in short cheated on me, Sara isn’t my child. I’m not sure how to tell you this but we fell in love after finding this out. We both decided we were meant to be together. Sara is going to be my wife.”

Adam remembers. “When she was thirteen I caught her peeking as you changed. I asked her then, what you think you’re doing looking at your father? She said if you were not her father she would marry you someday. She was in love with you even then. That someday has come.”

“There is you’re answer, we have paternity test to confirming I’m not her father.” I can’t help but smile.

After Adam has my measurements, I go to get some items I need underwear, socks, new shoes, dress shirt, jeans and a casual shirt for the rest of the day. I pay his cashier for the items.

I know Adams hard at work on my tux. I’m getting bored just sitting here so I call Sara it’s nearly 10:30. Her phone ring three times before she picks up. “Hi Love everything going okay?” I asked.

“Bobby, I love you. Jewels found me a wedding dress, it’s beautiful.” Sara says excitedly. “Here talk to Jewels.” Jewels comes on the phone. “Sara is putting on the dress right now; I know how you felt yesterday. It’s fun getting someone you love something that makes them happy.”

“Jewels it’s the best feeling in the world, other than making love. Glad everything is going well.”

Jewels laughs warmly. “Bet you got the tux under control.”

“Yeah it’s getting done now. How did her Doctor’s appointment go?”

“They let me come in because I am her Guardian, and the bastard didn’t put in any birth control. Blood work will be back shortly, but exam and x-rays showed no implant. Sara can tell you everything else, got to go now bye Bobby.”

Adam waves me over; he has a tux ready for final adjustments on sleeves and pants. Once finished he tells me. “About an hour more and you’ll be ready to go. I’ll have it ready to ware.”

I change in to the casual clothing I just purchased; I set in the waiting room for fifteen minutes, before I become twitchy. I’ll walk around the strip mall to kill the next 45 minutes.

One of the stores specializes in vitamins, considering what I’ve been through this last weekend I decided to check it out. Walking to it only takes a few minutes, once inside an attractive blonde young woman asked if there’s anything special she can show me. What would flash through most men’s mind wouldn't be vitamins. As I have four women, who has the energy to chase the fifth. That’s why I came here in the first place was to find something to help me maintain a higher energy level for my goddesses. It is a little embarrassing to say this to a woman, but then again she may be the perfect person to understand.

How shall I put this? “I need a performance enhancement for men, something to help with my sexual stamina.” I think him a little red-faced.

“Large healthy man like you?” she asked before even thinking about what she was saying.

“Well I’m dating a woman who’s just coming into her prime, and I don’t want to disappoint her.” No way am I telling her I’m dating four women.

“We get that a lot nowadays.” She is walking me over to men’s supplements, points out three different types of male enhancement formulas. She asked several questions none apply to my circumstance.

“What I need is something to help me recover faster and more often.”

She’s repressing a giggle. Then she shows me a bottle on a different shelf. “This helps with testosterone production it may be just what you need.”

“Probably can’t hurt, right?” I quickly scan the bottle. “What about a vitamin supplement to help my energy levels?”

She points to a nearby shelf with men’s sports support, combination of vitamins and minerals for active men. “This may help with the recovery as well as some stamina.”

Taking the two bottles to the register, I paid for both plus bottled water and take recommended dose for both.

Jokingly she says. “I didn’t want to say anything but you do look a little run down. If it’s not too personal a question, just how often does your girlfriend want sex?”

“A gentleman doesn’t answer a question like that. Let’s leave it at she has a highly active sex drive.”

“From the look of you she must have.” I heard of the morning after grin, that silly look men get after sex. Didn’t realize I had it too. Check on my phone for the time. That took all of ten minutes.

There’s a small bookstore a couple doors down I walk in to kill a little more time maybe find a magazine to read. Here’s one interesting cover, how the please your woman ten different ways. I quickly scan through the article, there’s four ways I haven’t tried this weekend, only two I had known. I read those carefully, maybe I’ll try them out on my wedding night.

It’s about time for me to walk back. I will have to wait long once I’m there. I decided to call Jewels while I’m walking back.

“Hi Jewels.” I say as soon as she answers her phone.

“Hi Bobby, Sara really loves this dress, the fitting it is nearly done they have to pinch a little here and there to give her the perfect fit. They will be done in about an hour or two. We got the dresses for us as well. We’re going to look stunning if I say so myself. ”

“That is without a doubt, you four are always stunning.” In or out of their clothing, I can’t stop looking at them.

“It’s nearly noon what about lunch?” For some reason I’m beginning to get nervous not having them nearby, not like you’re being watched but just a general an uneasy feeling. I’m not hungry as I just want to meet them somewhere, be with them to stop anything bad from happening.

I have gone years without the notice of the press and the paparazzi; this would be a bad time to fall under the public scrutiny. Not that I fill I’m done anything wrong, but the general public may never see it that way. My daughters are both under the age of consent. Sara is too by just one more day and tomorrow at age 16 we wed. A lot of people would not appreciate anything other than their years, but when it comes to their maturity, I can't just look at the calendar. I have known more than just a few people to say Sara has an old soul. Always makes me think of a quote I heard once. Some souls are linked across time. Their souls connected by ancient calling that echoes through time. Not even sure that’s all of it, but I think that applies to me and Sara. We were always meant to be together and just time that separates us. But in 15 years she will be 31 I’ll be 50 perfectly acceptable in society.

John has arrived back in my truck; I see the added parts have been installed and it looks great.

As he pulls up to me, he rolls down the window. “Robert is everything to your satisfaction.”

“I hope so you have the step rails and bed liner installed, the sound system in back have the earphones?”

“Yes Sir four sets.”

“Okay I will take you back to the dealership.” I smile as I take my place as driver.

A few minutes later I’m back again and ready to pick up my new tux. By the time I arrived Adam has it ready. It’s 12:30 I called Jewels once again. Found out that their finished with her dress, Sara is overjoyed. They agree to a barbecue restaurant for lunch.

After lunch we shop a little for Colorado buying warm clothing, and other items appropriate for that area, not to mention extra sheets for the beds. The weather is cold and snowing we will be indoors most of the time. So we pick up all the other clothing will need, plus a few fun items like sleds, and cross-country skis.

I call my caretaker for the cabin. He says he can have everything ready for us by Friday or Saturday. I tell him there should be no rush we won't be there before next Monday. He tells me they're expecting snow on Sunday around a foot. He's going to bring more gas for the backup generator, will double check the solar power system, and turn heat up, and check on the amount of firewood available. But he recommends that were there by Saturday.

After talking to the caretaker, I need to talk with my four wives concerning when we leave for Colorado. “Okay ladies according to whether reports Colorado is expecting snow Sunday. Would you like to go there after the wedding? We could start on Friday morning and be there by Saturday afternoon."

All four women agree that would get us out of the sites of anyone trying to grab Sara. We could stay there for our honeymoon, the twins could start home schooling there to finished high school. We have enough cold-weather clothing to leave; I could pull Jewels’ SUV behind my truck.

Sara likes my truck, is constantly asking to drive it. I tease her by telling. “I will let my wife drive us home after we’re out of the city.” First time I said this it took a second or two before Sara realized what I meant in the look of disappointment washing away by an excited smile.

I'm really enjoying just being with them, my uneasiness has washed away. Being in their presence gives me calm easy feeling, then it really hits me. It's more than just being that, around them I fill alive. Without them it slowly goes away. I missed just four hours apart was enough to begin to feel dreadful. After just four hours I was missing them, oh man I got it bad.

I'm going to hate being alone tonight and tomorrow till 10 AM when the wedding is planned. If four hours made me feel that bad what's 12 going to do to me. Is it possible for man to be in love with four women, to have four soulmates? If so I think I found them. I know I’m in love with them. I have all four of them right here with me, and it makes me so happy just to be with them.

I'm reminded being with them how fortunate I am. There is a quote from G. K. Charleston. The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost. I lost Jewels and my twins for so very long, now finally they are back in my life. I come so very close to losing Sara forever. I know now that without the four of then I would be lost. I will do anything for them, I will do anything to protect them, and I will do anything to make them happy. I will do anything to keep them with me.

Sara wants to go to a mall for more items. Giggling she says. “I'm looking for something special to wrap your wedding present in.” Of course what Sara wants I will always try to make sure she gets. And Jewels agrees that a few special items are needed for them all.

When we get to the mall, Jewels sends me after smoothies for everyone while they shop for lingerie. Remembering back to Saturday afternoon how good Little Bobby looked I'm looking forward to whatever the girls decide to get, I know how much fun it is to unwrap those sweet bodies from their pretty wrappings.

After a little while, they have finish shopping. We get take out and take it back to the penthouse. As were sitting down to eat watching television a movie comes on and Jewels recognizes it immediately. "Bobby isn't that the movie that you produced?"

I grin and say. "That's the movie that Janet and I saw on our first date. Most people think I was the executive producer but I wasn't. I fronted most of the capital for the movie. The executive producer put his name on the bottom. He arranged it by the amount of capital for the positions on the list of producers. I ask him why he did that. He said my mother had arranged that way just so some people would assume I was the executive producer. He and my mother had been friends for a very long time and they loved putting me on the spot."

Jewels giggling. “I know that Janet thought you were the executive producer. She never had an idea about how much money you made from that movie.”

“If I remember right it was around 40 million, that's also when I figured out how to really make money. I would give people the opportunity to make themselves rich, by being a silent partner they can work at something they loved. And I could help them get started and expand and set back, get repaid plus a percentage of the profit. By helping others I've help myself, more than I could ever have done alone.”

Jewels again giggling. “Knowing you that make perfect sense, you love helping people. It's perfect for you sit back and let them do most of the work, with you only given them the opportunity to work."

“Yes I just kept doing it over and over, and each time the amount of money that I made kept getting larger every year, till I'm making tons of money. But I just don't set back I make sure they could continue what they want to do, I coach them when they needed, I counsel them and educate them. In short I help them be successful which made me very successful. ”

We’re all cuddling on the couch, and watching the movie, enjoying each other's company. The movie is over around 10 PM and we have a very big day tomorrow. We decided to shower and go to bed, as I step into the shower Sara and Jewels are entering the bathroom dropping their robes they enter the shower with me. “I thought you were not going to get me excited before tomorrow night.”

Sara begins. “I really need to talk with you, Bobby. You and Jewels are going to be parents again, which got me thinking, we will be married tomorrow. I don't want to wait till I'm eighteen to be a mother. Because we will be married I can have a child sooner, I was thinking three months after we know for sure that Jewels is pregnant, we should start trying as well.”

A smile crosses my face as I pull Sara into a loving kiss. “So when you're about seventeen you will be giving birth to our first child."

Jewels steps forward and hugs us both. “That way is our two children shouldn't be more than three to maybe five months apart. They will be siblings and playmates I've had a lot of experience with the twins which would make it easier.”

“Have you two talked this over with Little Bobby and Morgan?" I asked wondering if on the last to know.

Sara answers. "Only vaguely, I did not mention any details or time frame."

“I'm for it, how do the twins feel about it?” Before Sara or Jewels could answer, the twins burst into the bathroom saying. “Go for it Bobby. We would love to have some babies to love too, even if they’re our siblings. We will still act like mothers to them.”

For very happy women is now standing in the shower with me. I quickly go through the scenario in my head. “Sara and Jewels are going to have children within a year of now. Soon after the twins will be sixteen, I still want to wait till the children are around two years old before having more. That means the twins have to wait until they are either seventeen or nineteen.”

Twins say in unison. "Seventeen”

Jewels looks me in my eyes. “I can't blame them for being impatient. Let them wait till they're eighteen that way the kids will be only around three when the twins are pregnant.”

I look to the twins who are a little distressed by their mother statement. So I point out the bright side of the extra time they will have to wait. “That gives us another year of fun together.” This brightens their mood slightly.

Jewels points out. “If we wait three years between each set of siblings the twins will be twenty-four when they get pregnant for the second time.”

We are definitely agreed on having two children by each woman, if someone doesn't have a set of twins. But I see the twins’ displeasure growing, and can understand why. “What if we only waited two years between children? I know that would put the twins at seventeen and twenty-one when they are pregnant. With that give you enough time to fully recover between children?”

Little Bobby addresses Jewels. “Mom, we will be older than you when we have our first child, older then Sara as well. Once were sixteen, Dad won't be in any trouble if we get pregnant. We just won't tell anyone who the father is." Morgan shakes her head in agreement.

Jewels turns to hug our two daughters. “Are you sure you want too?”

I point out to Jewels. “Jewels they still have two years to wait by the time they should definitely know."

Little Bobby and Morgan say in unison. "We know now, were not going to change our minds.” I smile hoping that they never do.

Jewels giggles a little. “Well I see the stubbornness runs in the Winfield line. After your sixteenth birthday we will see about just when we can get your birth control removed. Bobby you just agreed to impregnate your underage daughters."

I know now that I can legally marry Sara because she is not my daughter by heredity, but I raised her as my daughter part of me still feels like her Dad. I'm definitely an incestuous pervert of a father. I have come to terms with that. "Why should I stop with just one?" I pull Sara to me giving her a kiss, then pulled Little Bobby and Morgan in turn getting each a kiss. Turning to Jewels I kiss her as well; you have to remember she was my sister-in-law when I first made love to her.

Jewels rubs her stomach and says. "Why indeed.”

Somehow I feel not only agreed to impregnate my two daughters but to carry this type of relationship to any other daughters born to me. I'm not sure if that scares me or not only time will tell. If they're like their older sisters, no I don't want to think about that at least not for another fourteen years.

We wash each other playfully, teasing with fingers even though we have agreed not to I have a raging hard on that needs to be relieved. What Sara and Little Bobby gave me this morning won't be enough I need to have all four of them. I pull Jewels to me raising one of her legs while kissing her passionately, I feel a hand wrap around my cock. The hand pumps my hard on and moving it to rub Jewels’ Clit. Jewels moans into our kiss. Jewels couldn’t stop herself either she throws her legs around my hips. Sara is the one holding my cock she says. “Lift her up a little more.” I raise Jewels high enough to easily latch onto her breast, and just begin nursing onto her hard nipple. Sara has me at Jewels opening to her vagina. “Oh yes Bobby fuck me, fuck your wife." Jewels requests, and I will not deny her.

“That's right you're my wife, you all are. We said our vowels yesterday; we need to consummate our marriage now." With that I lower Jewels onto my hard cock, it slips easily into her.

Jewels is moaning as I lower her. “Yes husband I am your wife."

Went Jewels is nearly fully impaled Sara, Little Bobby, and Morgan cheer. “Yes husband fuck us.”

Jewels was bouncing rapidly on my cock she is very near her orgasm, this reminds me so much of when I got her pregnant the very first time. We been making love like this had set down trying to extend our lovemaking only too climax with me deep within her. Suddenly she wails loudly. “OH GOD YES BOBBY I'M CUMMING COME WITH ME FILL ME UP." Of course this drives me over the edge not being able to deny her anything. Her pussy is hotter than I've felt since I got her pregnant the first time. I fire rope after rope of hot fertile semen deep into her womb, where it will find an egg just waiting for it. I know now that Jewels will be pregnant by morning. Wrap tightly to each other as our spasms drive each other’s climax higher. As our breathing becomes normal, Jewels face is smiling brightly. “Now I know for sure I’ll be pregnant soon.”

I raise Jewels off my still hard cock; she slides down my body till her feet reach the floor. She is slightly surprise that my cock hasn't lost any of its stiffness. Seeing my still hard cock Sara takes Jewels place. Jumping onto my hips and raising herself over the head of my cock. Morgan grabs my cock and lines me up to Sara’s vagina; feeling by cock in place Sara lowered herself. Once she's fully impaled she begins to bounce rapidly. She is excited as I've ever seen her. In just a few minutes she is beginning to orgasm. “OH GOD YES BOBBY I'M CUMMING COME WITH ME FILL ME UP." She screams the same words her sister did. Sara spurts and I again cum quickly, not wanting to deny her. Her cunt is as hot as Jewels. I know Sara is pregnant as well. I didn’t feel bad about it; I love her too much to deny her anything. We’re clinging to each other till our breathing becomes normal. Realization strikes Sara that instant, still fully impaled on me, leaning back just enough to slide her hand onto her belly. Sara’s eyes were overflowing with tears of pure joy; she slams forward trapping her hand between us. She leans in to kiss me which I eagerly return. Jewels immediately understands she too felt the new life within her; both women have become pregnant only moments apart.

Sara then whispers in my ear. “Congratulations Daddy we’re going to be parents."

I whisper back. “I know." The brightest smile covers my face, along with tears of joy.

Little Bobby is slightly impatient for her turn not understanding what's happening between me and Sara. “Don't hog him all night, Sara.”

Sara tells me. “Well give your daughter a good fuck; just don't get her pregnant too.” With that she raises off my still hard cock.

Little Bobby seeing my hard cock steps in front, once Sara has moved to the side she jumps onto my hips and raise till I grab one of her hard nipples in my mouth, nursing from her as well. Morgan again lines us up, Little Bobby feeling my hard cock in place sinks down taking all of me in one fast movement. She holds there fully impaled looking into my eyes. I see the love radiating from her soul; I know she sees mine for her. She pulls me into a passionate kiss, when we break for air she begins to bounce rapidly. Within a few minutes she too will reach orgasm this will be my third if I can. Her cunt feels hot as well. She begins her orgasm, as she slams down hard into me. Little Bobby is screening her passion. “OH GOD YES I'M CUMMING FOR YOU HUSBAND.” I’m pumping into her hard to give her a strong orgasm; I know it is working because I feel her spurt. She is coming all over me.

Little Bobby is shaking hard nearly slipping off me, but I grab her ass keeping her from falling. I continue to pump hard in her, but I am unable to bring myself to orgasm, although Little Bobby orgasms again spurted over and over. Finally she moans. “No more, husband I can't take anymore."

I slowed to a stop still fully impaled into my daughter. She's breathing very hard in her afterglow; I cuddle to her till her breathing becomes normal. She has a slightly disappointed look not getting a full womb of my incestuous cum. I whisper into her ear. “I need to play with you longer. I can't get you pregnant tonight too.”

Her head turns quickly to look at her mother and Sara as both gently hug their own stomachs cradling the unborn children within. She pulls herself off me, and walks over to her mother wrapping her into a loving hug. Morgan, not knowing what I said the Little Bobby, jumps onto me wrapping herself around my hips. She raises herself until I latch onto her breast. Sara comes to our aid, aiming my cock. Morgan like her sister impaled herself fully. I'm kissing passionately as Sara repeats. “Give your daughter a good fuck; just don't get her pregnant too.” Morgan hearing Sara’s words turns to her. “Are you?”

Sara smiles brightly. “Yes I'm sure I am.”

Morgan smiles and looks to her mother. She recognizes the glow seeing Little Bobby hugging her, she knows that Jewels and Sara both are carrying my unborn children. As she turns back to me tears of joy run down her beautiful face. “Will it be like that for me too?”

“I hope so, but not tonight. I need you when your mother and Sara cannot.” I simply pump into her a few times to finish my idea.

Morgan giggles then whispers into my ear. “Daddy my pussy is all yours.” With that she begins to bounce rapidly. Within a few minutes she is lost in our lovemaking as her orgasm hits her. She screams. "OH YES MY HUSBAND I LOVE YOU." I'm as hard as I ever remember being but not near to having an orgasm. I pump into her sending her orgasm in to a new level of intensity. Morgan orgasms and spurts over and over till she to moans. “No more, husband I can't take anymore."

I slow to a stop. I am holding Morgan to me, cuddling her until she is fully recovered. She then moves off walks over and hugs Sara, we all have joyful tears as I joined the women. I am hugging them all to me, as my joyful tears are falling. My dick has done its job tonight two of my wives are pregnant; I know this without the aid of any test.

We finish our shower, and prepared for bed not like last night everyone slept together. Sara and Jewels are cuddled next to me with Little Bobby cuddled to Jewels, Morgan cuddled to Sara. That night I dreamed of children playing in a home I did not recognize, Sara, Jewels, Little Bobby, and Morgan all with children calling them mama, and calling me daddy. The sense of joy filled my dream and the children as they laugh and play at my feet. My wife's kiss me as our children giggled, then I took each child to their bed for the night, putting each to sleep from youngest to oldest, kissing them lovingly good night. I ended the dream knowing each child’s name, and just how happy my future should be.

In the morning we were awakened as my cell phone rang receiving a call from Mike. “Good now you're finally up, I need you to go to the courthouse with Sara and Jewels. A paralegal we'll meet you there with all the necessary paperwork. I pulled some strings and they will put you in just before they're supposed open, you need to be there at least ten minutes before nine.” I'm not even sure how I got out of bed. Mike's words are burned in my memory. Mike continues. “Bobby you got that? Sara and Jewels, ten minutes before nine, courthouse.” I repeat what he just said.
At 9:05 AM Sara, Jewels, Little Bobby, Morgan, and I leave the courthouse with one marriage license in hand. We got back to where we parked Sara got in with Jewels, Morgan and Little Bobby got in with me. The girls had arranged this so Sara and Jewels had private time together before the wedding. While we’re driving to the restaurant, I call Mike to inform him that we have the license. We should be at the restaurant in ten minutes. He informs me that it's been moved, three blocks away at a church called St. Michael's. He has two parking spaces held for us. I called Jewels to inform her of the change. At 9:20 AM we pull into St. Michael's parking lot. After parking where indicated, we walk into the church. Entering the church I recognize the priest on several occasions I have helped him out with fundraisers. Father Pat was his nickname. “Hello father Pat.” I greet him. For the past few years I've helped Father Pat, from toys at Christmas and every other thing that came along.

“Robert what is this I hear about you getting married in a restaurant, and to this angel here.” Father Pat gives Sara hug. Its then that I noticed the church is fully decorated for a wedding.

Roberto and his wife are there to greet us as well. I greet them. “Roberto your Juliet has done an outstanding job.” Roberto quickly translates for me, Juliet smiles warmly. I know she speaks English when she wants to. But they continue this game with Juliet only speaking Italian around Roberto.

Adam is there a pulls me into the grooms’ dressing room, as Sara is ushered into the bride’s dressing room. There is a knock on the door and Little Bobby is there with my tux in a suit bag. That's when I know how nervous I am. She needs to go back to get dressed herself after dropping off my tux.

Adam smiles at me and says. “You better hurry up and get changed.”

I quickly change into the tux and standing barefoot as Adam polishes my new shoes. “I knew you would forget to do this.” He says shaking his head, and handed me my socks. He too has a tux ready, and I smile at him knowing he will stand with Mike and me today. He smiles and said “Sara asked me to stand with you and Mike.”

I Noticed that there's another suit bag there's well. It must be Mike's. Just then Mike walks in smiling at Adam he asked. “Which one is mine?”

Adam seen that I was nearly ready, set down the shoes. Adam opens each bag handing Mike his tux. “Sara called me yesterday a little after you left to ask if I can make two more tuxes for today. One for Mike and one for me, she said her Uncle Dick had one.”

Like Mike and Adam, Sara’s uncle Dick was not truly any relation to her or me. But had been a friend for many years another person who I helped out in turn had helped me as well. Hadn't talked to him since all this started, if he's going to be here I'm sure Sara had explained it all to his liking. At about 9:40 AM Uncle Dick walked into the dressing area along with two other men. Mike, Adam and I both shake Dick’s hand. I tell him. “I didn't think you would have time for a wedding.”

He laughs and says. “I had to move six appointments to make time for this, I'm afraid I can't stay for anything but the wedding itself."

9:57 AM we all take her places before the altar. In three minutes exactly the wedding March begins to play, first Morgan then Little Bobby step out onto the aisle to march to the altar after several seconds Jewels and Sara step out to march as well. The girls are truly stunning, the dresses are full length but show off their figure their hair had been done, and just the right amount of makeup applied. Sara in her wedding dress looks even more angelic than ever. Nearly takes my breath away as they get closer, even though the church is completely full I only see my four beauties. All four of them are lined up a crossed from me. Father Pat reads the wedding vowels using the standard lines. Soon Father Pat gets to the point where he asked Sara if she takes this man. Just as the girls had rehearsed, Sara hesitated and the three of them said I do in unison and Sara quickly said I do. I said my I do on time then we kiss, I did realize that they had been a photographer taking pictures the entire time. Before we could turn and leave two large men push into the church. The four men that came with Uncle Dick, reactive to the threat before the two realized it they were on the ground and handcuffed. Two patrol cars were there in less than a minute. The two had been armed, and uninvited not a good thing to show up at a function with the governor there.

Five minutes later after Sara got a hug from the governor, Uncle Dick, had to leave. He promised to find out what those two wanted. They were completely surprised that he was there.

Course I was completely surprised by how many people were there, recognize a lot of their faces as people I had helped start businesses. It wasn't until we went into the reception hall of the church which was quite large that truly got an idea of just how many had come to the wedding. Around 350 people had come to celebrate our marriage. Sara and I gave a speech thinking everyone for coming, and a special thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Rolteli of Roltelies’ restaurant. Sara hugs Mrs. Rolteli in thinks for such a great job in so short a time. Of course I think Mark from Mark’s Flowers and Rebecca from Rebecca's fine jewelry. It turns out everyone that was going to go to Sara's party is here at the reception. We have the Hall until 6 PM tonight. At 12 PM I get a call from the Jaguar dealership about Sara’s new car. I had them take it to the house and drop the keys off there as well.

At 1 PM I got a call from Dick, the two men were private investigators hired by the Doctor Bastard. They claimed they would be rescuing Sara from an abusive father. When it was explained the governor was part of the wedding party the two quickly pointed everything back to the doc. Dick was happy to inform me that he had him picked up and charged with attempted kidnapping. Not five minutes after talking to Dick he was on the air given a special news update and speech.

I told Jewels what happened she nearly ripped the sides of her dress laughing so hard. The Twins had a similar reaction to the news. Sara's reaction was one of relief, I was just hoping someone else wasn't pulling the strings and would be trying a different way to come at Sara. I guess is where the bulk of the $700,000 went to. Him hiring private investigators in paying enough that they didn't ask questions.

All the usual things that happened at a wedding reception we did. Everything went well from then on, and soon it was time to head home, Sara still in her wedding dress and I’m still in my tux drove home. On the edge of the city Sara reminded me that Mrs. Winfield was to get to drive the rest of the way home.

“You sure you can in that dress?” I asked.

“If that wedding we had could be pulled off in 24 hours. I think I can manage.” Sara says confidently. So I pull over and let Sara drive us home. Which she does excellently not missing a single turn, or have any trouble with her driving. Jewels is there waiting on Sara and I, it's been so fast that I haven't given her a key yet, actually all I need to do is tell the house to open up for Jewels. Set a voiceprint for her to do so.

When Sara stops by Jewels’ new SUV you couldn't see the new Jaguar behind it, but I knew it was there and Jewels was dying to let Sara see it. As soon as Sara opened her door Jewels backed up a car length or two giving Sara her first view of her birthday present. I swear she jumped higher than the truck upon seeing her Jaguar she was so excited. “IS IT REALLY MY NEW CAR?” She screamed.

“Yes Love, it’s yours! That’s your birthday present.” I'm smiling brightly at Sara's happiness and excitement.

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