Nudists have sex 2

Nudists have sex 2

Nudists Have Sex – Part 2

Ron awoke early and sprang out of bed, eager for the events of the day. He couldn’t help but smile at the dramatic difference three years had made. He recalled with a smile how he had dreaded going to the “Bare River Bend Nudist Resort” that day three years ago. He had been barely thirteen at that time, but now at sixteen, with a driver’s license and a car the world would be different – at least he thought and hoped it would be different!

Ron’s smile grew even bigger as he thought about his car, although “car” wasn’t really a good description of it. Last fall his uncle had retired from his home appliance repair business, and had given Ron one of the service vehicles. It had been specially fitted to serve Uncle Jake’s unique needs. The two front seats were standard Chevrolet nine passenger van configuration, but other than that, it had been custom designed. Ron had stripped out the special built drawers and parts bins then carpeted the floor and two sides, all the way to the roof. There were no windows as Uncle Jake figured the van was more secure if people couldn’t see what was inside. Ron left the solid wall between the passenger compartment and the van so that he use the cabinets and drawers mounted to that partition for the stereo components, as well as anything else he decided.

The floor had two layers of the thickest carpet pad available and then plush carpet on top of that. Thus, the floor was extremely comfortable, making a nice place to sleep when he and his friends went camping. Of course it served another purpose the one time he and Kellie had gotten together for a date. She had helped him choose the carpet, and it was her idea to make the floor soft enough for love making. Together, they had stocked the few remaining cabinets with all the things they needed, condoms, spermicidal jelly, lube, etc. Although it was fully stocked, it wouldn’t be immediately obvious to the casual observer. Ron had modified the drawers such that a casual look would reveal nothing but a drawer with little or nothing in it, a few books, trinkets, stereo controls etc. However; if one knew where to press on the bottom of the drawer, it would tilt up revealing the space beneath the false bottom.

His parents were also happy for Ron to have transportation as Dad had always taken the car home during the week, leaving the rest of the family to stay at the resort. His sister, Julie, had gone away to college, and except for visiting about once a month during the summer, she wasn’t at the resort that much. She commented that while she still loved to come to the resort, she wasn’t willing to make it known that her parents lived at a nudist resort during the summer.

As he showered and prepared to drive with his Mom and Dad to the resort, he was looking forward to seeing Kellie on a daily basis. After toweling off and studying his now six foot stature, he was quite pleased with what he saw. He had grown into a rather well muscled football player, who maintained a straight A average. While he didn’t lack for opportunities for girl friends, he still considered Kellie “His Girl,” and she likewise called him “Her Man.” Just thinking of Kellie resulted in the inevitable proud erection, and soon his cock was at its full seven inch glory. Actually it was just slightly less than seven inches, but what the hell, everyone else probably exaggerated a bit, so he always thought of it as seven inches. It didn’t take but a few minutes to provide the desperately needed relief, and he was happy to unload his pent up passion so that he could properly make love to Kellie in a few hours.

Just as they were getting ready to leave, Julie arrived, breathless and excited. She explained that she just couldn’t miss the opening day of the resort, and decided to spend the weekend with the family. She would go with us to the resort then ride home with Dad Sunday night. When she saw my van, she said that she would ride with me so she could catch up with me, thinking that at the camp I would be otherwise occupied.

As we drove, Julie glanced at me and exclaimed, “Wow, Ronnie, I bet you have to beat the girls off with a club!”

I kind of shrugged and flashed a smile at her and responded, “Hey Julie, thanks for the compliment, but I’ll bet you have your share of offers as well, you’re not a bad looking chick yourself.”

We laughed and exchanged compliments for a few minutes when Julie became a bit more serious. “Ronnie, if I bring a Ken to the camp, do you think you could, well, you know, kind of help him fit in, I mean, you know, he kind of wants to come, but kind of doesn’t want to. You know how shy he can be.”

“Does he know you will be coming to a nudist resort?” I asked with a smile on my face.

“Yes, he knows,” she replied, “and he is OK, by that I mean he doesn’t think I am weird or strange, and he is willing to give it a try, but he has never been, and thinks he will be embarrassed if he gets an erection. You can understand that!” she said with a giggle.

“Gee, Julie, why don’t you just teach him like you taught me?” I asked glancing at her out of the corner of my eye.

“Well, he is actually very strict, his dad is a preacher, and he believes we shouldn’t make love until we are married. I know that is a bit unusual today, but it is actually kind of refreshing not to have someone pawing at me. Oh we do plenty, in fact we have ‘done everything but’ and I can tell you he is really hot and hung like a stud horse, but he just doesn’t want to actually have sex, at least not until we are engaged and sure it is going to work out.”

We drove along in silence for a couple of minutes while I pondered the situation then turned to Julie again. “Hey, how did he find out we are nudists? We were very careful the times you bought him home for a visit.”

Julie kind of giggled and related the story. They had been dating for over a year and she had bought him home twice. Mom, Dad and I liked him immediately and thought he and Julie made a really nice couple. One evening Ken came to pick her up at the Sorority house, but she was late getting home from work. Julie was just getting out of the shower when Ken arrived, so she asked her roommate to have Ken get her purse out of the car as she had been in such a hurry she forgot to bring it in. He got the purse, but as he closed the car door, it caught the side of the purse and popped the catch open, spilling everything onto the driveway.

Ken quickly began gathering all the myriad items that girls carry in their purses. He came to her wallet, which had also fallen open and gotten dust all over the photos and credit cards. When he got back into the house, he decided to wipe everything off, so carefully slipped the various licenses and cards out and gently wiped them off. He wasn’t paying much attention, other than a quick glance to see that he had them dusted when he noticed a white card with a blue circle that read, “AANR Nude Recreation.” As he looked more closely, he could see the small print at the very top reading, “Serving Family Social Nude Recreation Since 1931.”

Julie noticed that Ken was nervous and jittery all through the concert, and instead of going out with the rest of the gang for a Coke, he suggested that they go for a little drive. He pulled up by the moonlit lake and suggested that they sit by the shore and watch the moon light sparkling on the water. Finally Julie demanded to know what was wrong.

“Are you really a nudist?” he asked with a quivering voice.

“Why would you ask me a question like that?” Julie retorted, feeling her heart skip a beat.

“Because I spilled your purse and when I picked it up I found your AANR membership card, and I can’t figure out why you would have a nudist society card unless you are a nudist.”

“Would it matter if I was,” Julie asked, her stomach feeling as if she had swallowed a huge rock.

“I’m not sure,” replied Kenny, “I mean, what do nudists really do, well, I mean, well, after all it must mean you are naked with other people around, and as pretty as you are, all the men must want to, well you know.”

“Yes, I know, you think that being naked automatically means sex. Well, it just isn’t so, we have very strict rules, you can’t even hug except for just a second or two, no one wants to have anyone think it is about sex, it is about enjoying being naked and feeling the sun and breeze on your bare skin. Of course nudists have sex when and where appropriate, and I suppose some actually push the rules a bit, but I have never seen anyone do anything even close to sex in the open areas of the resort. And besides, I don’t have any problems with a clingy wet swimming suit, I just drip dry!” she replied with a laugh.

“So,” replied Ken, “you really do go around naked with lots of other people, both men and women?”

“Yes we do, and we swim, we play games, we take walks, we read books, we do anything that anyone else would do at a camp ground, except we do it naked. So, just take me home and prepare the news-release,” Julie said as the tears began to run down her face.

“I’m not taking you home, and I’m not preparing a news release because I haven’t heard anything news-worthy,” he said firmly as he gathered her in his arms and kissed the tears away. “You don’t really think I would do that to you do you? Because if you do, then I am afraid I am as hurt as you are!”

They sat in silence for a few moments, then Julie turned to him saying, “I’m sorry, it’s just that there is so many crazy ideas bout nudists that we just don’t let anyone know about ‘our little secret.”

“How long have you been a nudist?” Ken asked.

“Well,” replied Julie, “I was born naked, as were you, and we have spent the better part of every summer at the resort, even when I was a baby. And by the way, there is one thing we don’t do naked.”

“What’s that?” he asked.

“We never fry bacon in the nude!”

After they collapsed together laughing, Ken again cuddled her in his arms and kissed her gently. “So, do you think I could visit?” he asked

“Why, just so you can see me naked?” asked Julie in a teasing voice. “Because if that is all you want to do, I’ll just strip right here.”

“Well, of course I want to see you naked, any man would, but actually I am remembering when a bunch of us kids used to go out to the sand pit on Sam’s place. There weren’t any roads out there and it was surrounded by trees. We would skinny dip all summer long, and I really liked it for the reasons you just said.

“Were there any girls there?” asked Julie.

“No, at that age, we didn’t want girls around, so we always ditched them. But then one day Connie and Betty followed us, and as soon as we got in the water they stole all our clothes and hid them. We couldn’t find them, so since the church was right by the edge of the farmer’s land, I was elected to sneak in the back door of the church and get the Jr. Choir robes for everyone. I was able to make it, but mom saw me sneaking out the back door with the robes and was there to meet us when we came back. When all the smoke cleared, we were never allowed to go to the sand pit again. It wasn’t because we were naked, Dad said that swimming with a bunch of guys naked wasn’t any big deal, but he said the sand pit was very deep and it was much too dangerous. I guess I am thinking that it would be nice to re-live the experience of skinny dipping again.”

“So, seeing me naked has nothing to do with it?” asked Julie with a smile.

Ken kind of smiled and said, “Well, that too.”

Ron was smiling when Julie finished her story, then assured her that he would be happy to help Ken, but wasn’t just sure what to do if he really didn’t want to make love until they were married. He would have to think on this a bit. About that time they arrived at the resort and he maneuvered the van into a spot he had been thinking about all winter long. Julie glanced at him and nodded her approval as they stepped out of the van.

“No one can see the van from here, either from the main social area, or from the camping area where Mom and Dad’s trailer is,” she observed.

Ron nodded his agreement, and began to shed his clothes. Julie did likewise, and as Ron opened the rear doors of the van to put his clothes inside, Julie stepped around from the passenger side. Ron stared for a moment then realized that Julie was staring at him as well.

“Uh, well I guess Ken is going to have to do some real work before seeing you naked if he doesn’t want to get an erection,” Ron observed, feeling his cock twitch with the beginnings of his own erection.

“Wow!” exclaimed Julie, “You have really filled out this past winter, and in all the right places. Kellie must have her hands full with you,” she said with a laugh in her voice.

“Hey, Julie, you don’t have any reason to take a back seat with filling out,” he commented.

“I can see that you approve,” Julie replied glancing down at Ron’s cock which was now nearly fully erect. “You really have to be careful not to pin Kellie to the floor, that thing could go all the way through her,” she exclaimed.

At that moment, Kellie came jogging up the trail and turned into the secluded parking space. Ron tried to keep his towel positioned so that his erection wasn’t so obvious while at the same time trying to figure how he was going to hug Kellie. It seemed as if he hadn’t seen her for a year, when in fact it had only been a little over a month. Kellie rushed up to Ron and launched herself at him. He had no choice but to drop the towel and catch her in mid air. Kellie wrapped her legs around Ron’s waist and squeezed her breasts against his chest while at the same time meeting his lips in a tender but passionate kiss.

“Hi Kellie,” exclaimed Julie as she turned to leave the two hormone raging kids in private.

“Hi, Julie,” replied Kellie as she snuggled against Ron.

Ron could see that Julie was leaving, so he simply turned around with Kellie clinging to him and lowered her cute little ass onto the carpeted floor of the van, then pushed her back as he crawled in and pulled the doors closed behind them.

“Wow, this is so neat,” whispered Kellie as she looked around.

Ron fumbled with one of the drawers and pulled out the things they needed, handing the spermicidal inserts to Kellie and tearing open a condom package. Kellie smiled at him with unbridled passion showing on her face and made short work of inserting the triangular shaped item as Ron rolled on a condom.

“I’m so wet I don’t think we will need any KY,” whispered Kellie breathlessly as she snuggled against Ron’s chest. “And, it looks to me like you are ready as well.”

Ron rolled on top of Kellie, glad that he had jerked off that morning, hoping that would give him some staying power, but he doubted it would be as much as he wanted. In a moment, he had slid into Kellie and felt his balls slap her firm little ass. They clung to each other for several seconds, savoring the feel of their bodies as they melted together. Then Ron began to slowly and teasingly move his hips, pressing upward in order to put pressure on Kellie’s clit. Kellie responded by wiggling her ass back and forth savoring the friction in her pussy and clit. It wasn’t long before Ron was speeding up his movements, and shortly was slamming his cock into Kellie as if he were trying to crawl in behind it. All too soon, his sperm came boiling out of his cock, feeling like it was being forced out with a series of rocket explosions.

They collapsed together, cuddling and whispering their love for each other, and floating with the euphoria of their mutual orgasms. It wasn’t more than fifteen minutes until Ron said he was ready for some more love. He began by kissing his way from Kellie’s forehead all the way to her feet, then up the inside of her legs, until he reached her wet lips. He wasn’t that keen to slip his tongue into her as the Norform insert had melted and the taste wasn’t that nice, but he did manage to flip his tongue on Kellie’s clit a few times. By now his cock was feeling as if it were ready to rip the condom open, and he passionately slid back into Kellie, feeling his cock slide home as if it were being called by an irresistible force, pulling him in. Suddenly he realized that he could feel Kellie’s pussy opening and closing like it actually was pulling him in.

“Where did you learn to do that?” he asked.

“I found one of Mom’s sex books and have been doing some study and practicing the Kegel exercise,” she said, “do you like it?”

“Man, that is the greatest feeling since the first time we did it,” he exclaimed.

Kellie had two increasingly satisfying orgasms when Ron felt he could no longer hold back and began pounding into her as hard as he could. Once again, his sperm rocketed down the launching tube and if it were not for the condom, he was sure it would have been forcibly injected right into Kellie’s cervix. They collapsed together and drifted into a contented sleep.

They were awakened by a banging on the doors and hearing Kerrie and Nancy yelling for them to come out. After saying they would be out in a minute, they quickly grabbed some baby wipes and cleaned up a bit, then after securing everything in a plastic trash bag in one of the drawers, they opened the doors. Kerrie and Nancy hopped in, exclaiming about how nice the van was. They both tested the carpet by lying down and bouncing a bit.

“Not bad,” mused Kerrie, “and with the springs, I bet you two had a nice ride!”

“Hope the shock absorbers didn’t take too much beating,” observed Nancy.

“Stop already,” exclaimed Kellie, “I told you to stay away until we came down to the lake,” she groused.

“We didn’t think you would be down before dark,” giggled Kerrie, “so we decided to come wake you up.”

They walked together toward the lake. As they walked, Ron couldn’t help but notice that both Kerrie and Nancy had grown bigger tits. In fact both were bigger than Kellie, and Nancy’s actually had a bit of sag to them. Ron still liked Kellie’s the best, they were not all that big, but fit her frame very nicely, stood out proudly and while they bounced a little, they didn’t sag. Plus, the nipples got really hard when they were making love, and sometimes he could tell when she was ready just by looking at how proudly her nipples stood out.

When they got to the lake, Ron noticed six girls that didn’t look familiar. On second glance, they did look somewhat familiar, but he couldn’t quite place them. He asked Kellie about them, and she said that they were all here last year, all were thirteen, but he just hadn’t noticed them last year because they were still pesky flat chested little pests. Ron observed that while they may still be little pests, they certainly weren’t flat chested! They ranged from little lemon sized bumps to a full A size. Not bad, thought Ron, as he made a note to keep an eye on their development over the summer. Not bad at all! All of a sudden, he became aware that two of the girls were whispering between themselves and taking furtive little glances at him, or rather his cock. Just the knowledge that they were peeking at his cock caused the stirring that let him know it would soon be out of control. Dropping his towel, he plunged into the lake.

The instant he hit the water, he realized why no one else was swimming in the lake and everyone was around the heated pool. It was freezing cold, so cold that it took his breath away. On the other hand, it immediately took care of his other problem, so he grinned at the shock as he slowly got used to the cold, then teased the girls about staying on the shore. Realizing that no one was going to join him, he finally came out, dried himself on the towel and lay in the sun to warm up.

Kellie lay her towel down beside him, and Nancy and Kerrie did the same. Soon they were catching up on the winter’s events. Both Nancy and Kerrie now had boy friends of several months standing and were excitedly filling in the gang about how special they were. Ron asked if the boys knew that they were spending the summer at a nudist resort. Kerrie said Jimmy didn’t know, and she was taking all the steps to make sure he didn’t find out, as he could be a bit of a gossip. Nancy admitted that she had told Bill one night, and he seemed to be OK with it. In fact, he had even asked if he could visit her one day.

“What do you think would happen his first time?” Ron asked.

“As horny as Billy is all the time, he will probably have to spend the entire day in the lake, and hope it is really cold!” she exclaimed. “He is so horny, I mean like he is really horny.”

“How horny is he?” asked Kerrie and Kellie at the same time.

“Sure,” replied Nancy, “You just want to find out if we have done it,” she said with a smile. “Well, we haven’t, but when he comes up here and sees all the naked girls, he is going to go absolutely wild.

“So, why haven’t you done it? It’s not like you never did it before,” observed Kerrie as she glanced at Ron.

“Oh, I don’t know for sure, I didn’t want to just do it with him the first time in the back seat, and with three brothers and sisters at our home, and two at his place, we couldn’t do it in our bed. I just wanted it to be in a special place at a special time, and not be hurry up scary thing,” she replied.

Kerrie nodded, “We haven’t done it either, pretty much the same reasons but, Nancy if Billy does come up here, you could use Ron’s van, it looks like it could be pretty nice for the first time” she said with a questioning glance at him.

Ron nodded, but said they needed to bring all their own stuff and clean up after themselves. “You can even lock the doors and no one can see in,” he observed.

The talk about making love had the predictable affect on Ron, and before long he was secretly trying to digging a hole in the sand to hide his erection. Kellie noticed his movements and asked what he was trying to do. Ron didn’t respond and rolled onto his stomach to hide his rising erection. When he did, Kellie began to tickle him, and before the other girls thought about what was actually going on, they jumped up and began helping Kellie as they tickled and pummeled him unmercifully. Finally, unable to withstand their punishment, Ron rolled over and tried to sit up, but Nancy immediately flopped down over his chest. Suddenly, everyone got very quiet. Ron could hear the collective gasp as his fully erect cock stood pointing to the sky.

“Wow!” exclaimed Nancy and Kerrie simultaneously.

“Cummon, you know what will happen if anyone sees us,” exclaimed Ron, “Let me up!”

Nancy rolled off, and Ron quickly sat up and covered his cock with the towel, hunching over to provide additional hiding of the situation.

“Looks like we should all go in the lake,” commented Kerrie as she stood up.

After pulling Kellie and Nancy up, the three of them formed a line on the common side of Ron and began moving toward the lake. At the edge they hesitated, recalling how cold Ron said the lake was. Glancing over they could see that nothing had changed; Ron’s cock was so hard it was sticking almost straight up. Ron couldn’t help but see Kerrie’s expression and felt as if she were silently applauding how big he had become. After discussing how to get in the water, Ron just put his arms around the group and shoved them all into the lake. The expected screaming and spluttering filled the air as they came up. The girls didn’t stay in the water very long, but Ron said it was nice. Actually he was freezing his ass off, but had to stay in while the cold water did its job. Shortly, he too climbed out and toweled off.

They decided to go for a walk around the lake and soon they were scampering around, tossing small rocks off the hiking path, and generally having a good time. Kellie and Nancy pulled ahead, looking at a couple of birds flittering from branch to branch. Nancy speculated that the brightly colored Cardinal was trying to seduce the more sedately colored female, to which Kellie commented that was a man for you. Kerrie fell into step with Ron and glanced up at him as if she wanted to say something.

“What?” asked Ron

“What do you mean what?” asked Kerrie with a smile.

“What do you want to say, I can tell that you are about to bust with something you are afraid to say.”

“Uh, well, it’s just that I hadn’t seen you hard since the time you did Kellie and me that day in your trailer. I thought you were big then, but you are a LOT bigger now, I couldn’t believe you are so big, you are lots bigger than Jimmy, and he is the same age as you.”

“I thought you said you hadn’t done it with Jimmy,” commented Ron.

“We haven’t actually done it, but I have seen his cock a few times. He took his pants off one night when he was trying to get me to do it with him in the back seat, but I told him I just didn’t want to do it there so I started to jerk him off while he played with my breasts. I had let him put his finger in me, but he was rough and wouldn’t just touch me tenderly, so I told him he had to stop. He didn’t want to and that was when I started pumping his cock really fast, but as soon as he came he just wanted to take me home. I was really mad at him, it seems like all he wanted to do was for his own satisfaction and what I wanted didn’t matter. Then the next day at school I heard that he was telling the guys on the football team that he had fucked me. I was so mad that I wouldn’t let him touch me for two weeks! I also let the word out that he didn’t fuck me, he couldn’t get it big enough to do anything but jack off. Boy was he mad!”

“So was that the end of it?” asked Ron, “or did you go out with him again.”

“We are still going out, but I didn’t let him even touch my breasts for a whole month. One night he said he was sorry and told the guys he only said he fucked me because they were teasing him, and that we hadn’t actually done anything more than play around in the back seat. So, I forgave him. He had been really nice to me, so we got in the back seat again and I let him take my shirt and bra off. This time he was gentle, kissing my nipples like he really cared about how I felt. I let him put his hand up my skirt and slide my panties down. At first he was careful and actually found my clit.”

“I decided to reciprocate so I opened his pants, pulled his cock out and started to play with him. I even kissed the tip of his cock and licked around the head, but then he jammed his finger inside me so hard that it hurt so I pushed him off and started to put my clothes back on. He got really mad and said if I wouldn’t play the game he would say that he fucked me again. I slapped him really hard then told him to look at my hand. I said that if I even heard a hint of him telling that story, I would say that when I put my hand around his cock I couldn’t even see the tip sticking out past my fist. He was so mad that he didn’t speak to me for two weeks, but now he wants to get together again. I just don’t know, if he ever found out that I come to a nudist resort, I would be fair game for every guy on the football team.”

They walked along in silence for a while, and then Ron spoke up, “if I was Jimmy, I could really show you how nice a guy can be to a girl.”

Kerrie looked up at him sharply. “Are you saying you want to go out with me?” she asked. “What about Kellie?”

Ron stopped abruptly, pulling Kerrie to a stop beside him. “No, I didn’t say I wanted to go out with you, well, I don’t mean that I wouldn’t like to go out with you, you are a beautiful girl and I like you, I always have. I am just saying that if you were my girl friend and not Kellie, I would know how to treat you nice and see that you had a good time too. I have learned that making love is more than just pushing your cock into a girl, and that a girl can have fun too. That’s all.”

Kerrie stood silently for a few moments then said, “I wish I was your girl friend so you could show me how nice that would be. It hurt when we did it that time, but I just wanted to do it, I didn’t really think about being in love or how it would feel.”

“You didn’t say anything after we did it,” commented Ron. “I always wondered what you thought and if you liked it.”

“I guess I didn’t really think, we had always done things together for so long and when I knew that you and Kellie did it, I was jealous and just wanted to be able to say I did it with you too. Nancy felt the same way, we didn’t see it so much as making love or being in love, it was just something that Kellie had done and we hadn’t, so it seemed like a natural thing to try to have the same experience. As for how it felt, it hurt like hell for a minute then it felt really full but I didn’t feel anything special other than knowing that it made you feel good. The next day I was sore and had to be careful that Mom didn’t figure out what we did. I haven’t done it since you and I did it three years ago, I guess I wanted it to be special and am waiting for someone special.”

“Do you know if Nancy has done it again?” asked Ron.

“She says she did it a couple of times last year with a guy who was in a play with her. They were supposed to be a married couple with a rowdy teen ager in the school play. Naturally, one of the scenes included a kiss but neither of them had much experience and it seemed really awkward, so the director suggested that they practice a few times in private to make the scene seem more natural. So, they stayed after school and met in the prop room to practice. After a while, they got the hang of it but decided to continue practicing. Pretty soon he was feeling her boobs then had his hands under her blouse and before long she was topless. Before they finished, they had used one of the beds for another purpose other than sleeping. They did it once again but then Nancy missed her period, or at least thought she had. When it was three days late she told him she thought she was pregnant. He claimed it had to be someone else, and walked off. She was devastated. She didn’t think they were in love or were going to get married, she just thought he would help her out of the situation. Luckily she got her period a couple days later. When she told him she wasn’t pregnant, he wanted to have sex again, but she told him to fuck off, she didn’t need someone who would abandon her at the first sign of a problem. Now she is hooked up with Billy, and he seems like a really nice guy.”

About that time, Nancy and Kellie hollered for them to catch up, so that was the end of the conversation. As the four of them walked around the lake, sharing how their winter had gone, Kellie stopped and said that she had something to tell everyone.

“I am not going to be spending the whole week here every day like we have for as long as I can remember. I talked Mom and Dad into letting me get a car, but now I have to pay for my own insurance and some of the cost. Dad is helping, but he says that if I want more freedom, I have to take more responsibility. So, I have a job that means I have to ten hours a day, Monday through Thursday then I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off and come up here.”

Ron was stunned. He too had a car and expenses and had thought of getting a summer job. He actually did work part time during school and had saved up enough money so that he and Kellie could spend the entire summer together. Now this! In some ways, he felt betrayed. Never-the-less, he decided to make the best of it, so wished Kellie well, saying that at least they would have the weekends together.

On Sunday night, Kellie left to get home so she could be at work on time Monday morning. After hanging out with Nancy and Kerrie Monday morning, he told his folks that he was going to go into the local town for a while and if she needed anything at the grocery store he would pick it up for her. Kerrie and Nancy asked if they could go along. After getting dressed, they started for town. As they looked around for a bit, they happened by a video arcade advertising for weekend help. Without really intending to apply for a job, they went in to inquire about the positions. The owner said that the arcade was going great, but he just couldn’t keep up with it by himself. Both he and his wife, along with two daughter’s-in-law were working seven days a week, and wanted to get some relief. Before long, they had accepted part time jobs, working six hours Friday afternoons, and twelve hours Saturday and Sunday. In addition, all the food they wanted to eat while working, they just couldn’t take any home. Ron would drive them all to work in his van. The only problem is that Ron and Kellie would only see each other from Thursday evening to Friday afternoon. Still, it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Predictably, Kellie was furious and accused Ron and the girls of doing this to spite her. No amount of reasoning made any difference, so after spending a miserable Thursday evening, Ron hoped that Kellie would be in a better mood Friday morning. He waited by the van for her usual morning visit, but she didn’t show up. Later, Nancy and Kerrie said that Kellie told them she had some shopping to do and left early Friday morning saying she would be back sometime Friday night.

“I guess that tells me where I stand,” said Ron with a regretful look on his face.

“Don’t worry,” Nancy replied, she’ll get over it. “Besides, she isn’t feeling too good right now, if you know what I mean.”

“Uh, Oh, OK,” grunted Ron and let the matter slide.

The work on Friday night was busy, but didn’t hold a candle to Saturday and Sunday. They were on a constant run, serving refreshments to rowdy kids, making change, and showing new-comers how to play the various games. In addition, Ron soon learned that his computer experience allowed him to resolve some game problems that cropped up from time to time. By Sunday night, they were ready for some rest! Even though they saw Kellie driving out of the parking lot as they drove in, she didn’t stop for more than a second, saying she had to hurry home.

“I think we just got the brush off,” commented Nancy wryly. “Wonder why she is still so huffy, she’s the one who bailed out first.”

Monday morning they all slept in, and when Ron awoke, he was confronted with his usual morning hard on. Before dealing with it, he began thinking of meeting Kellie at the van for some relief. Then realized that this was going to be the ultimate “Do it yourself job.” After unloading his pent up load, he took a leisurely shower and sauntered down to the common area with a book, planning to read for a while then go swimming. He selected a spot well away from the noisy crowd and settled back in the lounger and picked up his book. As he was reading, he noticed that two of the six girls he saw the opening day of camp were back, along with three boys. He judged that the boys ranged from about eleven to perhaps thirteen. One of them still had the little boy cock, while the other two were definitely well on the way to maturity. He smiled as he recalled the day three years ago when he first had to deal with an unruly cock with a mind of its own.

Gradually, Ron felt the tension of the past three days drain away and lowered his book for a moment. Without realizing it, he drifted off and was soon dreaming a kaleidoscope of jumbled images. Before long, the dreams became erotic and soon he was slamming his cock into a beautiful cheer-leader right on the fifty yard line of the football field. He could hear people cheering him on as he pumped harder and harder. Suddenly, he was on the one yard line, and somehow knew that if he just pumped a little harder he could make a goal and win the game. The cheering got louder and louder until in a shuddering frenzy, he shot his load. At that instant, the cheering turned into subdued giggles and his eyes flew open.

In an instant, he summed up several things. He had a raging erection, with fresh hot cum splattered all over his belly and book. If that weren’t bad enough, the two girls were standing about six feet away, obviously having seen the entire show. Ron sprang up and ran for the lake, diving in and swimming with strong strokes all the way to the other side. There he climbed out and disappeared onto the path around the lake. He walked for perhaps fifteen minutes when he sensed that he wasn’t alone. Glancing around to see what had caused the feeling, he slowly turned from side to side. Not seeing anything, he started walking again, when suddenly he heard a rustling sound and the two girls ran out of the trees grabbing his hands.

“What do you think you are doing?” demanded Ron.

“Nothing,” smirked the older one, who said her name was Karen. “We just wanted to be sure you were OK, you ran off so fast we didn’t get a chance to say hello,” she said with a big grin. “Why did you run away, it was just getting interesting.”

“Yeah, tell us what the dream was about,” chided the younger named Michelle. “It must have been pretty good to make all that happen. And, what did happen, we’ve never seen anything like that before!”

“Go away and leave me alone,” he snapped, “it’s none of your business what happened, some things are private.”

“Not when you do it where everyone can see you,” stated Karen with a sassy smirk. And besides, we’ve seen you with your cock sticking up before, so don’t pretend it never happens!”

“When did you see me,” demanded Ron. “Have you guys been spying on me?”

“Oh, we were playing around up in the trees a couple of years ago and we saw you and Kellie kissing. Then we saw you put your hands on her tits and then you got on top of her and put your cock in her bottom and bounced up and down for a while. When Kellie started groaning, we got scared and ran away, but we came back a few times after that.

“Oh shit!” exclaimed Ron. “Did you tell anyone what you saw?”

“Of course not Ronnie, we didn’t want you to get in trouble. You were always nice to us in the swimming pool, helping us do flips in the water and boosting us out of the pool. Besides, we kind of liked watching and if we told, we wouldn’t get to watch again.”

“You mean you watched Kellie and me making love!” Ron groaned. “How many times did you do that?”

“Probably only about eight or ten times,” said Michelle as some red colored her cheeks. “We thought we were the only ones who knew, but one time we saw Julie going by, and sometimes Nancy and Kerrie would take a peek and we didn’t want to get caught watching. But, we did watch enough times to know that it looks like a lot of fun,” she giggled.

“We liked watching Kellie play with your cock more than when you put it in her. We could see more when she was rubbing it and kissing it than we could when you hid it inside of her.”

With all their talk and descriptions, Ron’s cock began to twitch and he realized it would soon be completely out of control. He looked desperately for somewhere to go, when Michelle started to giggle. “Hey look Karen, its happening right now.”

In a moment Ron was fully erect and the girls were staring as if they were trying to bore holes.

“You girls got to get out of here and leave me alone,” he whispered. “If someone comes along we will all be in big trouble, and I will probably be banned from the resort forever.”

“No one is going to come along, we got guards to watch for anyone. They will start hollering for Suzie to come out, the game is over,” responded Karen.

“So, what do you think you are going to do?” asked Ron with a sinking feeling that was rapidly turning to passion.

“We want to touch it and see what it is like when it is hard, and we want to watch the white stuff squirt out,” responded Michelle calmly. “We only got to look at it from about fifteen feet away.”

With that, she made a fumbling grab at his cock and began to explore. Ron’s knees felt weak and he sank down onto the blanket of leaves by the trail. Soon both Karen and Michelle were squatted down beside him, taking turns feeling his cock and balls. Before long, he knew that it wouldn’t take much for him to shoot his load, so he showed them how to stroke his cock until his cum spurted out, spilling onto their hands and tits. Some of it even hit Karen on the face and began sliding down toward her lips. Perhaps it was instinctive, but she slid her tongue out and touched the dripping goo then licked it off. Michelle was watching intently then asked what it tasted like.

“It doesn’t taste bad, I knew it wouldn’t or Kellie wouldn’t have let him shoot it into her mouth that time,” she observed. “Why don’t you lick some of it off your chest,” she suggested.

Michelle took a little dollop of cum off her right breast and tentatively touched her tongue to it, then sucked her finger clean. “Not bad,” she observed, “I wonder what it would taste like straight from the source,” said in a wondering voice.

With that, she quickly bent down and took Ron’s cock in her mouth and began to suck. Ron could feel his cock being drained as Michelle increased the sucking. Pretty soon, her tongue was swirling around the head of his cock then she bean to bob her head up and down, taking his cock all the way to the back of here throat. Although he had just shot off less than ten minutes before, he could feel his balls starting to stir. He knew it wouldn’t be a big shot, but even so he wanted to warn Michelle what was going to happen.

“Michelle, if you don’t stop right now, I am going to cum in your mouth,” he gasped. Michelle didn’t even slow down, in fact she speeded up, and moments later, Ron released a minimal load of white sticky goo into Michelle’s mouth. She coughed a little but swallowed the small load like a trooper as Ron flopped down on his back. Within moments, his cock was limp. Michelle wiped her mouth on her towel saying that it tasted kind of good.

Karen watched for a moment then said, “Next time I get to do it first. How long do we have to wait before you can do it again?” she asked eagerly.

“Not before tomorrow morning,” grunted Ron.

“Good, we will wait for you in the place where you and Kellie always did it,” she commented as if it were all settled. “See you then.” With that, they scampered off, leaving Ron to ponder how the hell he was going to deal with this.

The next morning Ron met Kerrie and Nancy after breakfast. After some hesitation, he filled them in on what had happened and what he should do. The girls expressed disappointment that they had chosen to take a nap instead of being there. Ron said that it probably wouldn’t make any difference, sooner or later the girls would have figured out a way to make it happen. The rest of the discussion was how to deal with the situation that now existed.

After much debate Nancy spoke up, “you know for me it wasn’t so much that I wanted to have sex with Ron, I just wanted to see if sex was all that everyone was making it out to be. After we did it that time, it wasn’t such a big deal and for me it was over until I found the guy that I really wanted to make love to, not just have sex.”

“Oh,” said Ron putting on a hurt look, “you didn’t like it with me and so you haven’t done it again.”

“Come on, Ron, you know I didn’t mean that you weren’t gentle and caring with me or that it wasn’t nice doing it with you, its just that I found out it wasn’t the big deal the other girls said it would be. I did it again last year but the guy turned out to be a real jerk who just wanted to brag. I am glad I did it with you first, but don’t want to do it again unless it is someone I really love and want to do something more to show it.”

“You mean someone like Billy?” said Ron with a big grin.

“Well, uh, well yes,” replied Nancy with a little smile.

Ron thought for a moment then said, “So what’s your point Nancy?”

“Just this, give them what they want and they will probably feel like I did and leave you alone.”

“I’m not so sure about that,” he replied thoughtfully. “What happens if they really like it and follow me all over?”

“Would that be so bad?” Kerrie mused.

“On the one hand, it sounds too good to be true, but I’m not so sure that I feel a lot different than you do Nancy. I mean it was fun to do it with you guys, especially your first time. I really wanted you to like it and of course it was new and exciting for me, and I wasn’t worried about you running to your Dad and blaming me for taking your virginity. But, I am older now and while I still really like doing it I’m not sure I want to have two thirteen year olds in love with me. What if they get mad and tell their parents, I could really get in trouble.”

Nancy was about to agree when Karen and Michelle crawled into the special place. After glaring at Kerrie and Nancy for a moment, Karen turned to Ron and gave him a big smile. He could tell that she was pushing her chest out to make her tits look as big as possible. A quick look at Michelle said she was doing the same thing. A moment later he felt his cock stir and before long, his second brain took over his thinking. Glancing at Nancy, she got the message and took Kerrie’s hand pulling her out of the hideout. Karen immediately moved toward Ron with a seductive smile as she knelt down in front of him.

Tentatively she stuck her tongue out and swiped Ron’s cock. Seeing it jump she smiled and moved even closer. Opening her mouth wide, she took the tip into her warm wet mouth and began sucking. Ron knew he couldn’t last long, and began to sink down. Karen followed taking even more cock into her mouth. Ron decided to just let it happen and soon he felt the first sensation followed by a huge spurt of cum, then another and another. Karen gagged and coughed, pulling her head back.

“You didn’t warn me,” she complained.

“You were the one who said she wanted to be first,” Ron replied when he got his voice back. “If you want to be first you need to be ready for the result of your wish.”

“But you still could have at least warned me,” Karen sulked.

Ron decided to push the point, so replied, “Well, you are the one who insisted on coming here and who insisted on being first, so I just assumed you knew what you were doing.”

“Would you show us how to keep from getting pregnant?” asked Karen shyly.

“Simple,” replied Ron, “Keep your legs together!”

“You mean “Just say no, but what if I don’t want to just say no, what if I want to know what it’s like, the older girls say it’s really fantastic and they can’t wait to do it again,” exclaimed Michelle. “And besides, I know about condoms, Mom told me, and even showed me one like they use when she doesn’t want it to be so messy. So, don’t preach at me!”

By now Ron’s cock was taking over his brain, so he suggested that they go to his van just down the road. He told Michelle to go first and make sure no one was looking and crawl into the back doors. Then, Karen was to go and if no one had noticed she was to get in the front. When he heard the door slam, he would follow.

Michelle jumped up and scampered out before they had a chance to say another word. Moments later Ron could hear the door close and Karen turned to leave.

“Why the front and not in the back,” she asked.

“I don’t really want an audience,” shrugged Ron.

“Well, I’ve already seen you do it with Kellie, so I’m getting in the back!”

With that, she was off before Ron could object. Shortly he heard the door close, and with a stroke of his cock for good luck, he followed. Once inside the van, he closed and locked the door then tested it to be sure it was really locked.

By now, his cock was totally in control of his brain and he wasted little time getting the necessary protection from the cabinet. Michelle looked a bit puzzled by the Norforms, but after a brief explanation, she quickly slipped one in while Ron rolled a condom over his pounding cock. Michelle felt his condom covered cock which only raised the desire to an even higher level. Pushing Michelle back, he moved between her legs and moved his KY covered cock to her virgin pussy. Moving still closer, he pushed her legs a little further apart, then suggested that she bend her knees a bit and let them fall apart.

Michelle seemed to be an eager student, so Ron gently pushed forward. He felt his cock head slip easily past the labia until it encountered some resistance. He told Michelle to take a deep breath and let it out. As she did, Ron could feel her pussy relax a little, so he pressed in a tiny bit deeper, all the while watching Michelle’s face for signs of pain. She had a strange kind of excited look in her eyes then took another deep breath and let it out. As Ron pushed forward, she jerked her hips up to meet his thrust and he sank all the way in.

Michelle gave a surprised squeak of pain then broke into a big smile. “Is it in, is it in?” she whispered.

“Hell yes it’s in,” exclaimed Kathy as she angled for a better look, “You took the whole thing the first time!”

“Wow, it feels so good, I’m ready for you to move,” Michelle said breathlessly.

With that, Ron pulled back a little then pressed forward. After a couple of times, Michelle started to move with him and before long they were rocking so hard that Karen could feel the whole van move. Ron knew he couldn’t last too long with Michelle’s tight pussy gripping his cock and he also knew she probably wouldn’t come her first time, so he just pressed forward, slamming his cock in to full depth.

Suddenly Michelle wrapped her legs around his waist and began kicking his ass and whimpering, “do it, do it, do it hard!”

Ron shot his load so hard that he thought his ass hole was going to blow out and splatter all over the ceiling of the van. Slowly the feeling subsided and he slowly collapsed on Michelle, rolling her onto her side while keeping his cock firmly planted in her pussy. They were both panting as if they had just run an Olympic race in record time. After about five minutes, Ron felt his cock slip out and Michelle rolled away.

“That was as good as all the girls said,” she said with wonder in her voice. “I can’t wait to do it again!”

“Not until I have a turn,” exclaimed Karen as she unwrapped a Norforms and inserted it into her vagina. She handed Ron a condom and lubed her pussy with KY.

Ron said he would have to wait for a while, but Michelle said she could help. She pulled the used condom off and wrapped it in a paper towel, then knelt beside Ron and took his limp cock in her mouth. After a couple of experimental licks, she sucked him all the way in and began to alternately suck and blow, sliding his limp cock in and out of her mouth. Before long, she couldn’t go all the way to his balls as his cock was responding. Moments later, he was once again at full mast. Michelle awkwardly rolled a new condom on and Karen said she was ready.

Seeing that Karen had lubed herself generously, Ron rolled into position and after a couple of fumbling attempts, found the right place. Moving forward, he was amazed when he just slid in without any resistance. Realizing that she would have no pain from a torn hymen, he began gentle thrusting. Karen didn’t respond very much so he just kept thrusting, knowing that he could continue for some time. He was puzzled when Karen just lay there letting him do everything.

“Don’t you like it?” he asked.

“Karen didn’t respond audibly, just nodded her head a little.

Ron speeded up his thrusting in order to finish as it was obvious that Karen wasn’t getting anything out of the experience. After he came, he immediately rolled off and lay quietly waiting for Karen to make some comment or reaction.

Finally she said, “Well, I guess that’s that.”

“Didn’t you like it?” asked Michelle.

“It was OK, I don’t see what the big deal is,” replied Karen. “At least now I can say I’ve done it.”

“Didn’t you fell anything at all?” asked Michelle with a puzzled look, “I felt like I was just on the edge of something spectacular and wanted it to go on and on.”

“I just wanted it to be over,” replied Karen. “Now let’s go and take a shower.”

With that, she used a baby wipe to clean the KY off her pussy and urged Michelle to hurry up.

“Why don’t you go ahead,” urged Michelle, I want to rest for a while, that really took something out of me.”

Karen shrugged and hopped out of the van, jogging off down the path.

“When can we do it again!” exclaimed Michelle, “that was awesome!”

Ron smiled, and said, “I’m glad you liked it, but why don’t you see how you feel tomorrow before you think about doing it again?

“I don’t have to think about it,” Michelle replied solemnly, “I want to make love with you!”

They made small talk for a while then Michelle quietly left, leaving Ron to ponder what had happened. He had made love to two more virgins, although he wasn’t that sure if Karen was really a virgin or not. No question about Michelle though, and man was she responsive for her first time. Again, he wondered about Karen’s lack of enthusiasm and total absence of participation in the event. After cleaning the van and making sure nothing was left that would let anyone know what had happened, he slipped out and went to the common area.

Nancy and Kerrie joined in a few minutes. “Well, how did it go?” asked Kerrie.

Ron briefly described what had taken place, expressing concern that Michelle wasn’t going to be deterred in the least. Kerrie seemed a bit concerned with his observation, but didn’t comment. Still Ron had a feeling that she wasn’t happy with his report.

After swimming for a while, then playing volleyball with some of the adults, they all decided to join Kerrie at her trailer for hotdogs and Cokes. After lunch, Michelle and Karen arrived back at the common area at the same time Ron, Nancy and Kerrie came in. Michelle seemed to be moving a bit carefully, while Karen just acted as if nothing special had happened that morning. As Ron watched Michelle, it was more obvious that she was in some amount of pain, walking only when necessary and taking a great deal of care when sitting down. Ron was glad that he didn’t have to experience a torn hymen!

The younger girls stayed to themselves for the next few days. Ron was looking forward to seeing Kellie Thursday night when she was scheduled to return to the resort. However; when she did drive in, it was obvious that she was avoiding not only Nancy and Kerrie, but Ron in particular. Try as he may, Ron couldn’t get a moment alone with her. Finally he gave it up, thinking he would see her in the morning.

The next morning, nothing had changed; Kellie was absolutely cold and distant to Ron. She did spend a little time with Nancy, but avoided Kerrie. Ron decided not to play her game, and got the new book he wanted to read and settled down in the common area. After lunch, they got ready for work. As they drove to town, Ron asked if they knew what was happening, why Kellie was acting the way she did.

“I’m not sure, but I think she met some guy,” commented Nancy. “She also thinks you have eyes for Kerrie.”

Ron didn’t comment, but did glance at Kerrie. He noted that her face was tinged with red. OK, he didn’t have any hold on Kellie, and certainly wasn’t going to make a fool of himself by pretending she owed him anything. He did like her and had for several years, but he also knew that at their ages, emotions and maturity changed things. He prepared himself to graciously accept her announcement, when and if she decided to break it off.

Work that weekend was exciting but rather intense. Just before closing time Sunday afternoon, some guy started giving Kerrie a hard time. He followed her around demanding her attention. She tried to get rid of him so she could do her work but he wouldn’t give up. Finally she mentioned it to Ron, so he suggested the guy either play with the games or leave. The next few seconds seemed like a life time. They guy spun on Kerrie and called her a cold bitch, then cocked his fist as if he were going to take a poke at Ron. Without thinking, Ron went into the defensive mode his Karate training had taught him, and when the poke came, he sidestepped and flipped the guy so hard it knocked his breath out. When he was able to get up, a cop was ready to escort him away. As he was leaving, he called Kerrie a bitch again, and she began crying.

Ron led her out of the crowd of on-lookers into the staff room, wiping her tears. She hugged him and thanked Ron for coming to her rescue, then gave him a quick kiss. Ron kissed her back; lingering perhaps a bit longer than was necessary then left Kerrie to fix her makeup. On the way home, they talked about the incident and Kerrie commented how big and strong he was and how brave it was for him to take the guy on. Ron accepted the praise, feeling his cock take notice of the accolades.

They got home about the time that Kellie was leaving. Ron tried to say goodbye to her, but she just brushed past him and drove away. He was still puzzled, but when Kerrie came up to him and gave him a big hug and a real kiss, he soon forgot Kellie and her strange behavior. By mutual agreement, they began walking and soon were the van. Ron glanced at Kerrie and noted a barely perceptible nod, so swung the back doors open and helped her in. Kerrie started to take her clothes off, but Ron stopped her.

“Let me do it,” he said with a smile.

“Why, you have seen me naked since the time we were babies,” she observed.

“Yeh, I know,” he grunted, “but somehow it seems kind of exciting to think about taking your clothes off,” he said as he took her in his arms.

Slowly he unbuttoned the front of her shirt, gently tugging it out of her jeans. While the shirt was still over her shoulders, he slipped his hands around and fumbled with the bra clasp. Having no experience with a bra, and never having needed any in a nudist camp, it took quite a while to manage the tiny hooks. Kerrie resisted the urge to help, and finally it came loose. Ron left the shirt on, sliding her bra up so he could gently massage Kerrie’s gorgeous tits.

After some serious kissing, he found the button on the jeans and slowly slid the zipper down. By now, he had a huge erection and was thinking of nothing but making love to Kerrie. Hooking his fingers under the jeans and panties, he slid them both off in one long smooth motion. Kerrie shrugged her shoulders letting the shirt and bra fall to the floor. Ron made short work of his clothes, and moments later was rolling a condom over his throbbing cock. Kerrie sank to the floor and Ron quickly moved over her, positioning himself to enter her now hot wet pussy.

In one long slow motion, he slid all the way in and began pumping. Kerrie tried to match his thrusts, but he was so excited that she couldn’t keep up his tempo. Long before she was ready, Ron fired his white hot cum into her and collapsed as if he had been shot. They lay together for a few moments until Kerrie pushed him off.

They must have slept for about an hour when Kerrie nudged Ron awake. Extricating herself from his arms, she looked at his blinking eyes and half smile. Grabbing a couple of baby wipes, she cleaned his cock of the latex flavor then began to lick and suck the knob. Before long, his cock rose to the occasion, even though the passion was at a more manageable level.

“OK, last time was for you, this time is going to be for me.”

With that, she rolled a fresh condom over Ron’s throbbing cock and stretched out beside him. She initiated a gentle kiss and put his hands on her breasts. Ron responded by gently stroking them and whispering to Kerrie how beautiful she had become. Soon, he was kissing her nipples and playing with her tummy, all the while moving his hand closer and closer to her now wet and quivering pussy. Gently slipping his finger into her hot slit, he stroked up and down until she went totally rigid.

“Right there, keep your finger right there,” she urged as her ass began to move back and forth in quick little jerks.

Ron resisted the urge to press harder, keeping the strokes gentle and tender, gauging the effectiveness of his stoking by her eyes. Kerrie’s movements became quicker and more intense until she suddenly squeezed her legs together pulling Ron’s finger deep into her pussy as she shuddered and jerked. After several moments, she went still.

“Damn that was good!” she exclaimed, “can you do it again?”

Ron thought for a moment, but instead of using his finger, he slid between her legs and hoisted her knees over his shoulders. Probing with his tongue, he followed the musky smell to its source and began to flick the tip up and down her slit. Kerrie grabbed his hair and moved him gently to where she wanted and when he could feel her hard little clit, he began to suck and lick until once again she began to shudder and whip her ass back and forth, while pulling his fac

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